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  1. I went to an event where you go to a cinema blindfolded and played you albums from beginning to the end in the most incredible sound system. I listened to Post and I love the album and know it so well. it's insane how much you get from it when there's nothing else by darkness.
  2. I think is the ritual, like smokers ( I don't smoke) the idea of doing some physical and pay attention to what you are playing. In the same way I love making my own playlist with my music (digitally) I enjoy sitting down and pick the right record I want to play and enjoy it.
  3. But the most part of them are really rough demos,we enjoyed them because we know. But as a bonus for anyone else are really loud bad demos
  4. I don't stream. I cant never find the music I like and I have a music library of 1.38TB. I don't see the point of paying for stream. I own vinyls and I buy digital.
  5. Someone in Discogs selling it Mint for 200 euros, not bad https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/2152963841 I think they are having the shipping wrong thou
  6. My theory is that they did'nt have clear what to do for RSD and send the info with Lisa DiscoHouse and danceteria as code, to avoid people sharing links beforehand. (as it happened with Erotica single) or maybe they were trying to have a special Holiday, Everybody, Ain't big deal. And it didn't work.

    1. Prayer


      I think Warner simply wanted to keep it a surprise for the moment, as that's why they used a fake artist name and title. But they forgot to put a fake cover too.

      Or maybe they just wanted us to discover it and talk about it, to create some hype.

  7. 'apparently' is the key word. It was tabloids and from someone's biography origin
  8. That could be because the write a smaller value or make it as a gift. I purchased few vinyls from Japan and they did that, no taxes to pay. The UK after Brexit is like getting something from the US. And because you pay based on the value, stuff over £60-70 it cost you a lot.
  9. Apparently they did have a date after Guy's divorce.
  10. I'm not interested about this one sorry. I never listened to most part of them more than once or twice.
  11. When she did an interview about Take a Bow video, she said she was Spanish in another life. She always have a Latin/Spanish touch in every album/era. All of her concerts have some Latin moment and dancers. As @prayer said is not subtle of a fad of the last few years.
  12. At 117 bpm is just below the most popular dance tracks but still in the dance tempo. It's the kinda of music you can do more swing and thrust. (reggaeton all goes between 88-120bpm) And the lyrics kinda suggest the more sexual approach to it. 80s dance music is an evolution of the disco scene and most part of disco tracks are in the lower side 115-130, with exceptions of course.
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