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  1. I thought Jump would be the third one because the hype sticker said "includes Sorry and Jump"
  2. I gave it a 5 - ranks 10th on my list. And i wasn't spamming, there literally were 9 songs on this album I thought were better. I never could understand the obsession and the universal acclaim
  3. Can't wait to see how Candy Shop does, it can literally go either way. I think people will be giving it an 11 out of a joke and then you're all gonna cry why Give it 2 Me doesn't win.
  4. I feel like they put the video concept together in 3 minutes. She was probably like, "Jonas, you have an hour. The show is about to start"
  5. I'm literally re-listening to it now so I can see what y'all talking about. having me doubt myself like that, this is a single material for sure- aside from the dreadful video. i bet you all would love it if the video was made from Devil Wears Prada scenes
  6. Back then it was my worst from Confessions. I listened to it the other after a long time and I was surprised how good it actually is.
  7. I'm pretty sure I saw someone do that with a song.. artist/song/album the same. can't remember who though
  8. she named the song after him so she doesn't have to give him artist credit Isaac (feat. Isaac)
  9. It also tells us that we should first love ourselves. And then if we can't do that we should love someone else. Deep.
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