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  1. Given how she was dragged by the media and faced a lot of negative representation to the general public (and even some of his fans, to be honest), It wouldn't be surprising that she held back on some of her riskier projects. Now that she has proven how successful the tour was, she might be able to move forward with less resistance from Warner directors.
  2. Chris Cunnigham have the video here: https://www.discogs.com/release/11262391-Chris-Cunningham-The-Work-Of-Director-Chris-Cunningham I'm sure there are several places that have a copy of it.
  3. I think the difference between AI vs remixes lies in the creative process. With remixes, you're adding your creativity to another artist's work, making it feel like a collaboration. In contrast, when using AI, you bypass the original artist's contribution and create something based on your own ideas, inspired by the artist's concept but without their direct involvement. Even if you're using something that sounds like 80s Madonna, it isn't truly 80s Madonna. That's what might make some people don't feel too involved with it. There's not right or wrong.
  4. I always thought that the inclusion of LIB was because how successful it was in Japan as release. They added it to everything.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/b_e_a_r_c_a_t/p/C2utwUyutTr/?img_index=5 Could be mashed with Prodigy's Fire Starter according to this post
  6. Most part of this 'Dj Mixes' are not a produced mix. They mash a base/beat with vocals and sometimes other loops/extra elements. If you get a clearer sound(no people) you can try to get the instrumental side of it. But it sounds just like a distorted techno beat in this recording, cant even made up the LAV part of it.
  7. Same here, not just Madonna but all my music attaches itself to time and highlights of my life. I use songs as anchors to remember what was happening.
  8. I was at a grocery shop by my recently moved house. And they were playing it in the radio. I stopped to listened because I thought I recognized the voice, i was convinced it was Natalie Imbruglia new single. Then went to Tower Records and saw the single and video. and hit me.
  9. One of my favourites in the album, love the dragging strings. it's such a Stuart Price song
  10. It's mentioned there too scroll bit down, drums
  11. It's the drums slow down you can hear them here: https://www.whosampled.com/sample/379565/Madonna-Inside-of-Me-Aaliyah-Back-%26-Forth-(Mr.-Lee's-Bonus-Beats)/
  12. Depressing will be definitely NOT the word I will use for either of these videos.
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