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  1. obviously not the spoken parts, listen towards the end for about a minute and a half when she sings "I believe you can rescue me". The same deep voice, i can literally hear Cher singing "do you believe.." 4:15, 4:50
  2. Yes that is true. I'm sure the movie will be released at the same time though. As for other events she can tie it to.. I guess we'll have to wait and see
  3. Well I'm only looking at the facts and comparing the type of promotion with the ones other great artists had for their big anniversaries. Just because she isn't talking about it now it doesn't mean one will not get released. there is still a full year and a half until 6 October 2022 (if we assume that is the big anniversary date) and I don't expect any promotion or even buzz to start before April 2022. As for the Weeknd and his greatest hits, yes he is huge now but his audience doesn't even remember CDs and records, even his greatest hits is mostly getting streamed even though it is relea
  4. What's with the Who's That Girl Tour on Spotify?? who released that and is that approved and official?
  5. Yes, with Rain please. Besides, the Daniel Abraham Fever remixes (edits one and two) are a part of the same promotion package as Rain. He was commissioned to remix Rain (radio remix) at the same time, long after the original batch of Fever remixes had already been out.
  6. Well some sort of greatest hits for sure, to commemorate the big anniversary. She has been releasing one every 10 years as part of her contracts (1990, 2001, 2009), i'm sure she'll have one out to coincide with the film, much like Elton John did. Besides, streaming didn't stop the biggest streaming artist on the planet to release a greatest hits album (The Weeknd - The Highlights, 2021)
  7. That is interesting and entirely possible. Although she probably then just said a random number knowing they can't pay it because it was messing with her current plans. And it would be rather strange to have a massive 25th anniversary for erotica without having it for the previous 4 albums. I think she's waiting for 2022 to get the film/greatest hits/farewell tour out, and then beginning with Madonna 40th anniversary in 2023 we start getting all those goodies. Which are supposed to keep us busy and her pockets full-ish, so that we can finally leave her be and let her direct the shit out o
  8. it's also possible that they have a private deal with Madonna in which they don't release anything until she is ready (as she has said on multiple ocasions she is not done yet) and in return she will fully back up the promotion of those future releases and activelly participate. we don't know what happens behind the scenes, anything is possible. But yes, they own the old stuff. it's the same contract Prince used to have with Warner, and George Michael with Sony. Remember when Prince changed his name as a rebellion against the label and used to have "slave" written on his face. George Mich
  9. Ok thanks. yes i know about Forbidden Love being planned as a single but i figured it got replaced by Human Nature after the success of Take a Bow and Madonna was rewarded by getting to choose the 4th single instead.
  10. She does not. It's nice of them to consult her though. They probably do have some sort of an agreement and collaborate on these streaming releases but ultimately they can do whatever they want with her old stuff.
  11. With I'm Breathless I think both Madonna and Warner were going for what Prince did with his Batman album which came out a year prior. Literally the same idea and concept and it was massive. So they probably thought okay let's do the same thing it's got to work.
  12. You know how many times I thought of this same Idea. Like, Shep was there. Imagine Vogue and Rescue Me and 10 others like them on the same album! Man. I feel like Erotica was supposed to be that album, but then, Im glad we got Erotica too. I'm just sad that opportunity hadn't been fully utilised with Shep being there. It's like recruiting Babyface and saying, okay we're making a dance record.
  13. MY bad. it was Andrew Lloyd Webber, not Alan Parker. And regarding the LDLHA remixes, I said MAYBE. Based on what the story was with DCFMA remixes.
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