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  1. madaboutM

    It seriously looks worse now
  2. madaboutM

    Fuzzy Dreams
  3. “Secret” video looks worse now IMO. It’s a scaled up version with some smoothing effect but definitely doesn’t look like higher resolution 👎
  4. madaboutM

    I feel the same but recently I was really surprised by Doja Cat’s BBMAs and The Weeknd’s AMAs performances: not overproduced, simple but elegant. She needs to start thinking less is more.
  5. madaboutM

    An Aisha link? 🤣🤣🤣
  6. madaboutM

    Wasn’t she initially going to be one of Madonna’s brides instead of Xtina at the VMAs 2003? Can someone confirm?
  7. madaboutM

    Aaand the grill is back...
  8. madaboutM

    Not a Madonna performance but it makes me happy when they cover her right
  9. The age of consent in NY is 17. Let’s do our homework right.
  10. madaboutM

    I refuse to believe that is the best they could come up with hard an X shaped bottle could've been to make?
  11. madaboutM

    I thought the reason was Tracy Anderson
  12. madaboutM

    That’s my least favorite thing about Madonna, her snarky tongue at times when she shoulda said something graceful and dismissive (i.e. that “reductive” comment totally backfired IMO)... she should rise above, that’s what she preaches in her songs anyway.
  13. madaboutM

    Jeri Heiden would be proud
  14. madaboutM

    Kinda depressing to read all these in times when Mariah Carey is releasing The Rarities Collection while Madonna fans all we get is the “fried fish” remix of Vogue
  15. madaboutM

    We need RE-ISSUES. And not because we want the same stuff re-packaged but because her back catalogue is not up to date with current technologies(!) We are not asking for 5k quality but at least some re-mastering of her songs and videos would be nice. Most of her videos were shot in film anyway so with some effort it’d be possible to bring The Immaculate Video Collection to Blu-Ray!