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  1. I added the FLAC version from Very in the same folder
  2. Yeah you are right it's track number 9
  3. I have this unofficial compilation called 'Tracks' with lots of their demos and b-sides and others: https://mega.nz/folder/y4sjESTB#HlTfsrrt-AXBYopuCigAzg The demo is there
  4. There's a version in Instrospective with Neil singing and you realized is not a cover but their original song all along.
  5. True and they are all really vegan and abut yoga and being healthy and kind
  6. Bimini is a friend of mine from the scene, and they are what you see. They are crazy, unstoppable and fashionable
  7. They are not doing anything as Daft Punk since 2013 but still producing music and creating for other artist and their own. Similar thing with Royksopp, they broke up but they still doing music and working with people. I think is better if one or two of them would work as producers for some Madonna future projects without the Daft Punk moniker. Because people would expect Daft Punk doing Madonna.
  8. it's a strong team and difficult to see who will be the last one standing
  9. Snatch game, Bimini was great. I didn't care much about the rest, but usually I never find Snatch game that funny. The Social Media Rusical...meh
  10. ADORE is here

    1. RUADJAI


      You bought it? what do you think?

    2. EgoRod


      It's nice. I think they put all of the photos in there. when in an photoshoot you take lots of pictures to keep the very few best. But it's a nice compilation. I am not sure how exciting could get to flip through that many photos of madonna over a sheet of plastic in a sofa looking at the camera. 

  11. Yeah she was never too keen in B-sides, at least in sharing them or use them right?
  12. Yeah thats' info I kinda knew, thanks for the info @deathproofthat's interesting. We did have Your Honesty after all
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