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  1. Better than nothing! Its still a pretty big deal whilst people are still Christmas shopping ect. Taking over one of the main TV channels towards Christmas still rips up the 'shes over' notion! i DONT SEE ANYONE ELSE HAVING ONE!
  2. Frozen & Take a bow seem nice for the winter. Maybe celebration will be for NEXT NY. lol lets face it a lot of parties will be Jancelled this NY.
  3. WIFLFAG is a great subtitle. We know 2022 is about her bio, drowned mightve just been over excited reading too much into it. Hasnt she said before she had a couple of movies she couldnt get funding for, (pressuming loved was one of them). The Bio is ready to go. Diaries for the producers, tech, specs and main actors wouldve been cleared by now. The movie company will want it made asap if the scripts done and eveverythings in place incase of covid the revenge part 6. Studios need money now, they cant keep having movies on the shelves for years like our last couple of dry ones. They need seats in cinemas, not getting lost on streaming or leaking.
  4. Hardcore drum n bass and dubstep bangers. Nah, well get more older melodies now shes going through her past in detail. I dont mind ANYTHING.
  5. I thought in the writing sessions she said or it was written that doing Evita was the end. So maybe having lola too. There would be soo much gossip and news in the sequel with the marriage, divorce, falling out with Chris, the adoption 'kidnappings' begging ABBA, the horse disaster up to the superbowl, her younger boyfs using her, through to Lisbon getting older and her dancing for all those years catching up on her. If shes that honest she might throw in her girlfiends too.
  6. Of course!!!! But im trying to put across people loved, bought more tix and got better reviews for the Jazz Vegas show which is up and running. It was more successful. m not making a dig saying it was crap, I never went! I had a friend that went to both and said the first wasnt very good but loved the Jazz one. So his review matched the medias. Im not really that bothered. Shes got a successful show!!! Well done to her! She obviously shines doing the jazz show more than the old routines.
  7. The vegas media said low sales. But maybe that was their gossip machine.
  8. Gagas admitted she doesnt rehearse much. Her 'pop hits, whatever it was called' show in Vegas got AWFUL reviews didnt sell and was cancelled! What IS working for her is her Jazz show, great reviews, sells well and has been picked up to continue. Good on her for that, cant moan. Im not her biggest fan by a long shot but to keep a job in Vegas she's doing well even though shes obviously had to sit through cringy meetings hearing about her main shows complaints, losses and maybe being Jancelled. I hope her fans get het tour next year, they must feel a bit down in the dumps I hope it happens for them but lets face it...has she ever finished one of the more recent ones?
  9. I thought that... who was actually the unsociable one? We need more details to find out. You cant just alt into someone elses conversation and talk crap, what did she say 'hang on im talking privately to my friends for a min?' Only other person I know online who was at school college with her said she was quiet and friendly. Rocco believe it or not is amazing with his mums fans, has selfies and chats. As @Shofulsaid Davids lovely too, even introduced himself. We need to know more about the lolas not nice story. Its the first time ive heard anything bad about any of the kids. Talk show hosts always go o about how well mannered and kind they all are.
  10. Thats amazing! Which party? How did you get invited? That mustve been so much fun!!! Glad you enjoyed it. Yes ive heard Guy can be a funny charmer, I guess thats why she married him. People in the pub they had spoke highly of him (and her). 'Tea' means news/gossip. So you went to her party but knew Lola was a bitch from school? Tell us more!! hehe
  11. If youre the fan that went to high school/college with her (firstly, well done thats amazing) and you used to read her texts when she was in front of you and saw her in Grease you used to say she was lovely!!!!! Unless youre a different person Whats changed your mind? You also had a mutual friend with Guy Ritchie. Give us the tea.
  12. I was told by them 17th Nov but that may be when it gets to the UK.
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