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  1. Ah ok. I just figured since it was there with the erotica mask
  2. I wish i could see what you all find so sexy. He is generic lol
  3. Another person doin a song with Madonna sampled in there and her vocals warped and stretched out. She just appears in their video.
  4. In other words, don't come for Bob. bitch. I remember watching him on drag race, I can see how some folks would have a hard time understanding some things that come out of his mouth. There's alot of saliva when he speaks. I remember being soooooo annoyed with how he stresses the word "soooooo" when describing things. Don't insult my ears.
  5. I die laughing at Shanti and cyber. I make up weird words and sounds to it. Bless your hearts if you get anything out of it but it's all hog wash to me. My opinion is that mankind has always desperately sought to fill voids by making shit up. Some people smoke weed. I eat cakes. Butt dimples to prove it. oh and, yay for the digital reissues. So happy. ..line dancing 🕺 👯‍♂️ 💃 👯‍♀️ 🕺 Keep em comin
  6. I had no issue with it. But her voice was taxed was my only point as people always jump on how she sounded on this tour.
  7. Blond Ambition no question. Even with the problems she was having vocally on this tour, it is still my favorite
  8. are there any videos from Barcelona .. I feel like we only got London then the streams died lol
  9. Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary to me and my hubby today.


  10. It amazes me how much conversation goes into the topic of her ass. We don't have to wipe it, or sit on it, so who cares.
  11. for me it is either the Nothing Really Matters gown or the mirrored bodysuit of Bedtime Story
  12. 135 dollars customs fee for Canada. Fuckers. But It looks good on me lol I'm a big boy so I got the 2x. It fits lover-ly. A bit short but that's the bomber thing. Expensive, in the end it costed me a total of 540 CAD. Absolutely no regrets.
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