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  1. Sorry but the word beads is cracking me up. Think the gummies kicked in.
  2. Love when my toys come packaged like that
  3. 6o years from now we will all be dead. i mean the whole world. and if it does still exist, I expect that holograms will have morphed into something else ... smellovision. I know, I am so positive.
  4. No idea tho she should have fucked him.
  5. Been watchin old movies. Tonight I was watching The Corrupter with Mark Wahlberg from 1999 ... in the Sauna scene, at about Minute 42 .. Candy Perfume Girl comes on.... ear licking. fun. naked ass. fun.
  6. good thing she was never nailed to one. they wouldnt be so fun to wear lol
  7. If you had called something different it would be perfect.
  8. My opinion. General public includes households that have no gays in them. 1989 to 1992 .. in general I would say Madonna as a household name to alot of people she is known for 85 to 92, and 92 is pushing it. In terms of the industry, 1998 and resurged on Confessions For the rest of us, she is still relevant.
  9. I dream about her frequently. But she is never out of reach. Like she is in my world of every day activity.
  10. Woke and @Redha DBLThere are no interviewsfrom anyone in the magazine. All photoshoots and typical fashion mag like you would find in a salon. Each page has a mention of the make up artists, hair, designer etc
  11. The link is in the first post I made here in this topic but they only had 15 copies of the Madonna cover, the rest are alternate covers.
  12. Finally arrived. So beautiful. The book itself could be used as a physical weapon. I'm surprised it arrived from France with no damage
  13. if Ryan Reynolds has anything to do with it, it will be on the soundtrack. He used Mariah's Fantasy as the teaser song for his movie Free Guy, and it ended up on the soundtrack.
  14. Update..They shipped my mag a couple of days ago. So, I wrote to find out if my copy had Madonna on the cover. Good news for me, but not so good for others. Here's the reply Dear Scotty, yes, I confirm you that Madonna is on cover (we only received 15 copies out of over 300 requests but, fortunately, you were in the first 15). Thank you and best regards. Massimiliano Golini Customer Service www.fashionroomshop.com
  15. No I live in the "Say We Love Gays but Secretly Hate Them" State of Nova Scotia lol
  16. Dancer almost knocked her off the chair in open your heart when he bumbed it with his ass
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