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  1. I actually...LOVED IT! so melodic and sweet. So far my favorite from the three.
  2. madaboutM

    They play Into the Groove all the time on KOST 103.5 in LA. Just listened to It. Pure Steve Bray greatness.
  3. Shep is embroiled in some nasty lawsuit vs. Warner Bros over "Vogue" royalties, which it's really sad. I really hope he wins it.
  4. There's no way they could portray M in a negative light if they want to use 'Vogue' in the series, however if the use a similar sounding track...that's a different story PS: and she didn't appropriate the dance since she had members of the NYC ballroom scene in her entourage and they even got MTV-VMA nominations for their choreography.
  5. madaboutM

    That UK version's colors and pattern are so random IMO, ugh.
  6. madaboutM

    Like A Prayer cover. Hands down: mystical, bold, symbolic and sensual. True Blue is great and iconic but when you realize it is somehow referenced from Olivia Newton John's Physical...well, it becomes less iconic Herb Ritts shot both btw.
  7. madaboutM

    Both Jump and Vogue in that movie.
  8. madaboutM

    I'd say yes. Same reason she doesn't do Take a Bow
  9. Most of her videos were shot on film so technically it is possible to do a transfer if you find the raw footage. I'll stop right here cause some people get mad when I start trashing on Guy O.
  10. madaboutM

    I would vote no to a standard documentary style. She pioneered in the genre and now there's been countless copycats after that. I would go for a new type of experimental genre, something ambitious incorporating new media technologies: virtual, augmented or mixed reality, 360 video, video interactivity ('Bandersnatch' style?) Of course, she'd need to have a real management team for this purpose.
  11. madaboutM

    Sufjan is the kind of artist Madonna should be courting at instead of Kanye and Lil Wayne, but...that's on her. He is a bonafide musical genius just like Pat Leonard knows his way with instruments
  12. madaboutM

    I don't hate Guy O, I just feel that like every Madonna collaborator in history, his contribution should have an expiration date. Yes, he helped her with the 360 LiveNation deal and made her the queen of touring but by sacrificing her artistic integrity (rushed albums, dreadful co-op ideas like 'Hey You' and "GMAYL"). The 'have an album so you can tour' concept has really damaged her recording legacy in the last 15 years. That said, welcome to a new PR era at least! Hoping it's for the best
  13. madaboutM

    It's a combination of factors that has made the new generations unaware or uninterested on her. -Poor management i.e. Guy Oseary's complacency and lack of interest to promote and enhance her legacy. -Poor Record Co. Direction Interscope and LiveNation have not been up to the challenge like Warner was. Warner used to crack the whip on her and give direction to her drive. -Poor self-Promotion. After her publicist retired, Madonna took full control of her image and statements. Big. Mistake. -Shifted priorities. More than ever, her family comes first now, which is understandable. -More competition. Her "recipe" for reinvention and success has been stolen by so many now. All these female artist have it so much easier now as they've followed her career roadmap: tease the men, empower women and embrace the gays.
  14. madaboutM

    I agree, this is becoming a sad Better Davis/Crawford feud where Madonna has the most to loose as she's supposed to be Kabbalah-enlightened.
  15. madaboutM

    Does anyone knows if Madonna and Liz parted ways in friendly terms? Interesting she's working for Cher given her recent shade to Madonna on Ellen.