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  1. milotjuh

    This tour is gonna be so nice. Lots of tracks to get up on your feet to[emoji1380] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. milotjuh

    Not gonna lie. The whole thing's pretty good
  3. milotjuh

    GC is nice, but I think I prefer Crazy
  4. milotjuh

    Cringeeee best to just say nothing, me thinks
  5. milotjuh

    I'm off work tomorrow, so I might actually do that lol.. let's hope it's the one in the center, because i don't wanna take the subway all the way to alexander to find out it's leaked by the time i get there
  6. milotjuh

    Same. I'm also in Rotterdam, heading to the MM tomorrow morning to check if they're still selling it, lol
  7. milotjuh

    It's gone; i just went back to rip it and the link is dead, hmm
  8. milotjuh

    I mean, it's deff out there and won't be long now. I was listening to God Control on youtube just now of all places
  9. milotjuh

    So.. where in the Netherlands? Give me a store, and I'll go check, lol.
  10. milotjuh

    That's great! Definitely worth traveling from Australia for great seats like that!
  11. milotjuh

    Rows from the stage count down from A, so with G you'd be somewhere in row 7 (or 6 if they're not using row A), which is a great spot for the 225 euro tickets.
  12. milotjuh

    I'd hold on to that one, if it's in cat1 and not cat d'or
  13. milotjuh

    Keep refreshing
  14. milotjuh

    Entering the code was also trial and error for me. Took 3 tries before I actually was given any tickets.
  15. milotjuh

    Ahh, too bad, im 20 ;) I guess that's a section they reserved for the verified fan sales