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  1. You know that song registrations can be done by anyone right? There have been numerous cases where fans registered fake collabs with other artists. Also: SEE the right? Many of these are riddled with typos. 😅
  2. I really don't understand why they suddenly backtracked from releasing the promo only mixes. Also, in retrospect, Finally Enough Love was such a shitty thing to do. The version on the maxi single is now the 2022 Remaster and the rest are the original masters.
  3. There's a big surprise coming in the next 10 days that I know a lot of people have been waiting for! Stay tuned… 👀

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    4. MPowered


      Before you guys interpret too much into this: It is not something related to an official Madonna release. 🙈 Sorry if that disappoints you. It’s the second part of a project I have started on here a while ago that I know a lot of people have been eagerly waiting for. 👀

  4. They merged both versions of the Madonna album and removed the “re-issue” label for her first three albums. Holiday is still the Q-Sound Edit. 🙈 It also seems that a lot of her song plays have also been merged. 👀 I have hope they will fix the Borderline single at some point.
  5. It sucked so bad, cause The Power of Good-Bye and Nothing Really Matters would have done so much better chart-wise and most likely considered bigger hits, had they not done what they did.
  6. Yeah they are probably doing that to make more money and possibly to keep the re-issue campaign afloat over a longer period of time. They seemingly left off the dub mixes or radio mixes of several releases in particular. It's really annoying but understandable from a marketing perspective. Anyway @tscott many of us are collectors. Madonna's catalogue is still quite patchy and there are many releases that were never released from digital source. That's why a lot of us are looking forward to this. Aside from that, it's also very hard to leave a personal digital collection behind and primarily stream Madonna's music on Spotify if her team refuses to upload her catalogue more carefully and complete. It is possible and Mariah's team f.e. has done it much better and also because they KNOW they need to get people on streaming, so that she'll see money from it. The disappointment and the complaints are well justified ESPECIALLY cause we got well curated EPs for the Erotica singles. There is technically no point as to why they suddenly decided to go back to utterly lackluster releases. Bottom line: You don't seem to be able to understand the issue or the complexity of it. In that case, I would suggest you don't moan about it unless you have a better insight on the matter and let us complain in peace.
  7. Thank you so much @Dee Jay AI Studios for sharing all this great stuff with us. It always bothered me how patchy my collection was with lots of song versions that were tagged as "unavailable" or "lossy". I really appreciate all of it.

    1. Dee Jay AI Studios

      Dee Jay AI Studios

      You're all welcome. Just doing what I'd like others people to do, we are supposed to be a family here helping us eachother.

    2. MPowered


      You are so right!

    3. FallingInLove


      Thank you, AIT, whoever you are... not a bad girl, but a simply gorgeous guy!!! :02:

  8. In case someone needs an additional cover for this song now that all the versions have been leaked by @Dee Jay AI Studios


    I retouched the original photo to look like the others from the session and reconstructed the logo from the Broken single cover

  9. They probably fired Emily after we "complained" about her and replaced her with someone even more clueless. 🤭 That's what they meant when they said "be careful what you wish for".
  10. In this case they will probably upload the 7" Version cause the TIC version is a remix of the long album version.
  11. In the Virgin Tour rehearsal notes it was also revealed that LDLHA was originally part of the setlist but ended up being scrapped.
  12. Yeah they were testing that in Japan and Over and Over in Italy as singles to see if any further full scale singles from LAV would have been worth it. They didn’t waste either of these songs as b-sides unlike the three “tacked on” songs from LAV. That was a strong indicator of consideration as potential single. LAV was heavily cannibalized by all the soundtrack singles. They didn’t wanna release Into the Groove and Gambler originally. I even think that Madonna's label didn’t really want to create much fuzz about Crazy for You because it was a Geffen records single.
  13. They really wanted to release I Want You as a single but Motown blocked the single release and threatened with legal actions, sadly. You'll See was a hit but probably not enough of a hit to carry the whole compilation. In my opinion, the smartest move would have been to release Forbidden Love (and promote it as a single from STR) which was originally scheduled to be the fifth and final single from Bedtime Stories (b/w Don't Stop) but was canceled to move on to Something to Remember. They probably ended up releasing LDLHA because it was the only somewhat exclusive thing on the compilation (other than One More Chance which was terrible). The song was also planned as a single from LAV at one point but axed because a different singer released a cover of it at the same time.
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