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  1. But you could change it into Original Audio not dubbed. It was easy. We can change audio option about 10 years ago... that's all... If you think, it was the best option because if you put in Original Audio Version you could listen to without being dubbed and without subtitles, because in France or Germany it was subtitled and they disturb a lot! Conclusion: MTV Spain was the best option! (With two audio options and no subtitles!!)
  2. WoW! Great! Can you ask about rights if it's going to have a physical release??
  3. Last Saturday October 2, BBC compiled best performances of Spice Girls in the channel. Here you have the magnet torrent link. Enjoy! Download Torrent
  4. Here in Spain it will be broadcast Friday 8th at 20.00. Here you can see the commercial. https://youtu.be/2vxH0buo4_4 PS: Please, if someone can tell me how to put the youtube window here just let me know. Thankyou! (Or if someone can do it, don't doubt it!)
  5. Yep, we have two posts talking about the same.
  6. In SPAIN has been finally announced! Next Friday 8th at 20:00 CEST !!!
  7. The problem is thinking that what it's on streaming will be online forever...
  8. So OCTOBER is "soon" in the madonna world... Physical release in 2022...
  9. 2 years doing changes into the real recording and 1 day making the art cover hahahaha
  10. Hoping it will not be in Netflix... Netflix has her moment when it was the quasi-first streaming service, but now is full os shit and usually, what is on Netflix has not a physical release, so definitely i hope prime or any other...
  11. That's impossible. If she has a deal with Netflix, as always in industry, the premiere on streaming is first from the release on physical. So maybe your dates are right buth changing order of releases.
  12. October... but when she says October is for a physical release or a streaming premiere? Because if it's the tv premiere we will wait at least 6 more monts to have in our hands, so... maybe in a year we could play or cd or bluray at home!!! omg, omg... ahahhaha And about the cover... i can't believe the obsession with Aldo... it mus be very cheap.
  13. Watching last pics I just can say: Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence.
  14. omg... really? i think this fact is between nothing and doesn't matter...
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