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  1. Oh for fucks sake…the only interesting thing to look forward to was the edit of Open Your Heart and the remix edit of La Isla Bonita but I guess we'll have to wait another 30 years.
  2. I think WB wanted Spanish Eyes (which was added as b-side to Oh Father) or Keep It Together instead. Those are the most logical options...maybe Till Death Do Us Part but I doubt WB were pushing for that.
  3. It's fucking amazing and it works well with the name of the album. A religiously charged but dancefloor-ready song.
  4. Let’s hope not. I really don’t understand why they suddenly decided to stop. This is so fucking annoying.
  5. And WE WILL get them. If they literally contacted Rusty Egan for his Everybody remixes and released a three-track Hanky Panky single, they will sure as hell release the other singles too. At this point, these releases are also meant to sort of increase her streams and complete her streaming catalogue.
  6. Katy Perry - Waking Up in Vegas (Residency) VEGAS Waking Up in Vegas Teenage Dream I Kissed a Girl Champagne Problems Last Friday Night Thinking of You / The One That Got Away DYSTOPIA 365 - Interlude Chained to the Rhythm Dark Horse E.T. Wide Awake Swish Swish / Part of Me TROPICAL Tsunami - Interlude California Gurls Bon Appetit Peacock // Tucked Harleys in Hawaii Hot n Cold (Remix) ETHEREAL Ghost - Interlude Witness Legendary Lovers Unconditionally Never Really Over Daisies ENCORE: Roar Smile / = medley // = alternate song choices
  7. I cannot believe how slow they are being with these again. WHAT IS THE GOD DAMN REASON???
  8. GENESIS (Madonna as Eve gets banished from Paradise after eating the forbidden fruit) Sanctuary Skin (with samples from "Die Another Day") Bedtime Story Sky Fits Heaven Nothing Really Matters (with samples from "Paradise (Not for Me)") DESERT (Madonna walks through the desert to find herself) Has to Be (Interlude) Isaac / Frozen The Power of Good-Bye I'll Remember Extreme Occident WAR Like It Or Not (Interlude) Easy Ride American Life Swim Love Profusion Intervention FLAMENCO Falling Free (Interlude) I Want You Forbidden Love To Have and Not to Hold Be Careful You'll See PSYCHEDELIA Shanti/Ashtangi (Interlude) Beautiful Stranger Impressive Instant Get Together I'm Addicted / Cyber-Raga
  9. Sounds pretty darn awful if you ask me...
  10. Frozen - William Orbit Drumapella Frozen - Victor Calderone Drumapella Bedtime Story - Junior's Wet Dream Dub (7:31) Bedtime Story - Junior's Sound Factory Dub (8:17) Bedtime Story - Percapella Mix (6:32) Bedtime Story - Unconscious In The Jungle Mix (6:27)
  11. The Second Coming (Standard) I would change the packaging and track list. The first single could have been Impressive Instant as the remixes were being sent out around that time in anticipation of the album. The GHV2 Megamix would be the b-side to that single. All songs would be slightly edited either using their official radio edits or new ones, so more songs would fit on the album. Erotica Human Nature Don't Tell Me Secret I'll Remember - Orbit Remix Ray of Light Fever - Edit One Nothing Really Matters Beautiful Stranger American Pie Music Deeper and Deeper You'll See Frozen Take a Bow The Power of Good-Bye Bedtime Story Impressive Instant The Second Coming (Deluxe) This version would include a second disc with Madonna's greatest remixes from 1991-2001. They would also appear as edited versions. Justify My Love - Orbit Edit Rescue Me - Lifeboat Vocal Erotica - Madonna's In My Jeep Mix Deeper and Deeper - David's Radio Edit Secret - Junior's Single Mix Bedtime Story - Orbital Edit Human Nature - Human Club Edit Don't Cry for Me Argentina - Miami Mix Edit Frozen - Stereo MC Edit Ray of Light - Sasha Ultra Violet Mix Radio Edit Drowned World/Substitute for Love - BT & Sasha's Bucklodge Ashram Edit Nothing Really Matters - Club 69 Radio Mix Beautiful Stranger - Calderone Radio Mix American Pie - Richard "Humpty" Vission Radio Mix Music - Groove Armada 7" Mix Don't Tell Me - Thunderpuss Radio Mix What It Feels Like for a Girl - Above & Beyond Radio Edit Thunderpuss GHV2 Megamix - Original Version
  12. UGHHH I hate how long they're stretching this whole campaign like please...
  13. Yes. I’m placing my bets on This Used to Be My Playground and maybe something that was left off from last month or the month before.
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