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  1. Madonna and her producers. She works with producers and use their knowledge and signature sound to enhance the Madonna phase she is living through. You can listen to "At Close Range" soundtrack and believe is a continuous Live to tell instrumental. WIlliam Orbit's "Strange Cargo's" are Ray of Light demos and instrumentals too. She started working with Stuart price when he was at his prime as DJ/Producer and CODF is clearly his sound but you link it to Madonna's sound. Same thing applies to Mirwais. He did Paradise with her in his album, but she dragged him into her work and creative phase. Hard Candy comes. All of the producers have their own strong signature brand that they had been using to give to all of the artists they'd been working with on the past 4-6 years before that album. Nelly Furtado, Gwen, Ciara, Neptunes, Justin. And you can't hear Madonna there at all. Even is she has an input is drowned for the same beats, loops and samples you hear in Man Eater, Sexy Back, Cry me a river and she's got the moves. And I think that's the issue, It's not a bad album, it just feels alien and bit Madonna-less. Then MDNA got a bit of the same treatment. That's what I enjoyed about Madame X, like she felt excited and a explorer again.
  2. Dua Lipa call him out yesterday so did Elton John in Twitter rant
  3. I actually don't mind Jimmy and I like Love makes the world go round too!
  4. I'm gonna make one of these Youtube videos of 10 hours, with Jimmy Jimmy in a loop. Jimmy jimmy oooh jimmy jimmy jimmy mimmy ooooh jimmmy jimmy
  5. I'm feeling robbed where's Jimmy Jimmy super extended mix and dub?
  6. SmartSelect_20210729-145244_Instagram.thumb.jpg.869d538c66e8ca4a106b21042d99638e.jpg

    Show how you feel with a Madonna photo..

  7. I just found out the previous 7 albums and I still don;t understand why the put Madonna with the whole lot, the sound in general is rock apart from a couple that are 90s alternative.
  8. I just realised there are people creeping out dolls heads
  9. oh wait.. Music has about 30 mixes

    1. PanditaRulez


      Well it was the biggest hit of the 2000 year  :hearteyes:

  10. Does anyone know what was the reason to put "Goodbye to innocence" in this eclectic compilation? The styles and bands in it are really random . Sire has the copyright and Warner manufactured but then there's tones of publishers. Was like a sample album? I never quite understood the purpose.
  11. "(sic)This Used to Be My Playground" was officially released as a standalone single to promote the film, on June 16, 1992, by Warner Bros. Records "The accompanying music video, directed by Alek Keshishian, was filmed in June 1992 at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, California, and Malibu Beach. It premiered on MTV on June 30, 1992, a day before the release of A League of Their Own." The Olympics started in July and Barcelona Gold was released in July 15th. The video have images from the movie in it. It as all at the same time and I guess that was the plan in order to promote it. Like 'I'll remember" it was a standalone single for the movie With Honors. Also the version used in Something to Remember is the single version not the Barcelona Gold
  12. That's not what I remember. The single came out in June just before the Summer Olympics. And the big hit linked to it was Monserrat and Freddy's Barcelona. Barcelona Gold came out in July-August and included both songs, but This Used to be.. I remember it was clearly a single alone promoting the movie that was in cinemas in July too. It was really common for random compilations bundling together lots of hits with whatever excuse or theme. And Barcelona Gold was that. It was a greatest hits at the time put together with random hits
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