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  1. George was going through his own life struggles during the times that he was at his bitchiest. It'd be nice if you could extend the same compassion towards him that you do towards M and Gaga in this instance. Besides, as the more experienced and celebrated artist, Madonna could've been a lot more gracious towards Gaga. Personally, I don't hold it against her as I enjoyed the 'pop battle' and that her competitive streak surfaced. George has met the people he's been bitchy about, so he knows things and has experience that you and I don't. Anyway, it's old news. He's not really that person anymore, so why are you still holding it against him in 2023?
  2. The irony being that M threw such shade towards Gaga, who was on top of the world at the time. Please, let's be real.
  3. I understand what you're saying, but since when are singers not allowed to have critical opinions about other singers? We have evolved into such an overly-sensitive society, so it's refreshing when someone isn't afraid to share their truth.
  4. Also, FYI if you didn't already know... https://madonna-infinity.net/forums/topic/34317-pnk-official-thread/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-1186764
  5. I hope you're not feeling as lonely these days. Sending you love! Try This just turned 20. Underrated album. It has a fun, loose energy to it that I really appreciate. And U + Ur Hand is a huge bop that a lot of people and internet lists tend to forget about, as they also do with P!nk herself. She has given so much to popular music, both musically and performance-wise, that sooo many disregard.
  6. Wow, go P!nk! Taste! Love that you love I Got Money Now too. That's a hidden gem, right there.
  7. How could I forget his 2005 'The Twin' project...
  8. A rare photo of George backstage with M during BAT!
  9. Agreed, but in fairness, he has made a lot of music over the years, and with a lot of soul. I wish he'd focus on quality over quantity, like he did with This Is What I Do, rather than releasing 60 songs at age 60.
  10. Ugh, you guys are making me want to revisit his solo gems. Here's a quick list of his finer moments that are worth checking out: After The Love (1989) Love's Gonna Let You Down (1991) The Crying Game (1992) Love Is Leaving (1996) When Will You Learn (1997) Why Go? (1998) Out Of Fashion (2002) Losing Control (2002) American Heart (2009) Video Games (2012) Death Of Samantha (2013)
  11. Would a non-fan bother to create this? https://www.make-ready.co/portfolio/boy-george-madame-x
  12. This is the Celebration Tour thread, not the Rocco Ritchie nepo-career thread.
  13. So cute watching these two interact. For some reason, I thought Debbie had more rhythm, lol? I wonder if Ingrid will take the stage during the Miami shows?
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