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  1. I can see her excluding some of the #1s in favor of some more well-known Top 5s. There would probably legal issues if she were to release cover songs like: DCFMA or American Pie again, aside from the fact that she hates the latter. Holiday Lucky Star Like a Virgin Material Girl Angel Into the Groove Open Your Heart Causing a Commotion Like a Prayer Express Yourself Keep It Together Vogue Justify My Love Erotica Deeper and Deeper Fever Secret Bedtime Story Don't Cry for Me Argentina Frozen Ray of Light Nothing Really Matters Beautiful Stranger American Pie Music Don't Tell Me What It Feels Like for a Girl Impressive Instant Die Another Day American Life Hollywood Nothing Fails Love Profusion Hung Up Sorry Get Together Jump 4 Minutes Give It 2 Me Celebration Give Me All Your Luvin' Girl Gone Wild Turn Up the Radio Living for Love Ghosttown Bitch I'm Madonna Medellín Crave I Rise I Don't Search I Find Her other entries on the chart: Everybody #3 Burning Up #3 Borderline #4 Dress You Up #3 Papa Don't Preach #4 True Blue #6 Who's That Girl #44 You Can Dance (LP Cuts) #1 Rescue Me #6 Human Nature #2 Love Don't Live Here Anymore #16 Buenos Aires #3 Sky Fits Heaven #41 GHV2 Megamix #5 Me Against the Music (Britney Spears feat. Madonna) #1 Nobody Knows Me #4 Mother and Father #9 Miles Away #2 Revolver #4 The ones in red are the ones I think will be excluded and the ones in blue the ones that will be put on the collection instead.
  2. Very predictable top 5 Yeah I definitely saw these top 3 coming, but I'm definitely happy with those.
  3. Couldn't agree more. Yes, Vogue was created as b-side for Keep It Together but it was written and produced when she had long passed her LAP mindset and was already mentally in her I'm Breathless era. Vogue is the perfect closing track for IB and Act of Contrition is the perfect closing track for LAP. Regarding Supernatural, it's easily better than Love Song and Dear Jessie but it don't really think it fits in with the rest of the album. It was also created in 1988 as potential holiday AA-Side with Santa Baby, so once again...probably meant for something else and thus not belonging on LAP.
  4. Undoubtedly the best album from the 80s. Sadly, it's the least recognized because of it's slightly weird single rollout (resulting in her lowest charting singles at that time). The album is perfect from start to finish. It displayed true artistic growth with some of her most personal lyrics at that time and it has aged the best out of her 80s albums. Unfortunately, she barely included half of the album on BAT, while gems like Till Death Do Us Part and Spanish Eyes (two of my faves) were left to rot.
  5. Let's put it that way: I understand its importance and its value but for me, personally, this is one of her bottom tier albums. Why? I'm not particularly fond of that heavy early 90s sound and I wished there was more singing and less talking on tracks like Where Life Begins and Waiting. Back in the day it wasn't well-received and for a long time it didn't get the appreciation it may have deserved to a certain extend but calling this her best album? That's an exaggeration. I do understand that people feel it deserves "justice" and therefore overrate it to compensate the lack of love it received back in the day. There are always people who root for the underdog albums. It happens for every artist, really. The album itself sounds a bit too rough and just hasn't aged well imo.
  6. Borderline is so overrated. I truly hate that song so so much.
  7. Take a Bow single cover in full resolution: https://photos.app.goo.gl/e726hPCEgFo2LrwK9
  8. As an early X-Mas present, the first part of the Madonna Photo Archive is now public! ENJOY :) 


  9. Oh Father Take a Bow (she has already done it that way) I Want You The Power of Good-Bye
  10. Hated it too back then and still dislike the production a lot. Beat Goes On would have been a much better follow up single.
  11. You know if it would have been possible, I would have tried to fit these in but the thing is: Oh Father and Keep It Together were regional singles. The latter was a bit of a hit but not one of her most memorable although I love both of them. Oh Father was already included on STR and that’s honestly were it belongs, not on a GH album. Bad Girl, imo belongs on STR but got omitted. Looking at Erotica Era singles, Rain and I’ll Remember were the bigger ballad hits. One could consider putting Bad Girl instead of Rain on the album because the latter was already included on STR. WIFLFAG was already included on GHV2 and even that was a huge stretch because it was easily the most forgettable single. The remix doesn’t keep enough of the original song to be actually considered for a GH compilation. Maybe on a Remix best of. Nothing Fails was the biggest flop out of all the singles from AL, as much as I love AL and all the songs on it. Being a GH, Nothing Fails really doesn’t qualify.
  12. OMG AMAZING! I also like the idea of calling it "The Holy Trinity" in lieu with The Immaculate Collection. Would have been cool if they also kept that concept for GHV2 and called it The Second Coming. We'd have: The Immaculate Collection The Second Coming The Holy Trinity (third compilation with three discs for three decades worth of hits)
  13. It’s not only supposed to be controversial songs but also rebellious songs about Madonna fighting against whatever is in her way, against critics, doubters, etc. Causing a Commotion & Gambler both fit that theme.
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