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  1. Madonna_Alltheway

    No me neither? Which shows did she cut that off?
  2. Madonna_Alltheway

    Wow had no idea, well thanks for the update then
  3. So I've seen all over Twitter that: "According to a reliable insider, the next single from Lady Gaga's next album 'Chromatica' will be featuring Madonna. This insider was right about everything on 'Chromatica' so far." Do you belive this rumour? Would you like these two to make a song together?
  4. Madonna_Alltheway

    Yay! She did 12 out of 15 shows that's such good numbers! "It's NOT a long way...It's not a long way..." left for this era you guys...
  5. Madonna_Alltheway

    Nej vad kul! Hope you have an amazing time next weekend🙏🏼
  6. Madonna_Alltheway

    Hahaha! I needed a memory okay..sorry Palladium but that's what they get after the iron curtain thing
  7. Madonna_Alltheway

    Okay so just got home from London a few hours ago. I saw the 6th and 8th shows! The 6th was amazing, was sitting on upper section. So I saw the show from another POV. I paid £1 for the binoculars that were in front of the seat so I could see the details...Somehow it ended up in my pocket and all the way home to Sweden lol But, the 8th show was A M A Z I N G ! I mean the crowd was wild and she was in a great mood comparing to the 6th show where she rushed thru the whole show. But when I got to the venue with my own Chanel-eye patch, a guy inside the theatre with a badge saw me and asked me: "Oh wow nice eye-patch! I assume you're a big fan then?" and I answered "Yes! I am actually! I have royal circle so will be very close". He looked at me and smiled. He asked me: "Well there is actually 1 seat in the stalls left where a guy tried to sell the ticket thru ticketmaster and no one have bought it. It's row B so it's really close. Would you like it? We can't have an empty seat that close to M right?" and omg!! I smiled so hard and asked if he wanted me to pay for the ticket but he said that I got it for free. I asked if I had to get a new ticket-stamp from outside since they already signed mine but he said no. So I was sitting pretty close to Graham Norton during the beer-bitch moment. Amazing experience!!
  8. Madonna_Alltheway

    Tonight right after work I'll take a cab to the airport and head to London baby! My first time in London and will be going to 2 Madame X shows, 6th feb and 8th feb. So excited!!
  9. Madonna_Alltheway

    Again? Oh my...the fans are gonna get maad again. how late was she?
  10. Madonna_Alltheway

    - She hasen't performed "Papa don't preach" since the states. That was out a long time ago. - Express yourself acapella? I mean she sings like 3 lines from the song, really? - Sodade was performed all the Lisbon dates (you can understand why) and a few times in the US. - Crave is prob out because of the dancing during that number and who can blame her? She's injuried. - If SHE wanted to cut out the songs from the setlist from now on till the end of the tour, it's HER desicion. It's HER show. I understand that you're sad about not hearing God control or Dark Ballet since they're new songs, but want a partial refund...? Really?
  11. Madonna_Alltheway

    Still, that video was from the first night in London not yesterday.
  12. Madonna_Alltheway

    This is what a fan attended tonights show said; "Because people didnt sit down 5 times they called over the loudspeaker. They played Madonnas intro and cut it short as people still not in seats. Then 10 mins later at 9.15 started it again. Gutted to miss the first three songs"
  13. Madonna_Alltheway

    How much for the polaroids?
  14. Madonna_Alltheway

    That was from the opening night in London though...
  15. Madonna_Alltheway

    I just saw that! It's 12 shows left and he posts 7 more? Ahh... 5 shows will be cancelled