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  1. EgoRod

    Did you said the Lady Gaga never copied Madonna's Express Yourself?
  2. EgoRod

    Did you use the words C**T, F*****, P**** or hydrangeas to address anyone in this forum?
  3. EgoRod

    The Rebel Heart is fun, there's lots of things to look, read and play with. This is a bit arty but has beautiful pictures. If I find the patience and the time I'll take some proper images and upload them in google photos
  4. EgoRod

    I don't believe it has to do with buyers attention span but with the amount of continuos stimuli and sensory inputs everyone is exposed these days. The new generations grew up with 4 screens flashing at the same time and a non stop flow of visuals, sounds and attention seeking calls. It's hard to keep your attention into one point.
  5. EgoRod

    There are lots of people in different fields voting for it: And they considered sales, media, etc of the past years. For that reason you will see Taylor and Beyonce there. I personally I'm bored of the bloody Beatles every single time.The modern canons are so far away from those on more than 20-25 years ago. And you can't put on the same account the Beatles' White Album with Lady Gaga's Born this way..they had different impacts and places on musical history. I think the music of the last 15 years has been treated based on popular response and sales, streams etc but anything more classic it's based on the 'legacy'of the album. Sadly the people that choose the legacy albums from more than 20 years ago are the same bunch of white, straight men. It's all Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Beatles, Lou reed and so on. Really good article here:
  6. EgoRod

    So I tried to scanned with the phone the book, but the most part of the black comes like white and it struggles with anything too glossy. It has lots of different papers. Any suggestions or good app I can use? You can have a peek here
  7. I would'nt thought of you being a Star wars fan
  8. And Enigma use the lifted beats from Justify my Love for his remix of Principles of Lust, the single came out at the same time so it was right. The original beat is from Public Enemy's 'Security of the first World" that it was a loop from James Brown' Funky drummer. And its been used to death forever. But in this particular case Justify my Love has been credited as the sample and few other elements of the song too.
  9. Another one: And Papa don't Preach strings:
  10. You need to go 2:30 to get the sample here: Other obvious one was the Holiday Rap from back 1986: and this is not a sample but a bootleg re-edit by Andy Butler of Hercules and Love Affair
  11. Is not like Orbit did one signature sound only for Madonna, Black Coffee could be totally part of Ray Of Light: (Its like Beautiful stranger meets Mer Girl)
  12. EgoRod

    It has the same text in japanese than in english. The only censored bits are 3 marker like scribbles over the balls of a guy, and the dicks of two guys in the Club scene. If you are missing those pages is because they took them apart. I actually love the Japanese one. The text in Japanese looks beautiful and the paper is far much better than the other versions.
  13. EgoRod

    Fever was the first one that came to my head
  14. EgoRod

    and a bunch more:
  15. I have my Itunes in shuffle. That's 84K songs with over 5K being Madonna. The 6% brings me some new Madonna every few songs On the coming up list I can peek Lucky Star/Everybody medley, Hanky Panky and a Vogue mix.