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  1. TRAVELLING to NY from Ireland in August for Celebration Tour, which obviously isn't happening, but decided we're still going to go to NY anyway!
    Would anybody be interested in a meet up? Maybe a potential fan party of our own on the original scheduled MSG opening night, if that is any way feasible? Would love to meet some of you all.


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    2. WokeUpInMedellin


      @wonderboyomg I looked this up today after reading your comment above and now I'm going! And my friend is coming along too! Thank you for writing that comment or I never would have heard of this event. Sounds awesome, can't wait to go

    3. wonderboy


      I've been goin to Madonna Worship every year for the past decade, its always a good time! DJ Chauncey puts on a great show! youre gonna have a blast! see you at church!

    4. ryry123


      Madonna Worship at 3 Dollar Bill it is !! Thank you :cute:

  2. I posted this in a Pat Leonard thread just now too, but a few days ago he released a new record. The title being the same as the M related project from 2018.
  3. Just came across this on my Tidal. I presume it's on other streaming platforms too? Apparently it was released a few days ago and got a bit of excitement when I seen it. If you listen though it's obviously not Madonna related, but I wonder why he kept the same title of the project from 2018?
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