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  1. milotjuh

    Isn't this what the sound check feature under preferences/playback is supposed to do? I've never used it, but it thought it adjusted everything to the same volume level.
  2. milotjuh

    I genuinely liked all the queens in this top 3. Gigi was perhaps the more obvious choice, but Jada was very funny in the challenges, and deserves her win. I'm satisfied. I'm sure Gigi was held back so she can do AS. And Crystal, god love her, that bird thing... i could've watched that for another 45minit almost felt a middle finger to the show because it was so over the top and ridiculous; loved it. Very curious to see her live at some point.
  3. Oh, I see performers on Chaturbate use one constantly
  4. milotjuh

    Oh, I'm sure those "notes" are dissertation-length and full of time stamps
  5. milotjuh

    Indeed, the original pressing has that round sticker.....on the actual cover. Not the shrink-wrapping
  6. milotjuh

    That square sticker the reissues got? The discogs listening shows the Confessions reissue with a square pink hype sticker in line with the other reissues.
  7. milotjuh

    Aside from Ebay/discogs, have you googled the barcodes of the releases you're interested in? Just google the barcode of the reissue and you can usually find webshops that might still have stock to sell. (off the top of my head the reissues have different barcodes from the OPs, but check to make sure).
  8. milotjuh

    The 2012 sounds really nice to me (the printing of the sleeve back/inside is a bit fuzzier tho); it has a very prominent bass (there's a good rip in the lossless section). However, personally I think the 2018 white Erotica reissue (discogs link) is the best issue of the album imo, better sounding than the OP. For Erotica especially, pretty much any vinyl release sounds better than the digital version.
  9. milotjuh

    Dios mio! Pardon my French
  10. milotjuh

    What a great collection, and you look adorable posing next to it
  11. Very neat! I'd love a tutorial when you're ready.. could be a fun project to occupy some time now that the world is ending
  12. milotjuh

    the lord works in mysterious ways
  13. milotjuh

    Looks great! Really beautiful work!
  14. milotjuh

    They did reimburse the cancellation insurance I had also purchased (eventho their website said it would not be refunded, which would have been...bizarre), so that was nice. The couple of euros of service costs weren't refunded. They also replied to my questions in French despite my messages being in English
  15. milotjuh

    Aw, bless. You're doing there Lord's work! I'll take candy shop and express yourself (s&s tour request section acapella). [emoji851] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk