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  1. This is the number of tickets on sale for each show of November at this moment. CITY / DATE TICKETS ON SALE CAPACITY BOSTON 1/12 442 3.500 BOSTON 2/12 754 3.500 PHILADELPHIA 7/12 497 3.500 PHILADELPHIA 8/12 528 3.500 PHILADELPHIA 10/12 1.207 3.500 PHILADELPHIA 11/12 530 3.500 MIAMI 14/12 178 2.462 MIAMI 15/12 255 2.462 MIAMI 17/12 413 2.462 MIAMI 18/12 523 2.462 MIAMI 19/12 393 2.462 MIAMI 21/12 976 2.462 MIAMI 22/12 1.330 2.462
  2. This is the number of tickets on sale for each show of November at this moment. I thought there were a lot of technical sold outs. CITY / DATE TICKETS ON SALE CAPACITY LAS VEGAS 7/11 166 4.100 LAS VEGAS 9/11 218 4.100 LAS VEGAS 10/11 228 4.100 LOS ANGELES 13/11 304 1.850 LOS ANGELES 14/11 245 1.850 LOS ANGELES 16/11 126 1.850 LOS ANGELES 17/11 406 1.850 LOS ANGELES 19/11 365 1.850 LOS ANGELES 20/11 285 1.850 LOS ANGELES 21/11 438 1.850 LOS ANGELES 23/11 292 1.850 LOS ANGELES 24/11 448 1.850 LOS ANGELES 25/11 524 1.850 BOSTON 30/11 357 3.500
  3. lmvc

    I think she's not doing real "sold outs".
  4. We will see a MET 2018 2.0 show... You can see HALLELUJAH in credits...
  5. I watched too! They have the same credit lines for all the three shows, and yesterday we could see that everything about a non-performance was just an act of publicity. Everything was ready since days!
  6. lmvc

    A new strategy of publicity. She still thinks the way is 'releasing' the files once again...
  7. This tour is cheaper for her in production, venue and trips (just a few ones), so the benefits are going to be big. Of course she is making a lot of money with less effor. It's going to be very profitable.
  8. I'll never believe this performance was produced without a contract... it's absurd. I'll never believe in a show like this wasn't for sure a 10/13 minutes segment... that's impossible. All was a strategy for publicity, that's all.
  9. lmvc

    More pics! The circular tables are where the contestants are sitting after singing and during M performance and voting part.
  10. lmvc

    Eurovision stage pics. The roof made with mobile triangles is the strong point. As you can see, the stage is very mdna tour like.
  11. Horrible... Like a Prayer doesn't deserve this....
  12. lmvc

    edited with new years eve performance
  13. lmvc

    The rumour about Eurovision starts every year since Justin Timberlake premiered Can't Stop The Feeling on the show years ago... Eurovision and Pride... so predictable... very ladygaga i think
  14. lmvc

    What do u mean exactly @Papa DP?
  15. lmvc

    You are right, but you can't say something like the #1 are wrong or faked with information about Drake or Empire sales... (Yes, Empire stole #1 to Rebel Heart and M called its main character to appear on her next video). Saying Drake or Empire sales are tricked is dangerous, because we can say Rebel Heart sales can response to gift album with ticket sale or the fact that it was released with three different covers and most of fans bought one, two or three copies of it (if the album would had been released just with one cover, the sale could have been different). But, going back to your text, you are right in the way that sales are not going to change her career, it just going to change her CV as singer. I don't mind the number of sales, because it's true they are less year by year, but I count the number of the list. I mean, if you are the #1 it's OK, because your album is the most sold, don't mind how many sales. But if your album is the #38, it means it's not significant for most of people. I don't know if you can understand me.