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  1. Latte latte bobatte, Fee-fi-mo-mabatte. Latte!
  2. God Control. I see fans loving it…I just can’t
  3. I missed her IG story. Anyway, I think she’ll do amazing
  4. That is disheartening. The Girl on the Train movie was received poorly both critically snd commercially. I saw it and I was not impressed with neither the script, the acting or the directing.
  5. I think Florence would be a great choice for the biopic, but she needs to stop tanning and start toning up.
  6. Song is not terrible but it’s rather redundant and his voice is heavily auto-tuned. The video is bad, bad. Good for Madonna supporting her bf, reminds me of Britney supporting Federline’s career though.
  7. I think it’s safe at this point to realize Madonna is a full blown Covid-19 denier. She only seems to wear a mask reluctantly and has done zero efforts to promote vaccination. I mean, I still like her, she just keeps making it harder for some fans
  8. Everything was looking perfect, EVERYTHING, until these showed up
  9. Great review. These upscales are just an easy cop-out from doing proper remastering, which granted can be more expensive. Then again this is Madonna we are talking about, isn't her legacy worth the spend?
  10. Really sad and a missed opportunity for Madonna to collaborate with them. She tried to reach to them that’s for sure.
  11. It’s unclear to me if is indeed a full dress or simply a sheer lace blouse. Either way it seems that what Madonna wore in the video is the same piece Natashja Kinski wore for a Helmut Newton photo-shoot in 1983
  12. She looks good. BTW she hasn’t taken off that necklace in years now. Maybe it has some Kabbalah significance but to the point that she won’t even remove it for anything? Weird
  13. That’s where we are right now as Madonna fans with these upscales and maxis. “It’s better than nothing”.
  14. Favorite: Richard Corman 1983 / Mondino 1990 Least Favorite: anything by Klein after 2007
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