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  1. Thanks for this, mm on kodi theres lots of spirals. I dont know which to click. This isnt a saw one right? Do i just stick to youtube?/Prime?
  2. Nooo this is new to me!!!! THANKYOU! I knew she was involved in the start and she was going to be a main actor in 'scary movie' But no idea she was a producer or Sydney. It was during her carrer dip she dropped out of showgirls and did boys on the side with Whoopie (amazing movie) but it flopped. Her BIG comeback was Scream and she was only in it for 10 mins! ALL her movies after were amazing, yes including charlies angels, the comedies and of course Grey Gardens. (MUST SEE).
  3. I dont know if this was answered babe but Yes Griffin Dunne is in American Werefwolf...He's the main person in it.
  4. I doubt Britney is set up on her own on zoom or confident to do sonething spur of the moment. Can you remember a few weeks ago when her boyf put her on in the background live on insta and she freaked out?! 'Is this live' omg she didnt want it on she didnt like it, & sounded like she ran out the room. If M wanted a question from her for the Q&A she shouldve/wouldve asked her a week or so before and im SURE Brit wouldve said yes.
  5. Youre an embarrasing fan. You didnt like 3 mins of it? a 1 which you cant get lower for a performer of her age feeling ill performing for her fans with great moments. The lowest rate you could give anything????? Thats shameful. Go and watch a gaga mess of Mariahs NYE disaster. Then compare.
  6. Hardcore drum n bass and dubstep bangers. Nah, well get more older melodies now shes going through her past in detail. I dont mind ANYTHING.
  7. I thought in the writing sessions she said or it was written that doing Evita was the end. So maybe having lola too. There would be soo much gossip and news in the sequel with the marriage, divorce, falling out with Chris, the adoption 'kidnappings' begging ABBA, the horse disaster up to the superbowl, her younger boyfs using her, through to Lisbon getting older and her dancing for all those years catching up on her. If shes that honest she might throw in her girlfiends too.
  8. It takes 5 mins total, looks hard listed like that but it isnt. Its only putting an add on (an app) onto kodi with tv, movies & stuff. There are lots of others too. Maybe now youve got the kodi half installed you could youtube 'how to add on the oath to kodi', there maybe videos. I like other add ons just as much but the oath is reliable. Wish I was there, if pop it on your tv easy for you. If i can do it anyone can! go for it. x There's another add on called seren, you can search by person. If you type in Madona LOADS comes up. Docs, movies, shows, all sorts. youll get the hang of it.
  9. How to install The Oath on Kodi 1. Launch Kodi. 2. Click the “Settings icon” and click “System settings.” 3. Hover over “Add-ons.” 4. Click “Unknown sources” if you’ve not done so already (this is because it’s from a third-party source) 5. Go back to the Setting menu and click “File manager.” 6. Select “Add source” and click None 7. Type the URL “https://host505.github.io” and click “OK.” 8. Type oath as the source name (so you will be able to identify it later) and click “OK.” 9. Go back to the Kodi home page and click “Add-ons.” 10. Click the “Add-on browser icon” and then click “Install from zip file.” 11. Select “oath” (which is the name of the repository source you provided earlier) 12. Click “repository.host505-2.5.zip” 13. Click “Install from repository.” 14. Click “host505 repo.” 15. Click “Video add-ons.” 16. Select “TheOath.” 17. Click “Install.” 18. Click “OK” to accept the installation of additional add-ons. 19. Wait till you see the “Add-on installed” notification on your screen. It usually takes less than 2 minutes.
  10. Of course!!!! But im trying to put across people loved, bought more tix and got better reviews for the Jazz Vegas show which is up and running. It was more successful. m not making a dig saying it was crap, I never went! I had a friend that went to both and said the first wasnt very good but loved the Jazz one. So his review matched the medias. Im not really that bothered. Shes got a successful show!!! Well done to her! She obviously shines doing the jazz show more than the old routines.
  11. Well anybody in any country can watch it in full 1080 or 720 just add Kodi to your tv from playstore for free and add on the oath app to kodi for free. The full shows on there.
  12. Thanks! saves me going round in circles. lol.
  13. The vegas media said low sales. But maybe that was their gossip machine.
  14. Was it def. shown as 4k in the US? I keep looking but it just brings up 1080. (not that I can tell much difference with my eyes being 106 years old.)
  15. Gagas admitted she doesnt rehearse much. Her 'pop hits, whatever it was called' show in Vegas got AWFUL reviews didnt sell and was cancelled! What IS working for her is her Jazz show, great reviews, sells well and has been picked up to continue. Good on her for that, cant moan. Im not her biggest fan by a long shot but to keep a job in Vegas she's doing well even though shes obviously had to sit through cringy meetings hearing about her main shows complaints, losses and maybe being Jancelled. I hope her fans get het tour next year, they must feel a bit down in the dumps I hope it happens for them but lets face it...has she ever finished one of the more recent ones?
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