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  1. She is an artist. It’s her artistic creation, and she wants to present it however she sees fit. It is her work. She is free to present it as she wishes. Artists don’t create to please an audience. That is entertainment. That boat never even left the shore on the Madonna journey! That’s why there’s so much bitterness in her reluctant fanbase. It’s as if some people feel a sense of entitlement, or ownership of her. This began as her mainstream popularity dwindled. I’ve written about this before. There’s a faction of fans who seem to feel public validation of art makes it better. I unde
  2. I think the manic editing in the released version is far superior. While I loved seeing the additional footage, I actually think it distracts from the narrative. Those shots of M with the veil on her face make her look downright clown-like. I felt the same way about the Met Gala with veil. I wonder why it has that effect on her features now...it erases all contours and so just the eyes and the lips pop. 😂
  3. Interesting that Into The Groove isn’t featured more thus far! It literally sums up Madonna’s early game in my opinion. I’d then add Like A Prayer and Music. It’s a tough choice though...
  4. I saw MDNA at Yankee Stadium, and Sticky and Sweet at Dodger Stadium. She has done stadiums, but her kind of show is theatrical and doesn’t translate to this kind of venue.
  5. Toosie Slide was one of the biggest hits of 2020. I’m not posting in defense of Drake, but we can’t all just declare that because someone isn’t to our personal taste that their popularity should be dismissed. He’s the biggest pop star in the world!
  6. Isn’t the actual driving force behind this simply that people don’t like Madonna? Does that matter if you like her? In the US, Madonna is seen as embarrassingly elitist and narcissistic. Again, the irony is that it didn’t stop half the country voting for a man for exactly the same qualities. Madonna will have her resurgence at some point in the future, but for now she is still in deconstructionist mode.
  7. Why do we assume she requires advisors? I don’t suppose anyone wasted their time wondering who was advising David Bowie or Prince.
  8. Pretty sure this is exactly what she has done in terms of her actual artistic output.
  9. 😳 Sounds like a matter of taste and perception to me. I respect your difference in taste as almost all of the artists you mentioned have made their own legacies worthy of attention...all except Gwen Stefani, who in my opinion has always been a joke; thoroughly lacking in artistic vision, and always a follower. Again, it’s a matter of taste I suppose. I disagree wholeheartedly that any single one of your examples outshone Madonna’s output in the equivalent time period. I thoroughly enjoyed the Hard Candy, MDNA, Rebel Heart and Madame X albums. They are fundamentally Madonna albums to
  10. Definitely Gambler, or maybe Causing A Commotion.
  11. I agree that the evolution of the marketplace and Madonna’s age are pivotal to how she is perceived, but disagree with your perception of her not being comfortable with her diminished stature in the world of pop culture. Yes, these are changing times, but every pop star in all genres still reveres Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince. It’s inescapable because they did everything so amazingly well. I’m not sure who you think has improved on her “shtick”, but I can’t think of anyone who has done this at all. Can you share?
  12. It doesn’t seem possible that Madonna would perform at the SB in less than two weeks. She’s currently in Africa! She’s had major surgery and is undergoing physical rehab and ongoing experimental treatments. And I will mention the elephant in the room knowing that everyone is thinking it, but won’t actually admit to it! She’s gained a lot of weight. Substantially so for Madonna’s height and build. She may not care anymore, and that is entirely up to her and I admire her for her tenacity and apparent carefree perspective, but I expect the public would be savage at this point. She’d have to reall
  13. I absolutely love this performance. At 53 she was killing it! Even after a slip at the back of the bleachers, she recovered with such grace only to flow with command into cartwheels and midair splits...all this in impressively high-heeled boots. We don’t cherish her incredible stamina enough! She’s amazing. I understand why people might be disappointed by her not singing live, but I’ve personally reached a point with Madonna where I have heard her sing live enough to know what she is capable of, and sometimes not capable of. She is an Olympian performer, but she is not an Olympian vocalist. Un
  14. I could totally see that being the case! Makes perfect sense. She’s wanted Kanye to executive produce Rebel Heart, so she got Mike Dean as she could put him on payroll and guarantee the work would get done instead of KW running off to build an arc for his church compound.
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