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  1. I'm surprsied MUSIC is her least voted album cover. I know something's gotta be last but what's wrong with it?

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    2. professormouse


      Many classic albums on vinyl had no txt on them.
      CD's the image shrunk.
      Streaming = What's a 'Cover' ?

    3. DickTracy


      I think a Music-era theme might be fun for infinity :)  hay bales and cowboy hats for everyone

    4. professormouse


      I went to a club once where they gave you 'cloakroom ticket' once you paid.
      Not for your jacket/bag but another you were supposed to pin somewhere obvious.
      2 door-whore types manned a board downstairs where [next to loos !] was a board where you could check your number to see if you'd a message.
      It's the one time I saw someone look good in a cowboy hat. :bothered2: