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  1. My blue one (that I was listening to yesterday) is this one: https://www.discogs.com/release/12678981-Madonna-Music It was sold at Sainsbury's here and in FNAC in France I can guarantee is blue and it has the same info that's listed there
  2. Interesting reading about it here: https://www.rollingstone.com/feature/madonnas-ray-of-light-6-things-you-didnt-know-197343/
  3. I think is because with ROL she literally ransacked Orbit's catalogue and they made a whole album when that particular Orbit sound wasn't too commercial. It helped her to get the electronic baptism she wanted and for Orbit to get more recognition . The MDNA demos they are more generic EDM sounds that so many Djs and producers were doing at the time. I blame the same software (!) So the demos sound less exciting. But yeah she's good at curating and making her sound.
  4. With William Orbit for ray of Light there are couple : 'The Other Side' (Swim) , "Throb the Oceans' (Candy perfume Girl) with Susannah Melvoin and the instrumentals with some female voices over for drowned world and Amazing MDNA has Love Spent and Bang Bang with Priscilla Renea, Falling Free by Hybrid with Laurie Mayer, Some Girls with Bebe Rexha + Teddybears and the other demo with Klas Ahlund, I'm a Sinner by Jean- Baptiste, Girl Gone Wild by Rosette
  5. Imagine a Imagine a compilation with all remade /studio version of her hits but based on the tour version, now I will give my money to that
  6. true, but Madonna is not in a position that she needs the cents of streaming either. Kylie just dropped 25 versions of her last album in different vinyls, cds and tapes. And fans collect them and invest on it. We're still waiting for a Like a Prayer anniversary whatever.
  7. The last thing Madonna needs is to be a feature in her own album. I don't understand the obsession to please younger fans. This generation listen to music that appears at the same time than they do, young creators and people they can relate to. On the same way younger fans related to Madonna and her unapologetic presence during the 80s-90s onward. You can enjoy the Beatles or Eurythmics, still they won't be in the top chart streaming. But they keep selling records and appearing everywhere, TV, movies.. I like the idea of the Frozen collaboration because it's such a Madonna thing to do. It's a cute collaboration that works for both parties. But a whole album of collaborations 'a la Gaga' latest is pretty dull. Also I don't understand the feature obsession. I mean I know the reason behind it, to create cash-flow for both parties and try to catch an wider audience but it's just so predictable and daft.
  8. I think you are talking about a different album
  9. The fact that some editor saw this and said: Yeah looks great go ahead
  10. My favourite from the day it came out. What stands out with this album is the amount of writing, the lyrics. And how emotional and personal they get. It's raw and powerful. Erotica, Waiting, Words and Secret Garden my top choices. But I love Thieves, Fever, Deeper, Bye , Bad Girl... interestingly, Rain is not the one I like the most. it's a great song, video and lyrics, I just not into it that much. It does'nt bother me Did you do it and it makes sense why is there but I will always crave Goodbye to Innocence.
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