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  1. Always a pleasure to participate, even if I can’t believe Is This Love (Bon, D’accord) rated so low! It has the best melody of the bunch! 😂 I love her vocals. Yes, the haphazard and pointless French insert is cringeworthy, but it takes me somewhere that the other tracks don’t. Across The Sky is a great song though! I always thought Kate Bush could sing it as a ballad. Makes sense when you’re a little stoned in any case.
  2. I thought the first track that sounded like Frou Frou had a sweetness to it, but this is truly a soulless and poorly produced rehash of the worst music of the era she was born of, which I suppose would offer at least a touch of irony if I didn’t suspect that she thinks she’s awfully original. It’s like the type of demo dj dreamers made on karaoke-enabled hifi systems at the time. Her voice is mostly sweet and innocuous with a hint of smokers’ rasp. It doesn’t have the sort of originality needed to be able to get away with such passionless delivery of a mediocre melody. It doesn’t seem like she’s terribly serious about anything so if she’s just enjoying herself, good for her!
  3. Look at the entire audience. Everything is ugly now. It’s fashion “irony”. The amalgam of an increasingly dumb culture.
  4. Voted. I’m honestly surprised that there are so many people who haven’t heard these! Get to it!
  5. I am sure it is entertaining, but I honestly find this bizarre! I’d love to have faith that modern audiences have the ability to understand parody and satire, but this is disconcerting like the weird Madonna IG accounts that meld her old face with new photos, or photoshop 35 year old photos…at what point do we define something as revisionism? I think it’s all quite dangerous and frighteningly dystopian! In French there is an expression that I remember from a song in the late 1980e “c’est le dernier qui a parlé qui a raison”. It roughly translates to “he who has the last word is always right”.
  6. Dare I say she looks proportionate and like her old self?! Definitely makes me nostalgic for the late 80s and 90s when an athletic Madonna on the streets was part of regular life! She really does look fantastic.
  7. I thought it sounded a lot like most artists that were influenced by Madonna in the 2000s. Very Frou Frou vocally!
  8. Shep. 🙄 How rude! I’m sure he was very embittered when she chose not to work with him beyond Erotica, but I find it extremely arrogant and ugly that he is being interviewed to discuss his commissioned work with an artist as a remixer, but instead tries to inflate his creative self-importance, all while denigrating the source material and the actual artist. Someone needs a hug. It might be subtle, but I second the bad vibes detector.
  9. What a fantastic interview, and surprise! This is the Madonna I want to hear from. Intelligent, self-reflective, introspective, mature and open. I can’t begin to imagine what Madonna and Niles would sound like on record in 2022!
  10. It’s true that it isn’t fair for anyone to judge Madonna’s changed physique without knowing what caused her to gain weight, but she is a public figure, and so people are still going to notice that she went from being extraordinarily fit for over 30 years in the public eye to something entirely different, whether we like it or not. Surely acknowledging it doesn’t mean anyone is projecting their issues and insecurities onto her! She is much older now, and she has suffered serious injuries from which she may still be recovering, or may never recover. She may have osteoarthritis. She chooses to keep these matters private (her right and prerogative), which leads to speculation, whether we like it or not. As previously mentioned , the fact that she presents such a radically altered self-image on social media is clearly indicative that she’d rather that falsehood be representative of her public persona than the reality. No one can claim to know why she does this, but I feel it is my personal right as a 38 years-and-counting fan and admirer to still question her choices if they intrigue me, whether they preserve and perpetuate a flattering narrative or not. Her choices of outfits when making public appearances are not to my taste in recent memory, and I find them incredibly unflattering, particularly these unfortunate jumbo-sized sweatpants! I don’t think I’m alone in this assessment. Why inject your ass to then go out of your way to hide it? It’s not an attack on her to ask the question. It’s a valid point of view! I totally agree that she should do whatever makes her happy, but why should we as fans and observers not be entitled to comment on and discuss what we see, even when it doesn’t suit someone else’s perception of aesthetics or their values? We are all different and have had unique journeys, but have a commonality in our fascination for Madonna. It isn’t like she’s a Garbo-like recluse hiding herself from public scrutiny. She puts herself out there to be talked about!
  11. Who would actually choose those pants?! She’s a nut job! I don’t know what I feel anymore! 😂
  12. Prince is dead and his family are money vampires. They've capitalized beyond anyone's imagination.
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