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  1. Sticky & Sweet tour 100%. Was lucky enough to see it live from the fan pit, without watching any clips prior and not knowing what to expect and I was mindblown.
  2. She's in her 'later era Picasso' phase. The art of the ugly
  3. I quite like these. I think people are more likely to wear t-shirts with these on them than actual photographs of Madonna.
  4. all the songs that are performed in the show are probably mentioned in the tour book. she wanted to keep them a secret until the 1st show is over
  5. Oh I agree with you, my favorite producers are Pat and Shep. True Blue, LAP and ROL are in my top 5. I'm just saying that it's not entirely due to his musical genius. She wanted those kind of songs and he was there. Imagine that back in 1992 she told Shep -"listen, i want 14 songs of Vogue and Rescue Me, I want to rule the charts and pop radio". He would now be the most celebrated person by those same fans.
  6. Someone made a good point that they deliberately left it out for the first show so that the track list isn't revealed
  7. True, except we do know based on the interviews her collaborators gave over the years. Especially Pat who elaborated on every single song they did together, there's a recent interview on youtube when he was promoting his Madonna-inspired live shows. Yes, he would start with something on his piano, but she would lay a melody over it.
  8. Madonna chooses a collaborator based on what she wants to achieve with a particular song/recording. She wanted catchy pop- she got Pat on board. She wanted raw material with deep beats- she told Pettibone how she wanted it done. Melodies are Madonna's own, as confirmed by almost everyone she ever worked with, and the lack of them on Erotica was a deliberate choice. Pat is an amazing musician and collaborator, but he was also lucky that those were the type of songs she wanted at the time.
  9. He did actually! Thanks for reminding me. So yeah that one was probably planned as a 5th single in the US and was ready for radio plays
  10. It's theater... it's cabaret... It's absolute perfection. Sometimes i play the tour and just admire how perfect everything is. Except for her lip synching in JML.
  11. Maybe because Erotica video wasn't banned as they expected. MTV only reduced it to late night plays.
  12. Further proof for me in favor of Waiting remix being planned as a single was when earlier this year Warner released the Rain single on digital platforms, Madonna promoted it by heavily incorporating Waiting remix in her IG stories, not a single mention of Rain. I think she's still pissed it was chosen over Waiting which was good and ready to go and then cancelled. And it's not a duet with some nobody, Everlast's band was the talk of the country at that time. Imagine going up to an artist and saying- hey, do you wanna duet for a b-side? That guy was promised a feature on a Madonna single
  13. But they must have known that radios and especially TV wouldn't play it. The initial chart success faded quickly because everybody only tuned in to see the naked Madonna and hear her (once probably) talk about sexual fantasies. JML had something in it that you want to keep listening to over and over. For the general public Erotica really doesn't. It was a really risky move on their part - to choose that song to lead the whole era. In my opinion that would have been the perfect 3rd single, to release along the book and the movie. Good few months after the album hit hard. But, they chose to give in to her demands I think.
  14. I think with Erotica single specifically, and the video, Warner was praying their asses off for it to not be a disaster. But I think they gave her that initial freedom as agreed in the 60 million contract she had signed earlier. Justify My Love was fresh, yes. Erotica was pure gamble.
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