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  1. " Madonna took part in fake orgies and outrageous lesbian and homosexual scenes" The photos chosen is like a peep show. Linda Duff was a fluff https://madonnaunderground.com/the-girlie-show-press-articles/
  2. Thank you! I just came to say why nobody mention Words yet? I think Erotica was represented more as a flop by the media that wanted her career dragged than actually being a flop by itself. And yeah it might be less sales and less number 1's but as an album as so many mentioned, had lots of iconic looks, great mixes, great looks, fantastic videos , one of her best tours and everybody was talking about it. Along the sex book. The movie was'nt great. I also believe Warner liked the 'sexy madonna' theme from JML and tried to cash out on it, just didn't give them the same numbers and change strategy. I think fans are the ones that keep seeing this as an album that 'never was as is most potential' because we know the whole data. Erotica came out after two incredibly pop and radio friendly albums, two top singles: Vogue (I'm Breathless) , the Immaculate collection (JML) and a hit ballad promoted during the Olympics, the stakes were really high to please anyone and I think she did great. She did Madonna and that era proves it. Another artist might just tried to do another Like a Prayer and fail or being forgotten.
  3. This is something I would actually choose myself, I love it, merci!
  4. I like this, The look of Love is a must
  5. My rank just became -The Power of goodbye! sync!
  6. I read the last two like : Mariah / Cravey ..I was like wtf
  7. this is an expanded list, Nice ideas there, thanks
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