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  1. Think she's out the back not knowing what to do with the Hello Suckers Soundtrack. Its doin her ed in. Needs a fag.
  2. We needed an Avicii demo where it raises the roof towards the end. Oh imagine the fan fighting. He's probably done one for us for when we get to the sky.
  3. As someone mentions above 'happiness lies in your own hands, it took me much long to understand' is the secret. Possibly for Ingrid Jenny or Tupac who were lovers around then which were kept semi private. Doesnt matter who you go with as long as youre happy, even if you keep it a secret.
  4. Love Kylie but this is way to Drag Race for me. (Just my taste, dont shout!) Shes great.
  5. yeah, I missed a payment when they said there were no more magazines! but still re joined (they were in a mess too), it fucked everything up even though I gave them my old membership numbers and sent pics of my card and all magazines. They said no. Id been a member from the 90's, Always booked tickets through them. They made mistakes and turned it around that it was your mistake.
  6. Ignore them, shell never win. She knows it so gives up.
  7. I wouldnt be shocked if he's David's boyfriend. Were so nosey.
  8. I miss you - Bjork Coulve been on B.S towards the end. Wedve flipped! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTZ7XZIiT7o
  9. Hehe I firs did too, I know theres a real one called Sara but thought maybe shes got a new intern. lol
  10. I dont think she ever stops writing songs (if not poems), that how theres 20-40 'songs' to demo when she goes into the studio.
  11. They are kinda immigrants and survivors, we dont know what of. As somebody said before The immigrant father/grandfather and family were alcoholics, maybe not nice ones. We dont know how poor they were or any other details. We cant say they were not survivors without knowing them. No need to jump in presuming being bitchy. We havent walked in their shoes.
  12. Thats what I was thinking...Maybe its to do with securing locations for filming there. Probably totally wrong.
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