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  1. Once upon a time Madonna being a bitch was the best thing about her. Some things never change, and so I’m not sure why this is so problematic now. Why does anyone want her to be nice?! So that the moral majority can say she’s mellowed and is now a conformist to agreed upon social values? As for Rufus, it’s my experience that he is a bore of epic proportions, and he’s a sassy little queen too when he’s not begging for cock on grindr. Foolish Heart and Going To A Town are his redeeming factors, but I would ignore him too because he is an insufferable elitist pseudo intellectual type. If Madonna weren’t somewhat more mature I’d expect her to feign a yawn whenever he spoke.
  2. Madonna finally giving her audience what they want again! It’s a celebration indeed!
  3. That’s was Melissa McCarthy! It should have been Manchester! Now that would have been real!
  4. Like A Prayer Tour Barbra Streisand duet (I Can Do Anything You Can Do Better) Directing Cher’s Dov’è l’amore video
  5. What the hell is happening to this forum? There’s a handful of truly belligerent psychopaths who seem hellbent on attention-seeking constantly via some form of twisted baiting. Either express your opinion of Madonna and her work, or don’t! The rest of it is absolutely uninteresting to the rest of us. We have to read through endless goading and clapbacks that are remedial at best and generally reek of repression and self-loathing! It’s unbearable and makes it unpleasant to be a part of the energy here. Just stick to Madonna. There’s another section for social interaction where you can share dick pics and talk about yourself if you are so inclined.
  6. I forgot about that Soulsister track! 😂
  7. Yes. Agreed. However, the comment about her spirituality is simply projection. We will not ever know what pushed Madonna to mutilate her body unless she chooses to discuss it. Judging from the video of her walking at the school fashion show, she has caused herself irreparable harm. I hope she is happy and still seeking the Light.
  8. This comment displays such a monumental lack of understanding of spirituality. Firstly, who is anyone to tell someone else that they are spiritual or not? I mean, where is the doctrine that dictates this magic formula? Secondly, spirituality in the sense of the eternal force of life throughout the Universe would surely not expire because of a butt implant. Or maybe I’m wrong and this person just got a memo the Universe forgot to send Madonna’s way. 🙄 It’s truly bizarre how self-assured people can be in their avatar dreams, and yet in real life they can hardly find a thread of commonality with anyone who isn’t exactly like them.
  9. I despise the concept of NFTs. However, I think the art itself offers interesting insights into Madonna’s modern perspective on her role as a woman and as an artist. I found myself questioning how an embrace of the confusion that technology injects into the human identity and condition is perhaps a reflection of how she sees the use of technology in her own physical maintenance, both medically and aesthetically; I wonder if her physical injuries and the restorative processes used to heal and regenerate are what have pushed her to cross a line in terms of biological manipulation that many of us simply find taboo and discomforting. Certainly we can see that her desire is to preserve and reinvent her image digitally in ways that are aesthetically in alignment with the world of the digital arts. I don’t enjoy that visually at all, but her filtered self is more akin to this digital creation than the actual real Madonna. I am definitely becoming increasingly technophobic as we approach cyborg status and as we begin to understand the potential dangers of AI. Brain implants, bar coded tattoos and chips, implanted medical devices etc. All of it makes me feel very uneasy! However, Art is meant to provoke thought, and so I’d say this project is a success in my opinion. Madonna and her vagina; still turning heads! 😂
  10. I will not denounce the things that I have said I will not renounce my faith in my sweet Lord He has chosen me to fight against the English I am not afraid at all to die 'cause I believe you God is on my side and I'll be fine I am not afraid 'cause I have faith in him You can cut my hair and throw me in a jail cell Say that I'm a witch and burn me at the stake It's all a big mistake
  11. It looks great! If this is an indication of the quality of all of her future retrospectives with Warner, I’m excited! She really seems intent on erasing Angel and Causing A Commotion from the collective memory! 😂
  12. Just because there wasn’t an online community doesn’t mean many of us didn’t have our own private meltdowns back in 1998. 😜
  13. The point of this thread is to celebrate an example of Madonna still having the ability to own the moment with an effective performance. We’ve all had our chance to critique her in recent days. Please try not to turn this into another opportunity to let everyone know that you don’t think she’s any good. It really isn’t worth the effort and it just kills the vibe. I mean no disrespect, and you’re entitled to you’re opinion. I just think it would be nice to have a moment of appreciation.
  14. To lift spirits and remind ourselves of the power of Madonna, I want to share this particular performance as it reminded me that she is capable of being a powerful performer even in the least sophisticated of environments. Her sense of humor, her poise, pushing her vocals to the limit - all on display here with both determination and irreverence just a few months ago - serve as a timely reassurance for those of us who were affected by the less than spectacular performance we witnessed this past weekend. It will also hopefully reassure anyone who felt triggered by the hypercritical tone many of us expressed in a state of shock and disappointment that it has nothing to do with her weight. Madonna is still capable of so much more. When she uses her talent skillfully, she can still leave me awestruck. Sometimes we get caught up in the madding crowd and emotions take control. I think it’s important for us all to be able to express those feelings in a safe space, and I feel that this particular forum still remains the most open and supportive outlet online. So thank you to all those who maintain it, and all those who participate…even those who get a little too personal with the insults! 😜 Going forth, I personally really just want to focus on how extraordinary the journey has been watching Madonna evolve from triumph to triumph, as well as always adapting to adversity and growing from it throughout her incredible career. I am resigning myself to hope for the very best, knowing that no matter what lies ahead, the stellar body of work we have had the pleasure and honor of experiencing is reason enough to always be grateful. She continues to lift others up, and so it is indeed true that we all owe her the same no matter how she wishes to live or express herself. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
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