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  1. I just had a terrifying vision that she'll instead release EPs for each album, featuring 5 songs from each album reworked into new duet versions with current artists.
  2. I'm gonna cry when Madonna is at Pride this weekend and I'm upstate instead
  3. We should've known they'd disappoint us with shipping times again lolol
  4. I would love this! So many people check those out when a new one gets posted. It would be a great way for Madonna to show her love for her music.
  5. I love how honored they seem to have worked for Madonna!!
  6. I can't believe me and you are the only ones who were able to pick that out within seconds of glancing at the post. Media literacy, people! Come on!!
  7. With you on this! These silver vinyls are the most insulting thing I've seen from an artist in a minute. I want all her albums on colored vinyl one day, but I imagined UNIQUE color choices matching the aesthetic of each record. If I never get that, well that's disappointing, but I don't see this "silver collection" as worthwhile at all.
  8. I don't care but if I'm accused of bullying an individual like that, then that's a very good thing. You sure don't want to be a sympathizer of someone like that! So thank you for acknowledging that I'm opposed to it That's like saying I'm being a bully to Ted Bundy. I'll gladly be so!!!
  9. I definitely never stated that, because I don't agree with that stance at all. I would never ignore you. I will always reply to make sure I call out your bullshit. Promise. Second of all, I don't even remember the disagreement you're alluding to, so no, it's not that. But here you are putting words in someone's mouth and making up things they said when they never did. You do this a lot! (Not to me). Very condescending of you. Oops! There it is again. Because it's true and you continue to exhibit it. Horrible.
  10. I actually agree. Which is why I pick arguments with him, because the way he puts down other people and acts condescending is not okay.
  11. It's the same thing you say every time. COME UP WITH SOMETHING ELSE You literally sit here and type that out every time, it's fucking unhinged!!!
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