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  1. Absolutely. Thankfully, this new Record Industry pressing also doesn't have those annoying pops that all the GZ pressed records had in 2013 (near beginning of GGW).
  2. Initially, I passed on this, but my local record store had one in stock yesterday, and picked it up today. Sounds/look great!
  3. Loving the new track; her vocals sound fantastic and silky
  4. After hearing the full thing, I think I'll stick with Popular
  5. Ohh, mine also has the same type of wrinkle on the bottom left corner! Perhaps it's a batch issue from the distributor or something. Maybe our copies were intimately smushed together during transit
  6. Yeah, never had issues with FNAC before and the record mailers are usually ok. But with a record this heavy in a thin pvc sleeve, I'm not sure a replacement would arrive much better tbh. If they do partial refunds, like Amazon, I'll shoot them an email later.
  7. I was very pleasantly surprised as my expectations were quite low. Very minimal surface noise for a picture disc, which is also obscured by the tracks being cut quite loudly. I don't have the original picture disc to compare it to, but it sounds nice--heavy bass, too. Might compare it to my white Erotica album version record later. Not sure if this is the result of some sort of dedicated remastering effort, or the tracks just being mastered for the format.
  8. Fragile plastic at that. Mine arrived from FNAC today, lovely seem splits on 3 sides and dog ears on the insert. Nevertheless, the record itself looks beautiful.
  9. I'd especially love Confessions on vinyl (even if it's the shortened cd version).
  10. Finally got around to watching it; it's absolutely awful.. I love it
  11. Why is it so windy in all those album cover gifs? I do like her reaching down her crack in the Music one, and the pulsating LAV breasts Music and American Life are both some of my fave all thriller/no filler Madonna albums for me. I think Music is the better package, but listen to American Life more often.
  12. Alaska, Jinx, and Roxxxy waiting to see who will be crowned
  13. Sheesh, with European prices like this, it's cheaper to keep my Amazon US pre-order incl. shipping and customs.
  14. Mercury is owned by Universal. It's a completely official, just not the most interesting/topical, release.
  15. Several of the 2012/16 reissues are easily available on local Amazons here in Europe. Not the white Erotica, obvs, but the black repress is in stock pretty much everywhere.
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