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  1. Actually, the reason why Holiday never got a video is because of the promotion strategy that Sire run for the album in that period . After Holiday proved to be more successful than Lucky Star in the clubs, they decided to push Holiday to radio and stores (only in 7" form and without the cover art so the sales would go towards the album, but would be enough for it to chart on Hot 100). That would cover the dance/r&b market. And for the video part of album promotion they opted for Burning Up. MTV at that time was rock/new wave oriented and they got Jellybean to re-remix Burning Up in more of a rock style, for the video release to be serviced to MTV in October '83. And that was supposed to cover the rock/new wave market. So the reason why we never got the Holiday video is because Burning Up is its video. That was the initial strategy.
  2. They both were taking the piss, she's in that phase now. Like Picasso during his later years, she's even compared herself to him before. Once you prove yourself to others and yourself, reach a certain level of success, tick everything off your list - that's what you do, you have fun, poke and wait for a reaction. But she's always done that so nothing new there.
  3. She finally decided to give the homosexuals what they want
  4. This is what happened: They were both shot around the same time (Borderline a few days before Lucky Star) and were both intended as a promotion for the Borderline Maxi 12" (which contains new remixes of both songs). They were released at the SAME time in the US - Borderline was sent to MTV, and Lucky Star was sent to clubs- in March 84 (the original longer edit of the video is set to the New Mix and was intended for clubs, in the same way as Everybody was. It was never intended to be played on TV, as you can tell by its simplicity, simple dance sequences, background - just like Everybody was). So that was the intended promotion strategy. And then, a few months later they decided to release Lucky Star to radio, and as a separate single. So they cut the original longer video to fit the radio edit and sent it to MTV in August 84, to promote the new single. It had nothing to do with international promotion - other countries just picked either Borderline or Lucky Star as the new single because they didn't have these multiple layers of promotion like in the US.
  5. Love this! I guess '84 was just as she stopped being poor and could afford food, which shows beautifully in her 3 chins
  6. Come back soon @Curtains we will miss you And don't forget about the Tours and Videos megarates please!!
  7. This one was mine too - Oct 23, 1981 Btw, her first solo gig under Camille was May 21, 1981 in Max's Kansas City (Originally booked for Emmy, but they gave the slot to M when she broke off the band) Check this guy on Insta: webo_1958
  8. So far we got a lot of mid '90s and mid 70's. '80s babies, where are you?
  9. Closest available to the date you were born, doesn't need to be the exact date. If you are outside of available Madonna pics, post another artist from Pop culture you relate to. Let's see how old/young we are, I barely got in
  10. You'll See at #5 is mindblowing. Other than that I think this is pretty much accurate, with Vogue scoring above 10
  11. I wonder which nick is M using on this forum? Because.. she's gotta be, right.. I bet she's one of the biggest trolls on here
  12. thank you @Curtains can't wait to see what you have in the store next
  13. Wow that was't even close! 🎉🎉 I Don't Pussy I Dick 🎉🎉
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