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  1. First time ive seen it! I was hiding as I read so many times it was awful. I got rain on my dates which was incredible. OK this isnt Incredible but she sounds quite good! Its a really nice closure to 'the show' It fits well and of course was big in the States.
  2. Re edit the girlie show and cut out BIM from RHT! Im now flying the ultra woke flag. I do apologize. Cancel Madonna its easier.
  3. I thought 'Veronica Electronica' was the working title of ROL when she switched to Orbit??? ooh tell me more.
  4. Shell be so sad when the day comes that they move out.
  5. Maybe her artistry thinking of other projects and scripts takes a lot of her time away (and editing the tours lol) The kids too, the charities. The kids seem so well brought up shes been a super mum. Music will be in her heart but you can tell Kids are always at the top of her list. Behind the scenes she has business meetings, planning tours takes years..We never know what's going through her head. To get her life through this tour and all its details mustve been worked on in one of her journals for a couple of years.
  6. Thanks and I already knew that but my total intention was 'Im going bananas' as the song and were on a Madonna forum so presumed everyone would know what I meant. We in the UK in the past have had Black football players thrown bananas at which makes us feel sick about having such sad idiots. Iv had no intention of putting that across at all. I didnt expect anybody on a Madonna forum who knows her music to connect with the negative side unless they were looking for trouble Obviously it was brought up and aimed stupidly at me that what I typed was racist so I responded bluntly. Crossed wires. Not harm intended WHATSOVER. Im not here for fights either id rather leave. Im a loving giving kind person that would never do anything like that. I have humour. (Well maybe bad) but no id never say anything like that and just the suggestion of it winds me up. Was Madonna being racist during RHT feeding bananas to people too? As if. Hopefully cleared the air now so were all on the same page. Shake hands and forget it.
  7. I remember those days, (and those 3 classic albums George and Jan were on repeat with Madge) But MTV people called it Madonna tv, it was like she had 80% of her own channel back then. The bits between her like the B52's seemed like adverts it went back to Madonna TV
  8. I was mixing in one of her songs. Im not a bloody racist thanks. Quite the opposite. Read the room.
  9. She used to make albums quite quickly like in 6 weeks or something? Wasnt vogue done in a day sat in a basements wardrobe? I can remember reading an interview while some one was in the studio while she was making Erotica, she was shouting cut thatll do she seemed impatient. Perhaps that's changed over the years. I dont think she was in Stuarts cheap home studio for long making confessions. Maybe she's slower now with Mike Dean who's stoned all the time. You are all clever clogs and will remember more details than my old frazzled brain.
  10. I didnt notice before just how much Esther is in it literally slaying the song right from the beginning. I just noticed her dj'ing and at the end not all the way through how good she is as shown in this vid! (I dont watch many so its new to me, you dont notice live theres so much going on.).
  11. Happy Birthdays boxing days boxing day. Make the most of it!
  12. Ignore mine I though things might be changed more if it was daylight it seems like it wont be so it could work!
  13. His wig will be blown off by our helicopter at this rate. Can that little plane with the banner be rented? Ill learn to fly on youtube and go round in circles. Nobody mention Aaliyah after ive had a line.
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