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  1. It actually doesn't sound that characteristic of The Neptunes 'sound'. The Neptunes would've used real cowbell and intensified those synths, for instance. I say this as a The Neptunes fan since Kaleidoscope.
  2. I really like her vocals and how they were produced. What a pleasant surprise. And she doesn't sound cringe!
  3. Right, but it's probably too sonically aggressive for commercial radio.
  4. I don't love what I heard from the snippets but look forward to hearing it in full.
  5. "If you want to, you can even create a dance/challenge."
  6. If you're going to end your response with 'never mind...', perhaps it wasn't worth posting in the first place? And look at tscott supporting your posts, just because I gave him a little bit of mild feedback two days ago... Humans!
  7. Except that it forced her to spit out uninspired albums at a certain frequency, if she wanted to inject her tours with new music.
  8. Great, thanks. I was just telling you that unofficial releases are not my thing, lol.
  9. And Justify My Love, Rescue Me, Where Life Begins, Waiting and Secret Garden...
  10. That store does not seem legit, sorry... https://imusic.co/music/8717662588051/madonna-2023-the-girlie-show-live-1993-lp
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