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  1. Hung Up. By far. Specially since what the fans like the most is the ABBA sample
  2. Very happy for her that she seems to be doing better. On the other hand some of her fans are worried sick and and anxious about their traveling plans and schedules and she/her team won’t even bother to updated them accordingly. And before the apologists come for me with “she doesn’t own us a health update” this is not about that, is about respect for the time, money and emotional toll some of her fans have currently invested in her.
  3. Fans have AirBnB bookings from months ago and some hosts require 30-day cancellation notices. The lack of communication and transparency from her team on this matter is staggering
  4. I’m a little bit confused here. When Madonna shared that “demon sperm lady” Stella Immanuel post about the covid vaccines she was literally speculating about a serious heath global issue and putting people’s lives in danger by spreading misinformation but we are not allowed to speculate here because “something, something, it’s not nice” Got it.
  5. My favorite part of AL is “Nothing Fails” and it wasn’t even written by Madonna. I still remember Jem, its Welsh writer, on a radio interview pondering with surprise why Madonna got a writing credit on the song when she basically only changed a word or two.
  6. I'm just realizing Madonna's comments on IG are limited. Since when?
  7. I still want a real project about her life. The real version, not the ‘I arrived to Times Square with only $35 and wrote Everybody all by myself’ version
  8. I always assume Supernatural is about the Virgin Mary getting visited by the Holy Ghost 🤷‍♂️
  9. I can already see the apologists’ comments after the performance. - she’s just having fun - she doesn’t have to prove anything anymore - she had that hip replacement - she sounded better than other times - she’s doesn’t have to give fans what they want. Creative Freedom!!
  10. Back in the days, black-face was considered “comedy” while in reality was an outlet for bigots to make a point about where was black people’s place: at the butt of the joke. To all the trans-jokes apologists here asking to “lighten-up”, congratulations, you’ve learned nothing about how those little insidious “jokes” about minorities through the times help create the perfect environment to keep oppressing those minorities.
  11. Thank you for the cisplanation, dude. Also, you'd like to "think" that the trans community is stronger than that? There are trans kids rn considering ending things because of the incessant bullying from all fronts but sure, it's just "jokes", you please tell that to grieving parents.
  12. Dave Chapelle’s specifically said that being trans is like “black-face”. If you don’t understand how incredibly irresponsible and damaging that is coming from a public person even as “a joke” I really don’t know what to tell you.
  13. After pretty much “stealing” everything Vogue is from the ballrooms and the black/brown NYC trans community that would be cute.
  14. So this is it? We used to have the art, the music and her crave of attention. Now we have to settle only for the later?
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