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  1. This is what I mean. People still using unofficial sounds and many many people still asking name of the song and don't know this is Madonna song. Illegal uploads stealing thousands streams every day.
  2. i know. When Frozen Remix was released Warner added it in so many popular playlist the same day. If M team don't do anything about it, sooner than later this going to flop like Hung Up and Material Girl remixes.😕
  3. Ok it's been almost 4 days since Back That Up released, and it's sad to see how badly Intercope is managing the situation. I mean there's still no popular playlist, they still not delete fake unofficial remixes. Those fake remixes still stealing streams every day. When you try to Shazam BTU the results shows you not original song. If this was Warner Bross release, nothing like that would happen,they respond very quickly.
  4. girl bring back eyebrows, this look does not suit her 😵🙈
  5. Can you please hate this song alone in peace, and let for the rest of us enjoy it and help her to boost her stream numbers. Thank you
  6. if only they fix the Shazam mistakes and deletes the fake audios and also this needs to be uploaded in some big popular Spotify playlists.
  7. Done ✅ Stop being negative all the time. If you don't like it and don't want to help, just ignore it.
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