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  1. You can see a quick view of the merch table here. Is that a Dita Sex book tshirt I see?!
  2. Yes, I believe for MDNA, Rebel Heart, and Madame X concert ticket sales included a copy of the album. That’s why all 3 charted so high during the first week (because the albums “sold” with tickets were all counted with first week album sales) and why they so quickly dropped from the top of the charts. I bought MDNA and Rebel Heart tickets through third party so didn’t get copies of the albums, but I bought 2 Madame X tickets through Ticketmaster and received 2 copies of the standard cd in the mail.
  3. 1. Pat L 2. Shep P 3. Stephen B 4. Mirwais 5. Orbit
  4. 1. Bad Girl 2. Erotica 3. Vogue 4. Justify My Love 5. Deeper and Deeper Honourable Mentions: I’ll Remember, Rain, Frozen, Human Nature, Beautiful Stranger
  5. Ouch. Not really any great singles the past decade. If I had to choose... 1. Living for Love 2. Ghosttown 3. Bitch I’m Madonna 4. Crave 5. Turn Up the Radio
  6. I love Fever and all the mixes. But I had to vote for Bye Bye Baby. Such an awesome song. So gritty and bad ass. The Girlie Show performance is perfect Madonna!
  7. Wow, what a list! I voted Deeper and Deeper, but there are so many 100% perfect songs in that list I also considered the actual single release, and I love the D&D maxi single
  8. It infuriates me they cut the intro of Dress You Up on Celebration... and that the album version on Spotify is a remix
  9. Physical Attraction Over and Over Where’s the Party Til Death Do Us Part Waiting Sanctuary Sky Fits Heaven Impressive Instant Nobody Knows Me Future Lovers Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You I’m Addicted Devil Pray
  10. I’ve always found it interesting that Live to Tell is considered the first single from True Blue, even though it was released in March, more coinciding with the movie At Close Range and from what I recall, not really connected to a new Madonna album. There was no mention of True Blue on the single - it just says “From the forthcoming Madonna album on Sire Records and from the Orion Motion Picture "At Close Range". Papa Don’t Preach was released early June and the album True Blue came a few weeks later, so Papa felt more like the first single at the time. Just interesting that Die Another Die is kinda in the same boat but is generally not considered the first single from American Life.
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