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  1. By mid-2022, he spoke of overcoming his addictions, so let's not speculate too much. Some people can actually be bipolar or just don't have a filter, while not being addicted to substances. Also, he's a Sagittarius (AKA Sagitterrorist), who are notoriously blunt and kind of tactless.
  2. He knows her better than you and I and is entitled to his opinion, I guess.
  3. Reinvention Tour, as a title, was genius. American Life was way too stigmatised, so she needed a tour name that didn't reference the album. She was famously referred to as 'the queen of reinvention', so this was a savvy way to capitalise on that moniker. The general public didn't know the song Nobody Knows Me, so it would've been less meaningful to them.
  4. The poster says "Here’s my curated tracklist that is simply nonstop fire", so it's clearly fan-made?
  5. Must we be so black and white about people? Two things can be true at the same time, after all. It never ceases to nauseate me when stans defend her like a cult figure or saint who is holy and faultless. She is a profound woman who, for many, has had moments of distaste in recent years. It's okay to accept that. We admire her for her strengths and weaknesses, bravado and vulnerabilities. It's a complex packaged deal.
  6. I loved hearing the creative genius that is Vincent Paterson talk about his time with Madonna in this recent interview that I stumbled across today. He's one of my fave collaborators of hers as he was responsible for so much brilliance, and is always very generous when discussing it during interviews. It's pretty remarkable what he was able to achieve in just three weeks, and quite clear that he saved her tour after the original choreographer was fired.
  7. Their interview on the floor of her hotel bathroom after an MDNA Tour show is one of my favourites: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xvd0sl
  8. There are some Justify My Love spoken word outtakes mixed in with Secret Garden.
  9. I'm starting to listen to it now. I love that he opens with spoken word from Secret Garden, one of my favourite songs ever. Sadly, however, the audio quality is not great.
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