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  1. Finally got around to watching it; it's absolutely awful.. I love it
  2. Why is it so windy in all those album cover gifs? I do like her reaching down her crack in the Music one, and the pulsating LAV breasts Music and American Life are both some of my fave all thriller/no filler Madonna albums for me. I think Music is the better package, but listen to American Life more often.
  3. Alaska, Jinx, and Roxxxy waiting to see who will be crowned
  4. Sheesh, with European prices like this, it's cheaper to keep my Amazon US pre-order incl. shipping and customs.
  5. Mercury is owned by Universal. It's a completely official, just not the most interesting/topical, release.
  6. Several of the 2012/16 reissues are easily available on local Amazons here in Europe. Not the white Erotica, obvs, but the black repress is in stock pretty much everywhere.
  7. Probably like a diamond encrusted turd. Although to be fair, I've heard some surprisingly good picture discs in recent years.
  8. On Amazon, all tracks are also tagged as "(2022 Remaster)," excited to hear how those compare the versions of Erotica we have now.
  9. I'm sure we'll see more international Amazon links soon. Exciting we'll be able to get this (again)!
  10. Amazon has apparently already shipped mine; hope I receive it early!
  11. Well, we've known about the truncated tracklist for months; doubt anyone cares at this point. In any case, it looks cuter than I expected! Is it a gatefold, looks like a single sleeve with two inner sleeves?
  12. Before summer, I compared all the yellow version barcodes I could find from various online stores and they were identical to the purple barcodes. I think the yellow version was cancelled a while ago, but stores are only now updating their listings.
  13. I'm still loving the compilation and rediscovering mixes I hadn't listened to in ages (also in large part due to the remastering). Happy to see it's actually performing very well, considering it's not a new studio album.
  14. Received my 6LP set this morning from Dig UK to the Netherlands, including a lovely 45 euro customs charge. Oh well, happy to have it
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