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  1. Well, obviously. It's just that they're so much faster than us, with those damn young hips and knees
  2. True, but these days the term boomer is regularly used as an umbrella term for those who are deemed "out of touch." It's not uncommon for Gen-Z to even refer to millennials as boomers, ..or so my geriatric eyes have observed on the tictoc
  3. Yes, them were dark times not too long ago, when it looked like it was just Madame X wreaking havoc with Final Cut Pro. Thankfully, it all worked out in the end
  4. Those are great; they sound like the center channel from the audio mix, perhaps with the instrumental toned down somewhat (I noticed the music was still quite loud behind her vocals when I was playing around with it myself).
  5. She's pushing our buttons, and she knows it. I'd much rather have her troll us with glamorous pics in which she looks like Lola's younger sister, than those grills
  6. Same. Upon a few listens, I've also ripped and tracked the audio from the full thing instead. Aside from the edits/Frozen glitch, the stereo mix for the live album is just a bit too bright in places for me, but it's nice to have anyway.
  7. Just finished watching the full thing, and I thought it was truly sublime. An absolute career highlight for M; very well done. Worth the wait, I'd say. It works very well when you consider this a film, not a concert really. I came away with new appreciation for Future, which wasn't one of my favorites prior. Loved how colorful, sharp, and beautifully vibrant the film is. She seems in good spirits as well, and her jokes are actually funny. It's quite obviously a composite of different shows with many continuity errors, but those are easily forgiven due to how the whole thing is edited. As someone who didn't get to see the show live, the film did have a slightly truncated feel to me, like it's a tv edit--but this is offset by it never dragging.
  8. My assumption as well, but the glitch at the beginning of Frozen e.g. isn't in the film from what I can tell. So there must have been some additional production here.
  9. Love the album, although the spoken audio sounds a bit rough. I was hoping the Apple Music version would've have been presented in Dolby Atmos, but oh well. Just happy to appreciate the tour in this quality after she cancelled my dates.
  10. She looks great, and it was a fun, cute set? Tits look good.
  11. We are never getting this.
  12. A good example of color grading (gone wrong) is watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (in HD). The original broadcasts/dvds have heavy filtering and color grading (making certain daytime shots look like nighttime because > vampires). For the HD "remaster" (done by a third party that didn't consult the original crew), color grading is largely absent, and often the show looks awfully washed out, without the eery nighttime filters and contrast.
  13. Those new pics she posted are all gorgeous. Totally album cover material imo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. That is so cool! I love Kate Mulgrew; what did you talk about? (I just finished her book the other day). Cher would be great, too; you know she'd be funny without it feeling mean spirited.
  15. I think Madonna is the type of artist I would rather wave at excitedly from across an airport, while she passes by with a dismissive glance. (which would probably not feel that different from actually Zooming with her).
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