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  1. Seeing José Xtravaganza dancing with Madonna last night has been a highlight for me 🥰
  2. And Crazy as the song selection for it was…underwhelming
  3. Intro was ok but her presenting the show was awkward and the camera wouldn’t even do a close up. And yes, the butt implants are here to stay
  4. Hey question about the Cherish HD video. This one truly looks like a real remaster from original footage rather than an AI upscale. Do you think this was the case, what do you think?
  5. Many things went wrong during that time, some already have mentioned 1. She was having issues in her marriage at this point. 2. It's almost like she wanted to sound like Nelly Furtado at a time when Timbaland was probably exhausted and definitely overused. 3. This was the first time I felt an album was a justification for a tour. She had a big commitment with Live Nation now. 3. JT added very little to the album. There was nothing SexyBack about it. Maybe there wasn't a connection there? 4. She got more involved with Malawi and the charity, which is great but definitely a distraction. 5. BONUS: Steven Klein sucks. PS: I love Give it 2 Me btw, although that bridge is a bit dreadful.
  6. Latte latte bobatte, Fee-fi-mo-mabatte. Latte!
  7. God Control. I see fans loving it…I just can’t
  8. I missed her IG story. Anyway, I think she’ll do amazing
  9. That is disheartening. The Girl on the Train movie was received poorly both critically snd commercially. I saw it and I was not impressed with neither the script, the acting or the directing.
  10. I think Florence would be a great choice for the biopic, but she needs to stop tanning and start toning up.
  11. Song is not terrible but it’s rather redundant and his voice is heavily auto-tuned. The video is bad, bad. Good for Madonna supporting her bf, reminds me of Britney supporting Federline’s career though.
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