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  1. Definitely by eras so every song gets a fair chance. and then top tracks of each era in a major finale Also make the voting period longer, some people don't log on very often
  2. mostly as expected, but true blue and madame x??? anyways, well done with theatrics and everything, hopefully do it again with other stuff too
  3. haha all good. ROL or COADF people either love or hate, LAP is generally at least average.
  4. i'm loving this awards show but the commercial breaks are too long will you do this for singles and videos too?
  5. To quote M: what a shocker However the number of people who had it last seems a bit low
  6. I feel like we can guess the order more or less but i'm hoping for surprises
  7. true, but what i mean is gays don't obsess over her as much
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