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  1. There's no way that BNN article has been written by a person. It's like the most AI BS ever. This article: Rupaul and Madonna Have an opinion about each other in the 80s , 40 years later we are making a sensationalist article about it because we need some clickbait.
  2. well yeah so it's the EY weird video edit but local but album but nothing. But I think they stayed on place regarded as exclusive edits rather than fucked ups
  3. yeah but those were new edits, like EY and Everybody so they never fixed them
  4. The Holiday choreo is a mash of the Girlie Show and the Blond ambition, that it was a review of the original Holiday choreo. Hence the side kicking and the slides and party vibe. The coat indeed is like the GS and the clothes are clearly inspired by NYC scene if the 80s
  5. But good dubs. Vasquez, Picchiotti, Tenaglia and MAW, They remove the main vocals but use the chorus and bits here and there.
  6. I realized I'd been listening to the GHV2 Remixed far more often than the GHV2. Even with that boring Calderone ROL mix is more exciting as a compilation https://www.discogs.com/release/402698-Madonna-GHV2-Remixed-The-Best-Of-1991-2001 Whats the general consensus about this ?
  7. i do have tinnitus for real , I'll give you that
  8. I always thought that TIC was a complimentary side to the Blond Ambition, considering they use similar mixes and for the same reason the photos. Bundled together with Justify My Love , MTV appearance and the coming Truth or Dare. For me it felt like it was a natural moment of celebration of growth and presence on her time. It was'nt necessary needed to promote it. In a way that's how I feel now they are repressing this compilation while she has the Celebration tour, they work well together.
  9. My theory is that as he said he is not 'old' so he is used to listening to the butchered version from Celebration instead of the album. It's a tricky one because all the glitches and breaks in the song itself. I personally never noticed until I pay attention to it, but I also never pay attention to listen to Celebration itself as an album
  10. What about if they grab Pettibone, Orbit, Mirwais & Price and ask them to revisit and edit the hits according to Madonna. I'm ignoring other producers because I'm thinking about some new visions but respecting the originals.And these 4 are the strongest and more creative. That would be something interesting.
  11. Spotify has the same issues that weren't fixed. The bad edits and the noisy Music. Erotica, Cherish and the other stuff was amended after the US release
  12. My experience with Spotify (that I started using more often in the last year) is that they always push the same songs. Even if I liked others. I keep press to listen La Isla Bonita, Hung Up, Vogue, 4 Minutes, Frozen Mix and Like a Prayer. Recently they are playing D&D and NRM, I believe because the tour. But my top picks like Rescue Me, Open Your Heart.. never show on playlist or recommendations even if I play them .
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