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  1. Because Paramount is counting on other people to see it too, not just the fans. And there's a better chance they will click play if the running time says 1h 25 min instead of 3h 52 min. I'm happy with this, will make me more excited for the DVD.
  2. I think she was trying to come up with a non-offensive way to tell him she didn't want to work with him lol
  3. Excuse-moi for being so uneducated, but can someone please explain what exactly is this? A sex toy? A teeth whitening product? A candy? been wondering since 2015 and now it's made its comeback.
  4. We can still hope i guess. I just don't want to be disappointed.. And as for any albums being released - she never was the one to "drop" anything, she likes her releases promoted beforehand.
  5. Just a reminder that as a rule new music comes out on Fridays only. 24th is a Thursday. It's clearly a performance at a club named Boom with said opening acts/special guests.
  6. I think the only reason she included Future Lovers in the promo was because of the line ""Come with me" it's probably going to be a just short performance with Honey Dijon and others opening acts. I don't think she'll do more than 3-4 songs.
  7. If I remember correctly Guetta gave an interview recently where he talked about meeting with M regarding a collab, (which never happened as confirmed by him) and apparently at the dinner she said she's not going to work with him because he's a scorpio
  8. I just love this Emily the intern persona on this forum. She makes all the fuckups more bearable.
  9. obviously not the spoken parts, listen towards the end for about a minute and a half when she sings "I believe you can rescue me". The same deep voice, i can literally hear Cher singing "do you believe.." 4:15, 4:50
  10. Yes that is true. I'm sure the movie will be released at the same time though. As for other events she can tie it to.. I guess we'll have to wait and see
  11. Well I'm only looking at the facts and comparing the type of promotion with the ones other great artists had for their big anniversaries. Just because she isn't talking about it now it doesn't mean one will not get released. there is still a full year and a half until 6 October 2022 (if we assume that is the big anniversary date) and I don't expect any promotion or even buzz to start before April 2022. As for the Weeknd and his greatest hits, yes he is huge now but his audience doesn't even remember CDs and records, even his greatest hits is mostly getting streamed even though it is released physically as well. An artist like Madonna would surely benefit from it more than him because the majority of her audience WILL go and buy the physical copy. As for promotion, The Weeknd didn't even promote it. he just dropped it online one day, which is something i see being done more often. But I'm sure Madonna's will be heavily promoted because, as you mentioned, she is not as big as she used to be
  12. What's with the Who's That Girl Tour on Spotify?? who released that and is that approved and official?
  13. Yes, with Rain please. Besides, the Daniel Abraham Fever remixes (edits one and two) are a part of the same promotion package as Rain. He was commissioned to remix Rain (radio remix) at the same time, long after the original batch of Fever remixes had already been out.
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