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  1. The broadcast will start at 21.00 (Spain Time) Welcome to the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the live broadcast on television of the Blond Ambition Tour from Barcelona. This August 1, 1990 was a unique date for fans of Madonna that we still remember today and that is why I've wanted to pay this tribute by broadcasting programs and specials that surrounded that emblematic date and the concert as showed on tv. Get comfortable and enjoy the schedule to remember that fantastic date of 30 years today. Thanks for watching. ------------------------------- Schedule: - TV Commercial: Blond Ambition Tour on TV - Report Rockopop: Blond Ambition Tour (Backstage) / Sweden (Original broadcast July 7 1990) - Promo 1 Madonna in Spanish promoting the show on tv. - Madonna and the Blond Ambition Tour in Spain (arriving of Madonna in Madrid and stage setup). - Promo 2 Madonna in Spanish promoting the show on tv. - Blond Ambition Tour from Barcelona as showed in Spanish Televisión TVE1.
  2. hi @kevindo u have the vhs tape???
  3. I know there is a lot of people (including me) who have been wondering for years about what is the song that plays just before the stage of Blond Ambition started to light up... I don't know if someone has figured it out sometime, but I've just do and here it is... (And it's not from Paula Abdul as I always thought...) The artist: A'me Lorain The song: Whole Wide World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI4F--74vu8
  4. lmvc

    I think the only profitable way is she releases a mega edition with bluray+vinyl. Common dvds or blurays don't sell well.
  5. Wow! I didn't know about that! Can you tell more about that? Was it listed in tv schedules???
  6. I think someone did that some time ago and that's beause we have the full show. Here in Spain the show was broadcasted live with two commercial breaks: speech before Where's the party and speech after Hanky Panky.
  7. TVE has answered me and they say the don't have the rights for a re-broadcast. But I can add that in 1990 in newspapers they said 'the show can be broadcasted live and two more times' but this re-broadcast never happened, so I don't know what to think...
  8. Hi! Next August the 1st will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of an special date: the live broadcast of Blond Ambition Tour from Barcelona. I know it's a very special date for a lot of us and I am wondering if any of the European tv channel could re-broadcast the show... I've just written to TVE, the channnel who broadcast the show live in 1990 here in Spain, but I don't know even if they are going to give me an answer... Can we do anything? Could someome write to your national tv channels?? Let's try it!!!
  9. WoW @Curtains! Love this!!! So sad Crazy was 3 because it's my favourite one and Medellin... I don't know but is one the the best "1st single of an album" since 2012. I don't understand how I don't search is on #2... But this is the game! Thank you for doing it!
  10. Can't predict! Butlike Crazy and Medellin are still on!
  11. I like this song. I remember when I heard if for the first time with my headphones and it was incredible! I like how the power level increases in the song... as in Love Spent.
  12. Two songs they are going to be together thanks Eurovision... I like production of Future for the tour, but not the one in the album. Dark Ballet is the experimental song as once was Impressive Instant or Gang Bang.
  13. Ciao Bella... a filler song and "Faz gostoso" it's ok but they are not in my favourite songs pack.
  14. Not a great song... better the one in Maluma album.