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  1. I had a dream two nights ago, that she released a mini album/EP with about 5-6 songs. The cover was diagonally cut in half yellow and black, and she was in the middle like a cutout image with glasses on and a black hoody, bit of like the Gaultier's Where's the party from the blonde ambition. Reminded me of the Mondino photos with the PVC. It was like a chunky square box, kinda plastic. And the songs were all dance , sounds like the Royksopp/Robyn EP. Anyway, talking about Royksopp they released 3 full albums treating them like songs drops rather than singles. And other artists do that now. Drop songs, videos and then after you have few made a bundle album. That way you keep feeding the stream and creating engagement. I wouldn't be surprised if she goes on that direction. I mean if Rupaul comes with an album per season and some extra in between. I'm sure M can make this possible.
  2. Didn't she said in some of her IG videos she wanted to do some dance house new music?
  3. so smart and beautiful, a part of me is happy they are not using this because I will be broke :D They are all amazing.
  4. Isabella was Steven's friend she never really care about the book much . It will be quite fake to show up for it
  5. Betty Boo was planned to sign with Maverick but she had a couple of things going out in her life. And also she got lots of bad rep for lip-sync in her tour.
  6. That's not Betty Boo that's the turkish singer Buse: https://www.discogs.com/artist/222435-Buse This is Betty Boo: https://www.discogs.com/artist/7619-Betty-Boo
  7. The publishers are the same from the original one. I doubt they do a general public edition but a new edition with maybe a different jacket to sell to the limited few.
  8. Considering is a fashion designer partnering with Basel. I wouldn't be surprise if it's some exhibition with clothes and photos from the book. Like a visual physical take on the imagery from the book. And a selection of photos curated.
  9. @DanK is here , you can ask them.
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