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  1. I think every one of her albums is landmark simply by nature of being released by MADONNA
  2. I don't suggest sizing up for the hoodie. I'm size medium, I ordered medium, and fits perfect. Wouldn't choose any other size
  3. And yet they still have the ancient old dates of the tour from half a year ago on my hoodie before the postponement
  4. Hi everyone, My parents are pretty nervous about how late Madonna will come on when they see her in December because the trains stop running around 1:45 am and they need to make the train to get back home. They will be able to make it if she comes on within a reasonable hour, like by 10 pm. Can you all help me in reporting the times she has been coming on at the shows so far? It will help them plan accordingly. Thank you.
  5. This thread specifically says "no spoilers," bub. Take a hike
  6. I think it's all been delayed, but I fully expect her albums to all receive colored vinyl reissues. Every backwater artist and their mother has been releasing their projects on vinyl, whether they're new albums or old. It's a lucrative and well-demanded product again. Combined with the nostalgia era we're in, I can't see them missing out on the easiest cash grab opportunity they've had available to them in years. I would love a lot MORE than just that (aka luxurious box sets), but I think colorful vinyls are the minimum we'll certainly get.
  7. I guess I just have higher standards
  8. It's still an error that they should have corrected. Have some dignity in your products
  9. I finally got my Tour Hoodie and the tour dates on the arm are the wrong order The pre-postponement order.
  10. She should just make an entire album with Max Martin. They'd make incredible pop bops together.
  11. This is hilarious cause I know he aint reading a word of any of this He never responds
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