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  1. Back in the days, black-face was considered “comedy” while in reality was an outlet for bigots to make a point about where was black people’s place: at the butt of the joke. To all the trans-jokes apologists here asking to “lighten-up”, congratulations, you’ve learned nothing about how those little insidious “jokes” about minorities through the times help create the perfect environment to keep oppressing those minorities.
  2. Thank you for the cisplanation, dude. Also, you'd like to "think" that the trans community is stronger than that? There are trans kids rn considering ending things because of the incessant bullying from all fronts but sure, it's just "jokes", you please tell that to grieving parents.
  3. Dave Chapelle’s specifically said that being trans is like “black-face”. If you don’t understand how incredibly irresponsible and damaging that is coming from a public person even as “a joke” I really don’t know what to tell you.
  4. After pretty much “stealing” everything Vogue is from the ballrooms and the black/brown NYC trans community that would be cute.
  5. So this is it? We used to have the art, the music and her crave of attention. Now we have to settle only for the later?
  6. I want a biopic that covers 1998 to 2008. The future looked so bright after having Lola and releasing RoL but then things soured up to point when she divorced Guy Ritchie. What happened in those British years that Madonna hasn’t laughed again the same?
  7. Awe, Elton is thanking Madonna. That’s sweet. It’s actually a pity they’ve never collaborated together because of their massive egos.
  8. THANK YOU! I was wondering the same thing
  9. Interesting times to be a Madonna fan nowadays. While Mariah and Kylie give their fans what the want, our queen gives us middle fingers and trolling. Yaaaay
  10. Great transitional album after Erotica. Not very cohesive which I think it’s its greatest flaw but at least it gave Madonna a foundation to wade into electronica and come up with Ray of Light later. Great tracks like Secret, TAB and Bedtime Stories. Survival and Don’t Stop were huge missed opportunities
  11. The way I cope is to remind me that I’m still a supporter but not a fan. For me Madonna only existed from 1982 to 2007. A great 25 year run of greatness followed by some sort of slow breakdown (triggered by Kabbalah? Guy Ritchie? Aging?) which she never could recover from. I will always celebrate those 25 years though.
  12. I feel I just saw Khloe Kardashian cosplaying as Stevie Nicks while making a TikTok at a Snoop Dogg party. But glad you guys like it
  13. FEAR. Of aging, of becoming irrelevant, of others taking “your crown”. She now seems plagued by insecurities, you can see how nervous she is when going on Jimmy Fallon.
  14. What about this for a title…? “Through the Wilderness”
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