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  1. She’s had four years to record new material. IG isn’t an obligatory public log of professional and artistic activity! Most of what Madonna actually does isn’t documented and shared on social media.
  2. I thought this video would have this place blowing up!!! It’s probably one of the most visually and thematically stunning projects she ever done in my opinion! I think we might be seeing a lot of references to the tour in this…
  3. Madonna cannot get this film made at this time. Her public reputation has made her a filmic pariah. The tour is a necessity to renew interest in her legacy as an entertainment legend. She may even be planning to use profits from the tour to produce the film independently.
  4. It is so irksome to hear this continuing narrative around Madonna’s lack of “professionalism”. She is an absolute consummate professional on every level. She has performed countless shows despite having injuries, sickness and facing other adverse circumstances over the years in order to give her public what they paid for. She is not a product. She is a human being who has consistently shown superhuman stamina and strength. That’s how I choose to see her in any case…I try to remember that she is a dedicated mother who agreed to continue touring on her own terms; this idea that she deserves a terrible reputation for poor showmanship is unfair. We all know she was in agony throughout her last tour and in the midst of a deep emotional crisis the time before that. I have seen abbreviated shows. I have experienced long waits. It can be a bit boring when you attend a show alone if you’re a little introverted like me, but if you go with friends the entire experience can be socially enjoyable, even when you’ve been at the venue for three or four hours. As someone else pointed out, don’t get drunk or high before the concert starts because you may either lose your buzz or become too intoxicated by the time the show begins, making the experience a total dud. I know people who struggle with this, and they always blame the artist! Another basic tip…Make sure you eat and hydrate before going to the venue, and dress appropriately. Sometimes the venue can go from being freezing to hotter than hell! I saw Madame X at the Wiltern in LA and walked home to West Hollywood (5 miles…around 2 hours) at 1am as there was an Uber shortage. I didn’t let it ruin my experience. I made it a part of my experience. I put on my headphones and listened to the studio version of the songs in the setlist. I took in the surreal experience of going from a packed theater to the empty early morning streets of LA. I was vigilant, but deeply contemplative after witnessing an unusual show filled with subtleties I had not yet fully processed. My advice for anyone going to see this tour: Avoid expectation and you will adjust to the outcome in full appreciation of what you have seen and heard! It’s a privilege to get to see her live again, and I am determined to fully enjoy it.
  5. This modern life is full of far too many complainers. All so entitled and frankly quite boring. It’s an event! It’s Madonna. Get with the program and get in the mood. Don’t plan to see a Madonna show and then complain that you weren’t rested for your conference call the next morning at the office. This is art, not bingo.
  6. Nice to hear Jennifer speak so fondly of Madonna.
  7. You can’t imagine it because she has never done it. However, economics are the driving factor here. Everything about Madonna’s output since 2021 has become legacy-focused. Whether it’s remixes and new versions of old tracks, revisiting her origins for an autobiographical film, signing a deal with WB/Rhino to reissue her discography and fully upload it digitally, or commemorating anniversaires and releasing a career-spanning remix compilation… A greatest hits tour is the only way Madonna can make a ton of money and regain her legendary status as a performer. Her reputation has been in tatters from her overexposure as a modern and disposable celebrity on social media. Madonna and U2 have a lot in common as artists long reluctant to embrace their legacy status and instead focus on new material that the masses aren’t particularly interested in. We can perhaps look to them for hints of similar legacy management. U2 is also about to release a career retrospective “Songs of Surrender”, with new interpretations of 40 of their songs. They, like Madonna, have struggled to schedule a tour as a band due to injuries and other ailments. They are expected to do a residency in Vegas at the new MSG Sphere opening this summer. Madonna clearly has spent the last three years in recovery from her injuries and bionic upgrades (!), and she must feel she is now able to regain the stamina and strength required for a massive global tour. The Greatest Hits Celebration Tour is essential to Madonna remaining one of the few true global superstars.
  8. I truly want to know who vets Madonna’s lyrical output. She clearly sings Lesboutins, not Louboutins on this. For years I have grimaced at her use of “anonyminity” instead of anonymity, both in interviews and on record…There are other examples of this that I can’t think of right now as I’m on heavy cold medication. How is it possible that no one corrects this nonsense?
  9. Of course! I agree with you. It may be meaningless to us, but the list is being quite actively scrutinized all over the internet, and mostly because of Celine Dion being absent from it. The list still counts whether or not we agree with it.
  10. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/best-singers-all-time-1234642307/rosalia-4-1234642320/ From USA Today: This time around, the list excludes powerhouses like Celine Dion, Pink, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Hudson, Janet Jackson, Tony Bennett, Madonna, Nat King Cole, Dionne Warwick and more. "This new list was compiled by our staff and key contributors, and it encompasses 100 years of pop music as an ongoing global conversation," Rolling Stone writes, adding criteria was based on "originality, influence, the depth of an artist’s catalog, and the breadth of their musical legacy." I am utterly speechless. I cannot believe the audacity of this generation in trying to erase Madonna and all of her accomplishments. It is truly disgusting. Rolling Stone may possess no more than a shadow of its former glory, but to include some of the artists they did here based upon their stipulated criteria and to completely eliminate Madonna can only be taken as hostility in my opinion.
