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  1. I think more than evil it was the experience of when it came out and what it followed. She was in a strike of strong material and this one felt as an over production by the cool guys at the time. For me personally I was already bored of Justin's Futurelovesounds , Neptunes and the samey sound that were producing for Nelly Furtado, Gwen Stefani. Like MDNA it was a bit dated when it came out. ( And I enjoyed MDNA when it came out) Also it kinda of started the tradition bulky albums with too many producers. I think is sounds better now than it was then. I do despise 4 Minutes.
  2. the basic hoes had been listen to her catalogue for a while before she hiccup this concoction , so there's some perspective to compare
  3. That's what I'm hearing too, the 'toonz!' bouncing while she says Living for love.
  4. I'm kidding I actually notice all of the extra tracks on it, I have room for an 11
  5. That's one 11 too many for this album :D. Tbh I like 3 songs
  6. And the album cover we never had
  7. Her last collaboration with Trent Reznor
  8. Still one of my favourite performance. You can tell they were getting ready for the Blond Ambition but having fun. And it was a great transition from the previous "Madonna'
  9. That's Madonna saying what happened, on an interview for Spanish radio, she did say after that she loves everything Rosalia does and she would love to work with her at some point. I don't think there was any bad blood. But as I mentioned before Rosalia is a business woman with a strong team behind her. She is coming from a wealthy family and had an education and money to create what she does. She didn't need a cameo with Madonna or anything like that to help her out. And her music and public was different too. Madonna is well known for gathering creatives that have some base and product and then utilize it on her benefit, making it a Madonna style. And Rosalia as she is proving with her last album is capable of come up with her own blends of music and styles and have her own voice.
  10. "The 60-year-old revealed that she discovered Rosalía’s music over a year ago and was determined to book her to perform at her birthday party. "I tried my very hardest to try to get her to come to Morocco for my birthday and perform for me and at that time, nobody knew who she was and I thought I was the only person who knew and thought I discovered someone," she said. "It got really complicated because when it was just me and her talking, it was a simple transaction and all she needed was her guitarist and some clappers and they were gonna share rooms because we were staying at a hotel that was really small and then a manager stepped in and then an agent stepped in and then five people were involved and then they wanted to charge an extraordinary amount of money and then it was 36 people, and I was like, 'wait, what?' so it never happened." "
  11. Rosalia like Madonna is a business woman and she wasn't starting her career when this happened. That's why Madonna was trying to reach somehow. Rosalia had a strong team with her and global selling album, big production of videos and invitation to shows and festivals around the globe. She was the 'it' and she kept going. Is not like she turn down an invitation for her birthday party but a work offer where she wasn't paid what she demanded.
  12. She couldn't afford Rosalia for her birthday in Morocco I doubt she can afford Rosalia for a collaboration
  13. Instagram and Tik tok have AI to guess songs you upload with your video, like Shazam. They will sample and put whatever it's similar. This is Material Girl with the horrible Bass boosted
  14. Sounds like a generic Tropical Mix of Holiday like this or this
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