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  1. Imagine a Janet-esque tour with lots of medleys: C'EST LA VIE TOUR I DANCETERIA (Madonna meets Mark Kamins and gets signed) 1. Everybody / Music 2. Lucky Star (with samples from "Impressive Instant") 3. Crazy for You 4. Into the Groove / Hung Up Deeper and Deeper - Interlude II GLITZ AND GLAM (Madonna rises to fame and becomes a gay icon, she also marries and divorces Sean Penn) 5. Vogue 6. Material Girl 7. Dress You Up / Hollywood 8. Like a Virgin / Borderline (with samples from "Till Death Do Us Part") III BLASPHEMY (Madonna crosses boundaries, gets excommunicated and slut shamed for the release of her sex book but she rises again) Living for Love (with samples from "Rescue Me") - Interlude 9. Erotica / Justify My Love 10. Beautiful Stranger / Open Your Heart 11. Live to Tell // The Power of Good-Bye 12. Papa Don't Preach (with samples from "Oh Father", "Deeper and Deeper" and "Mother and Father") 13. Die Another Day / Sorry IV ARABESQUE (Madonna has a spiritual awakening and gives birth to her daughter) Nothing Really Matters / Drowned World - Interlude 14. Like a Prayer 15. Frozen (with samples from "Isaac") 16. Secret (with samples from "Extreme Occident") 17. Who's That Girl / La Isla Bonita 18. Take a Bow (Acoustic) V AMERICANA (Madonna travels around the world and tries to use her influence to help people in need) 4 Minutes / Future (with samples from "Ghosttown") - Interlude 19. Ray of Light (Ballad Version) 20. Rain (Acoustic, with samples from "Here Comes the Sun") // Love Profusion // Cherish (Acoustic) 21. Don't Tell Me 22. I'll Remember Encore: 23. Express Yourself 24. Holiday / Give It 2 Me (with samples from "Celebration" and "Everybody") / = Medley, Mashup // = Alternate Song Choices
  2. In that case, I am more than happy the forum didn’t get to decide the tracklist. The 19 tracks chosen for the deluxe were the only ones that truly deserved a spot on the album in my opinion. After the leak, I remember correctly predicting the 19 songs straight away.
  3. The woman choir and the production can't save an otherwise awful song. The melody is non-existent, the auto-tune is too heavy and the lyrics are childish.
  4. What exactly do people see in Batuka? I sounds like something written by a 4th grader.
  5. Most likely what happened to Over and Over and Love Don't Live Here Anymore as well. They got cannibalized by Into the Groove & Gambler. They did those local single releases to see if it was worth pushing for more singles. I think Spanish Eyes was also one of those cases. It was most likely supposed to be released instead of Oh Father but David Fincher convinced Madonna to release Oh Father instead. Overall, Spanish Eyes and Till Death Do Us Part seemed more single-worthy than the A-sides they were released with.
  6. Will the Everybody 12" release ONLY include the US Extended Version and the US Dub or will it ALSO include the Rusty Egan mixes?

    Rusty Egan, as far as I know, has been approached by Madonna’s team for a digital copy of his mixes. I’m pretty sure that if it’s not going to be put on this release, they will include it on the digital EP. That said, Madonna HERSELF has confirmed that her re-issues will include rarities and UNRELEASED material. These little bits and pieces of things they are currently handing us, serve the purpose of bridging the gaps. I am sure they will continue the digital single re-issues soon. 

    1. Celebration


      It's the same track listing as the original 12".

      Madonna is a smart business woman, and she'll keep the Egan mixes for a deluxe edition of the first album. ;)

    2. MPowered


      That’s what I was thinking! Why waste the rare stuff on random throwaway RSD releases (ESPECIALLY vinyls that aren’t even lossless)? Big artists rarely ever put out anything extremely valuable for that. 😅

    3. Enrico


      My fear at this point is that they'll cut an existing track of, say, 5 seconds and call it "edit" or "fade" and label it as unreleased.

      I won't believe anything anymore until I see the name of an unreleased song! No more illusions!

  7. Madonna has FINALLY acknowledged Nothing Really Matters! I thought I would never see the day.

  8. In no world does this cheap-ass extended interlude deserve a spot anywhere near the top 10. The lyrics are literally stolen directly from Peaky Blinders. 💀💀💀 The beat is dated and the song sticks out like a foul and sore thumb on the album.
  9. Speaking of Fever...did the expert run it through the machine already to determine whether it's a real remaster or just a case of "increasing the volume of the LQ file"?
  10. Nah I think it's because the Fever (Edit One) actually wasn't the one the went #1. It was the remix EP of Fever (including the Murk Boys and Hot Sweat Mixes) and that didn't include the video mixes. Those were released with the Rain - Single. The video mixes are definitely going to be released once they start continuing with the single re-releases or the special editions of the albums.
  11. My full set of cover art done for this rate by the way. @Curtains didn't use all of them but I thought I might share them anyway.
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