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  1. ATRL is a mess. Awful forum structure, overcrowded, the list goes on… People only idolise it cause it’s extremely active. It’s like stan twitter in forum form. I have an account but I don’t ever go there lol.
  2. Do we know when the mixes for Love Profusion were done?
  3. Because Madonna’s team has a habit of asking sleazy fans to do some of the work for a fraction of that pay. Considering these people are stupid enough to taken an offer from her team with little to no pay, you can bet that they are also not particularly attentive.
  4. Thankfully, other than the LAP 7" Version, the only other era to have a lot of local edits is the debut era.
  5. This one has the 7" Version (w/ Fade): https://www.discogs.com/release/126156-Madonna-Like-A-Prayer This one has the 7" Version (w/o Fade): https://www.discogs.com/release/6828032-Madonna-Like-A-Prayer Apparently there is another variation of the fade version from Japan/Brazil but I believe that is mainly a mastering thing and not necessarily a different version. Maybe someone can provide a direct comparison. Nothing.
  6. I just read up on that Oxana bitch and… 😂😂😂 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02ZkXhp29MWkBmStiufTbkfKB2EZanzufEb2WG6gY25jUVhdfWPEhQ9oXLwHARfjmUl&id=405059506689985&mibextid=WC7FNe She sued Madonna?! Good lord!
  7. In that case, the Japanese fade is a unique "local" version and therefore I wouldn't consider including it on my list because it wasn't part of the official set of remixes/versions from the original release. Otherwise, I would have to include all the local edits from the singles of The First Album too but those are likely not on Rhino's radar in the slightest.
  8. What’s the difference? It’s not listed on the Remixology @bertrand
  9. I thought it was determined that that version isn’t different.
  10. Yes, but I listed it regardless because the mix was not included on the single release although it was part of the official set of versions.
  11. I was bullied by @Blue Jean. It was awesome! 😍
  12. I'm currently working on a list for that: Official / Promo mixes omitted from streaming releases: EVERYBODY Everybody - US Extended Version Everybody - US Dub Version Everybody - UK 12" Version Everybody - UK 12" Dub Everybody - UK 7" Version Everybody - UK 7" Instrumental BORDERLINE Borderline - Edit (3:58) Borderline - Remix (3:56) Borderline - Dub (5:44) LIKE A PRAYER Like A Prayer - 7" Version [Fade] (5:10) Like A Prayer - 7" Dance Edit (5:24) JUSTIFY MY LOVE Justify My Love - Orbit Edit (4:30) Justify My Love - Q-Sound Edit (4:34) RESCUE ME Rescue Me - Lifeboat Dub (6:01) Rescue Me - Houseboat Dub (5:24) Rescue Me - Disaster Dub (3:21) Spotlight - Fade (6:16) [UK] EROTICA Erotica - Instrumental (5:19) Erotica - William Orbit Dub (4:58) Erotica - Kenlou B-Boy Instrumental (5:48) Erotica - Underground Tribal Beats (3:31) Erotica - House Instrumental (4:55) Erotica - Bass Hit Dub (4:49) Erotic (5:18) Erotic - Edit (4:30) DEEPER AND DEEPER Deeper And Deeper - Instrumental [no Vocal Intro] (5:32) Deeper And Deeper - Shep's Deep Makeover Edit (5:12) Deeper And Deeper - David's Classic 12" (6:57) Deeper And Deeper - David's Classic Instrumental (4:39) Deeper And Deeper - David's Love Dub (5:39) Deeper And Deeper - David's Radio Edit (4:00) Deeper And Deeper - Momo's Fantasy (2:57) FEVER Fever - 12" Instrumental (5:00) Fever - Peggy's Nightclub Mix (5:11) Fever - Bugged Out Bonzai Dub (4:52) Fever - Back To The Dub 2 (4:55) Fever - T's Extended Dub A (3:05) Fever - T's Extended Dub B (5:14) Fever / Goodbye To Innocence - Back To The Dub 1 (5:00) SECRET Secret (5:02) Secret - Instrumental (5:02) Secret - Drum Mix (5:16) Secret - Allstar Remix Instrumental (5:14) Secret - Allstar Single Mix (4:09) Secret - Junior's Extended Luscious Mix (7:55) Secret - Junior's Luscious Dub (6:22) Secret - Junior's Sound Factory Dub (7:58) Secret - Some Bizarre Single Mix (4:15) Let Down Your Guard - Rough Mix Edit (4:36) HUMAN NATURE Human Nature (4:53) Human Nature - Video Version (4:34) Human Nature - Howie Tee Clean Remix Radio Edit (4:16) Human Nature - Human Club Mix (9:06) Human Nature - I'm Not Your Bitch Mix (8:11) Human Nature - Instrumental (4:59) Sanctuary - Fade (5:00) LOVE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Extended Journey (8:01) Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Hot Mix Edit (6:43) Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Early Morning Dub (10:00) Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Edge Factor Dub (8:28) Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Mark!s Full On Vocal (10:04) Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Mark!s It's A Girl Dub (8:03) Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Mark!s It's A Boy Dub (9:37) DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA FROZEN RAY OF LIGHT Ray Of Light - Radio Edit (4:37) Ray Of Light - William Orbit Liquid Mix Radio Edit (5:13) Ray Of Light - Victor Calderone Club Mix Radio Edit (4:55) Ray Of Light - Sasha Ultra Violet Mix Radio Edit (5:10) DROWNED WORLD/SUBSTITUTE FOR LOVE Drowned World/Substitute For Love - Radio Edit (4:46) THE POWER OF GOOD-BYE The Power Of Good-Bye - Fabien's Good God Edit (5:11) NOTHING REALLY MATTERS Nothing Really Matters - Edit (4:10) Nothing Really Matters - Club 69 Mix Show Mix (5:36) Nothing Really Matters - Club 69 Speed Dub (10:22) Nothing Really Matters - Vikram Remix (8:30) Nothing Really Matters - Kruder & Dorfmeister Dub (11:36) BEAUTIFUL STRANGER Beautiful Stranger (4:21) AMERICAN PIE American Pie - Victor Calderone Radio Edit (4:10) Music Don't Tell Me What It Feels Like For A Girl American Life Hollywood
  13. Since we're posting alternate cover art again, I'm gonna propose my "compromise" between the GAP and Estee Lauder covers again! 😂😂😂
  14. I think this will be the tracklist: Love Profusion - Album Version (3:38) Love Profusion - Ralphi Rosario House Vocal Mix Edit (6:01)* Love Profusion - The Passengerz Club Profusion (9:34) Love Profusion - Blow-Up Mix (6:10) Love Profusion - Ralphi Rosario House Vocal Extended (7:29) Love Profusion - Ralphi Rosario Big Room Dub (8:57) Love Profusion - The Passengerz Dub Profusion (8:03) Love Profusion - Craig J's "Good Vibe" Mix (7:14) Love Profusion - Ralphi Rosario Big Room Vox Extended [Long] (10:00) Nothing Fails - Peter's Lost In Space Mix (8:36) *if we're lucky These will be omitted: Love Profusion - The Passengerz Hell's Kitchen Edit (3:27) Love Profusion - Headcleanr Rock Mix (3:16) Love Profusion - Ralphi Rosario Big Room Vox Extended [Short] (9:25)
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