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  1. Imusic and JPC both had products before anywhere else in the past but they also had some that never happened like the LAP anniversary. I wonder if they are repressing them to have stock to sell during the tour.
  2. Not like AURA, like the mix I shared. (ignoring the singing part) the fast clap, Ha dance sample etc
  3. WHAT..did you listened to it? it sounds like that, modern ballroom sampling old school.
  4. Actually I found the song that reminds me more (ignoring the Gaga singing part ) everything else
  5. And this clapping beat but faster like modern ballroom
  6. Because it gets the beat and samples from this song, like a ton of voguing tracks
  7. And yeah they are using the 'HA Dance' sample...ballroom it is
  8. She might be referencing to 90s ballroom house : MAW's 'Ha Dance', Tod Terry, Cajmere. It reminds me of MIA/Diplo collaborations too. I have the vibe that Madonna will be vocals along Sam's not like a duet answering each other but 'huffing moaning and yeah yeah vulva like'
  9. I think after she present them with the award and considering how much abuse Sam is getting lately, Madonna might feel motherly protective and connected to them. She had a similar emotion towards Britney at the time, still does now. I don't think is a case of jumping in a trend or anyone's party bus. She is an artist that has been enduring mockery and critics her whole life and she might feel a bit like a mentor. I don't have any interest in any of Sam's music I can't even recall a song. I don't have an opinion but I'm sure what they do is not the worst thing that ever happened to anyone or anything.
  10. As Gandhi once said: " A kiss on the hand maybe quite continental, but diamonds are a girl's best friend"
  11. I wasn't policing at all , I was replying to your statement of how grammatically inaccurate was to use they/their. Better say you don't care and that's it.
  12. As personal pick Erotica as popular I will say True Blue based in the amount of hits in it
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