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  1. I re-imagined the cover - Something inspired in Roscharsch tests -
  2. I admire so much "M / M Paris" studio - Their work is amazing. In the "American Life" album cover - I think that Madonna wanted something with a "political poster" vibe, very eye catching, with few colors. I think that the photoshoot was amazing - Not a big fan of using guns to give a "peacefull" message (Personal apreciation nothing more) I Guess that it was very brave to express what she did on that album, but we have only 3 "Protest" kinda songs "American Life", "Hollywood" and "I'm So Stupid", the rest of the songs are more introspective. Not to foget that the majority of songs has "negative words" all over, Nothing / Nobody - In this particular case, I would had named the album in other way, to have a title that encapsulates more the whole concept, something like : MindTrappa - Nobody Knows Me - remember she wanted it to be named "EIN SOF" (that means "endelss") - After all it's still an incredible album
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