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  1. EgoRod

    I disagree on personal taste with some of the rankings, like Music or Ray of Light. But they do make sense and are justified. But overall I think is really well put together.
  2. EgoRod

    This chart is giving me life
  3. I just watch Her-story cos I blanked it years ago. I mean I just fast-forward Her-story.
  4. EgoRod

  5. EgoRod

    I would'nt be suprised if it was some unpromoted work by Gaultier. The trousers with straps is pretty similar to the one she did the catwalk for.
  6. EgoRod

    In fact yeah, Was Austin Powers and The Next best Thing a year later. Beatiful Stranger was in 1999 and The Next Best Thing (Time stood still) was filmed in 1999 too.
  7. EgoRod

    Beautiful Stranger was just after this
  8. EgoRod

    I discovered much later that Prince played guitar in Like a Prayer. Not just on the solo part of the single but also on Keep it Together and more obvious Act of Contriction. That song is really Prince.
  9. EgoRod

    I did hear that one too.
  10. I remember being in Asbury Park years ago, not far from Shep Pettibone's club Paradise. And someone telling me that Madonna's song ('Paradise') was a reference to the club and their relationship ending in no great terms. The whole thing never really add up to me. What stories you heard or you actually know as facts connected to Madonna songs that are not commonly known?
  11. EgoRod

    Maybe Stuart Price look after his music more than the others or have better security on his computer
  12. EgoRod

    As much as Ray of light was such a strong statement of an album when it came out and is a great solid listening. Being honest is WIlliam Orbit music that Madonna sung on top. I think Erotica it was and still more relevant on the writting of lyrics and music. She talks about so many subjects that were important to her and the lyrics are the most elaborated and personal she ever did. Her strongest albums are those with strong producers and collaborators (Stuart Price, Orbit, Mirwais) But the most part of the times they influence a lot of her work. When with Pettibone she had more control and input overall, I think.
  13. EgoRod

    Music like Ray of Light is one of this lead singles that never did it for me. I don't dislike it (like I do with 4 minutes) But I always felt meh about it. I didn't mind much Don't tell me at the beginning and with the years it's becoming the strongest pop'iest song on the whole album, I think.
  14. You can read some of his interview here :