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  1. This is absolutely your opinion. Thank you for sharing it. From a different, more affirmative perspective, it seems obvious to me - a person who admires and respects Madonna’s artistry regardless of her plastic surgeries, her choice in men, her lifestyle or her sense of fashion - that Madonna wanted to convey that little has changed in the grand scheme of the world in which we live. That her show touches on the same journey from dark to light, from redemption to salvation…The oppressors and critics have changed. Once upon it time it was the Pope and the moral majority, and now it is the digital peanut gallery on steroids (sometimes in the guise of fans 😂), rife with derision and judgment without showing a hint of self-awareness. Go figure!
  2. I understand that this will sound condescending, but I am genuinely asking…please explain what you find sad, and what makes you feel that Madonna deserves anything other than what she wants for herself?
  3. I think this is a wise and long overdue move. They’re smart to re-establish her legacy for generations to come before thinking about releasing new music. Madonna deserves an audience, and it seems all of us, including her, understand that she has been underrepresented over the last decade. What seemed unfathomable ten years ago has actually happened; her legacy and profile have been diminished for a variety of reasons, but mostly due to poor representation. Without an actual label, what hope does a legacy artist have of maintaining relevance? It seems clear that you have to be part of the system to be heard. I’m excited that they emphasize her curatorial involvement. She has spent the last almost two years being quite retrospective with her focus on her biopic. She actively showed herself listening to old demos on IG. I have every hope that they will roll these out chronologically with the mention of Madonna’s fortieth major label recording anniversary. I expect she has access to quite a vast library of things we can’t even imagine. There’s plenty of reasons to believe Madonna will take this journey seriously. She was never willing to look back before, but she seems fully committed to that now for whatever reason. Maybe she is content and feels she has accomplished enough to be able to recall her rise to prominence. Whatever the reason, I love that this is happening! Justice for Madonna’s iconic discography!
  4. Why wait? Do us all a favor and jump off now because nobody wants to hear about what you won’t approve of upon viewing the Madame X tour. If you are so dissatisfied by Madonna’s artistry that you have no respect for her, just accept it and move on. This isn’t group therapy.
  5. This is absolute insanity. Why should she do any such thing? How did she speak like it had no importance? The amount of projection is sometimes just off the charts!
  6. Exactly. There was a shit ton more homophobia in general in 2003. Also, let me clarify for everyone on the SJW bandwagon on this forum. You are not measurably more experienced or intelligent than Madonna herself. She does what she wants to, and does so from a perfectly informed, personalized perspective, and I’m sure she was also perfectly aware that this would irritate the same people who get irritated by everything else she does, which at this point seems to be the vast majority of her online fanbase in addition to the crazy woke lynch mob, pun intended! Again I find myself asking the same question over and over: Who have these haters and critics been following all these years?!
  7. Cancel her! She owes everything in her career to black queer people. 🙄😂 Diet Prada. The culture police. Enjoy your new fun! Madonna doesn’t owe any explanation. Queer baiting Madonna! Cultural appropriation Madonna! So much victimhood. America does have a lot of ugly history, like most of the world, but Madonna isn’t responsible for it. What a nightmare to live in constant pursuit of finding fault with others.
  8. This place is getting beyond toxic. She performed for the first time since having serious injuries. There was a global pandemic that shut down society She did it in a club at 62. Her tits are out. Maybe her magic just isn’t as potent in this ugly Gen Z world, but she deserves better.
  9. Anything with a beat is “dance”. Not everything is 4 on the floor. This isn’t 1998. Hex Hector and Victor Calderone eat your hearts out! Really. Circuit queens sit down.
  10. Maybe she just doesn’t want to be cold. That’s why most of us live in LA. 😎
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