  11. I came on here thinking I’d find a more enthusiastic response to this! I personally think the song is quite brilliant, and that there is a reason it has gone viral. The production is very much suited to the era, but has a timelessness to it. I danced to it for a good 45 minutes on a loop, alternating with the fast version over excellent headphones, and it was a blast! Very hypnotic, like Everybody, or Up Down Suite, but also razor sharp like Music. It’s the most relevant Madonna could be at this point in the culture, and it’s doing well on the basis that it actually resonates organically with the zeitgeist, and not as a result of a marketing ploy. That’s so exciting! I’m now convinced that the real problem with negativity on this forum is that it is fundamentally always an expression of an inner frustration with not feeling like we older fans belong to the culture that Madonna has her finger on the pulse of. She is authentically modern and contemporary in every way, and yet we all contort ourselves in revulsion at the world as it has become that Madonna very clearly lives wholeheartedly in. As someone else astutely pointed out earlier in this thread, each major generational wave rejects the one before it in many ways, and each one’s influence ripples through time, coming back as an echo. Madonna has literally been the most forward-thinking mainstream legacy artist ever, and that is truly what she represents: Someone who knows that those ripples will continue to ebb and flow with the passage of time, and she’s riding the waves as they come, and until they come no more for her personally. And even then, Madonna’s influence will infiltrate new trends, technologies and mediums that we cannot even imagine today. On a more personal note, I’m acutely aware that there are things that I am firmly anchored in as a result of life experience and maturity, that have made me less inclined to be malleable. That means that I resist aspects of progress and social evolution. I am not one of those who doesn’t know how to use a new technology or gadget and then refuses to learn, but there are things I’m not that interested in adapting to because I have independent priorities that make me not solely tethered to the culture at large. It’s okay to love Madonna’s legacy and not love the feeling of her being part of a shifting world culture that we don’t understand or want to be a part of. It’s okay to feel like the way things were seems better to us, or at least safer! However, it seems pointless to me to observe Madonna today without seeing her as wholly contemporary. She does not want to only market her past in sacrifice of her creativity. Maybe her creativity isn’t always aimed at her core audience because she has faith that her core audience has always remained open as she has pushed ahead, against barriers and into whatever the ether and zeitgeist can alchemize. I always have to apply this to my assessment of anything contemporary Madonna does, and she’s always surprised me with hindsight! She is truly quite magical if you really think about it. How many times have I initially cringed at something she’s done, or felt I didn’t connect immediately to a song or an album? Too many times to remember, but that also doesn’t negate the fact that there are way more evidently amazing accomplished Madonna masterworks that I did adore immediately along with the masses! I don’t know where the Madonna road will lead, and that’s kind of exciting and scary all at once, but I am glad that we can still reminisce about how extraordinary it was to be a Madonna fan throughout all the years of legacy-building! I WANT IT ALL! Back That Up deserves its moment!
  12. Nobody wants to buy this other than 100 diehard collector fans. With hindsight the show is a total snooze fest, and it was edited together for broadcast to further bore the viewer. Those unfathomably long James Baldwin-quoting Malik performances are so alienating. I watched it one and a half times in all…the second time I abandoned ship as it was just too dire. Dark, depressing, dull, slow, devoid of any warmth…the montages are unwatchable. The patchy narratives and themes seem amateurish. It pales in comparison to any previous commercially released performance. Madame X missed the mark. Good riddance.
  13. This is just your opinion. Thank you for sharing. I personally would never call Madonna anything derogatory. It isn’t in my nature, and I feel more empathy for her than ever as she chooses to be messy and chaotic in the public eye. I don’t necessarily understand her choices, and they certainly are more often than not poor choices in my opinion based upon what I would like for her to do, but I’m acutely aware that it is her authentic expression of who she is. That said, should I find her aesthetic ugly or in poor taste, I most certainly will express this publicly because she clearly doesn’t give a rat’s ass about doing anything to please anyone else. As a nearly lifelong fan, it is also my prerogative, and that of any other fan, to express my disdain for the way in which she chooses to flaunt herself publicly with the passion of a troll on steroids. It’s a tricky balance, and one that I only try to put into words so that others who feel similarly might find comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their dismay. I want so badly to not be disappointed by her artistic evolution over the last few years, but to me she consistently lowers the bar and chooses to do things that I personally find meaningless, seemingly self-destructive and worse than anything, boring. As others have stated, it is not because I dislike much of what Madonna does today that the 35 years when I was steadfastly loyal and captivated should be forgotten, with my fan card being clipped.
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