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  1. Really sad and a missed opportunity for Madonna to collaborate with them. She tried to reach to them that’s for sure.
  2. It’s unclear to me if is indeed a full dress or simply a sheer lace blouse. Either way it seems that what Madonna wore in the video is the same piece Natashja Kinski wore for a Helmut Newton photo-shoot in 1983
  3. She looks good. BTW she hasn’t taken off that necklace in years now. Maybe it has some Kabbalah significance but to the point that she won’t even remove it for anything? Weird
  4. That’s where we are right now as Madonna fans with these upscales and maxis. “It’s better than nothing”.
  5. Favorite: Richard Corman 1983 / Mondino 1990 Least Favorite: anything by Klein after 2007
  6. I was thinking of Bye Bye Baby-VMAs but that works too!
  7. I made it lol. I just put the Who’s That Girl cartoon on top
  8. I never said Gaga wasn't talented. I said she's been manipulative (like many other artists, Madonna included) and that her fanbase is horrible. That time Billie Eilish made a random comment about Gaga and the little critters went on to Twitter to claim that the 17-year was in an incestuos relationship with her brother told me everything I need to know about them: they are one of the vilest fanbases around. But I digress, yeah: Madonna has had plenty of cringey moments over the years but at least she's never led a movement of harassing trolls while professing kindness.
  9. I should've said it helped solidify her career. She might have less hits now but she's a household name with opportunities in every media outlet. Had Madonna just ignored the whole BTW issue it wouldn't have given Gaga one of her best personas yet: the victim; the underdog being tortured by the evil stepmother that her and her little critters have exploited to death.
  10. They did contact me and I sent them a copy of my driver's license and release form. I kept asking them for updates after weeks passed and then nothing.
  11. Mind you I was one of the winners of that contest which prize was "to chat with Madonna", which of course never happened. PS: Cringey moments: - #RevolutionOfLove - Calling Gaga "reductive" which in turn made Gaga more popular
  12. Just like Subway is the most popular franchise in the world, that has little to do with legacy or reputation, which was what the original post was about.
  13. Upscaled nonsense. Nothing to see here folks.
  14. I always thought about herself. That line “the realization of a new generation On the eve of imitation” sounds like she’s complaining about her copycats...again.
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