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  1. lmvc

    Hi @luis-rj! I think they are: "The Red Door" and "The Next Best Thing". In an interview from 1999 she said finally she stopped "The Red Door" and the only one to do is "The Next Best Thing".
  2. lmvc

    I think M should say something about DVD just to say there will be an official release. Because until now, all about that are predictions. We don't know if there will be a release for sure.
  3. lmvc

    It seems very incredible that even today she doesn't say the things clearly and fans who have tickets for 10 & 11 have to wait until last time once again to know what is going to be.
  4. lmvc

    No final era until bluray!
  5. I've been thinking and thinking about who was the boy who is called "the man below" in "Everybody" in The Girlie Show. Who was his job? And his name?
  6. The truth is that as she said whe she was promoting IGTTYAS: "First I'm going to release the documentary and then the full concert, because if I release the two items at the same time people could not put attention to both". In fact, the full RIT on DVD has name and release date that was being cancellated a few times before the final cancellation. So... the edition is made.
  7. She will be on rehab, posting pics of her face and legs on IG and maybe she returns with the original idea she was doing in Portugal: directing a new movie.
  8. lmvc

    How much the poster in Paris?
  9. lmvc

    How much is the poster in Paris?
  10. lmvc

    Nobody believes this kind of excuses yet.
  11. lmvc

    They has just announced doors will open at 9pm and will be closed at 10pm. Show will start at 23pm. And this is only the first show...
  12. lmvc

    Hi there! Can someone tell about if there is any poster and how & how much is it? Thanks!
  13. lmvc

    Waiting for some today news.
  14. lmvc

    Waiting for some info about today show!