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  1. In any part of the world with the Globo membership... I'ts like if you have your Prime membership and go to another country: you will use it then. But of course, there won't any free globo or another link to watch it... This is how the channels work. They pay a lot for the copyright and not to send free to everyone.
  2. Is it confirmed the broadcasting live on GLOBOTV?
  3. If someone needs tickets for tonight: 2 tickets pista B 200€ each one.
  4. Hello! I am selling 2 Barcelona tickets for tonight november 2nd. 200€ each one.
  5. What about the show tonight? Second and last night in Denmark!!
  6. First Copenhagen show! When it starts, setlist, etc. Everything to talk about this date here!
  7. Last show until December, when she will be back for two more shows!
  8. Fourth show in London tonight! Let's share all about this here!
  9. hi @danbekim ! Let's see how the today show goes... I do this daily posters for everyshow since rebel heart tour, so if you want, you can put in the first entrance when you create the daily post. Thank you!
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