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  1. I cannot believe how slow they are being with these again. WHAT IS THE GOD DAMN REASON???
  2. GENESIS (Madonna as Eve gets banished from Paradise after eating the forbidden fruit) Sanctuary Skin (with samples from "Die Another Day") Bedtime Story Sky Fits Heaven Nothing Really Matters (with samples from "Paradise (Not for Me)") DESERT (Madonna walks through the desert to find herself) Has to Be (Interlude) Isaac / Frozen The Power of Good-Bye I'll Remember Extreme Occident WAR Like It Or Not (Interlude) Easy Ride American Life Swim Love Profusion Intervention FLAME
  3. Sounds pretty darn awful if you ask me...
  4. Frozen - William Orbit Drumapella Frozen - Victor Calderone Drumapella Bedtime Story - Junior's Wet Dream Dub (7:31) Bedtime Story - Junior's Sound Factory Dub (8:17) Bedtime Story - Percapella Mix (6:32) Bedtime Story - Unconscious In The Jungle Mix (6:27)
  5. The Second Coming (Standard) I would change the packaging and track list. The first single could have been Impressive Instant as the remixes were being sent out around that time in anticipation of the album. The GHV2 Megamix would be the b-side to that single. All songs would be slightly edited either using their official radio edits or new ones, so more songs would fit on the album. Erotica Human Nature Don't Tell Me Secret I'll Remember - Orbit Remix Ray of Light Fever - Edit One Nothing Really Matters Beautiful Stranger
  6. UGHHH I hate how long they're stretching this whole campaign like please...
  7. Yes. I’m placing my bets on This Used to Be My Playground and maybe something that was left off from last month or the month before.
  8. Yes, back in the day...younger people won’t know it and will recognize Vogue by the iconic intro leading up to the “Strike a pose” which is missing from the Single Version. Casual listeners NOWADAYS are probably more familiar with the album/video version. That is simply a fact. Especially, cause the single version wasn’t included on any of the compilation releases.
  9. Me and a few other members are currently setting up a masterpost on MEGA, sectioned by year and within that by session/photographer. I think having a complete gallery for all her photoshoots would be amazing considering that Madonnation.cz is seemingly down/dead and it was the last comprehensive gallery site left.
  10. I think the casual listeners also prefer the classic/video version of it. It’s definitely the most well known version.
  11. The single version doesn’t have the build up with the snapping. Also the "What are you looking at?" is not there. The single version is just an edit of the 12" Version without the cool intro.
  12. That’s because the Single Version of Vogue sucks. It doesn’t have that iconic intro. I think the TIC version is the most iconic.
  13. REBEL HEART TOUR MEDIEVAL Iconic/Veni Vidi Vici Like a Prayer (with elements of "House of God") Nothing Really Matters Hold Tight STEAM PUNK What It Feels Like for a Girl - Interlude (with excerpts from "American Life") Body Shop True Blue (replaced with "Love Profusion" or "Cherish" occasionally) HeartBreakCity (replaced with "Ghosttown" occasionally) Don’t Tell Me Rebel Heart RENAISSANCE S.E.X. - Interlude Holy Water / Vogue Devil Pray Beautiful Stranger (wi
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