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  1. Homogenic79

    Does anyone know, were the other performances live or were they prerecorded like Madonna’s? How lame.
  2. Homogenic79

    Ugh, another disappointment. I like it better than the first two we’ve heard, but that’s not saying much. Is she singing with the grills on, or has her speech changed? I’ve noticed the lisp over the last few years and just thought it was the grill, but it seems she has the lisp now even without the grill. My friend was questioning whether she had a stroke, considering her speech and the eye patch. I like the melody of the song, and at least the lyrics aren’t as cringeworthy as the first two songs. Wish we could hear her real voice and the emotion that she conveys with it, instead of the robo-vocal. The guest rap is uninteresting and totally unnecessary. I’m sad that I’m disliking these songs so much. I keep hoping the next one is going to redeem everything for me, but I’m losing hope. :( **Just my opinion**
  3. Homogenic79

    Yes, I tried to be civil in my responses, but that wasn’t working. So yes, get over it. Move on. Bye.
  4. Homogenic79

    I see it more as expressing disappointment in what I felt was a lackluster song, in a forum discussing the song. I gave my opinion, among many other opinions, in a single post, and then was accused of not being a real fan. Trust me, I wish I like the song. I don’t. Get over it.
  5. Homogenic79

    Lol!! But I didn’t come for anyone! I respect everyone’s opinion. I stated “in my opinion” in response to heat I received for posting my opinion. I never once disrespected anyone else’s opinion - I’m glad some people like the song! So I guess your advice wasn’t meant for me?
  6. Homogenic79

    Here’s the dictionary definition that most accurately reflects MY OPINION: tacky /ˈtakē/ adjective INFORMAL showing poor taste and quality.
  7. Homogenic79

    It’s my OPINION!!!!! That’s it, just my opinion. And yes, I meant it. Both songs would be among my 10 least favorite Madonna songs. I do find them tacky. BUT that’s certainly not meant as an insult to anyone who likes the songs, And I don’t believe I worded any of my posts to imply otherwise. I’m genuinely sorry if it came across like that. I’m sure there are other songs/artists that I like that you wouldn’t care for, and vice versa. But apparently now I’m just a troll - so stop feeding me!
  8. Homogenic79

    Sorry to cause such a stir with my opinion. I thought a forum was for discussion, but I guess not this one
  9. Homogenic79

    That’s her tribute? A mediocre song? Yes, I find it tacky.
  10. Homogenic79

    Yes, extremely annoying and unnecessary, and actually pretty tacky
  11. Homogenic79

    They lack any passion or artistic merit. That’s what I meant by manufactured. IMO!
  12. Homogenic79

    Oh stop it. This is a forum, and last I checked that meant it was for discussion. I’ve been a fan for 30 years and your questioning that is just silly. I really want to like the new songs, but I’m not going to blindly praise them when I honestly can’t stand either song. They sound so cheap and boring and manufactured - two of the worst songs of her career. I do admit my disappointment can come across as bashing, but I’m just expressing my opinion, and I’m entitled to give it.
  13. Homogenic79

    This is another underwhelming song for me. So generic and boring. The screaming intro is flat out annoying and I find myself running for the skip button when it pops up in shuffle. Still hoping for a decent album, but sad to say what I’ve heard so far has left me disappointed. :(
  14. Homogenic79

    Yay!!! I don’t care for the song and the video did nothing to redeem it for me, but what a great performance! Whew! She looked like she was having fun. Loved it. Could’ve done without the weird hologram things, but she was great!
  15. It infuriates me they cut the intro of Dress You Up on Celebration... and that the album version on Spotify is a remix