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  1. GhostOrchid

    I love how everybody enjoys sharing their expert opinion and i'm glad we have so many insiders from the french government and the Madonna team. I'm done with this. You all have a good life!
  2. GhostOrchid

    if you read the news carefully you would know that the ban is in place but that it will include a few exceptions. they didn't comment what would those exceptions be. Until it's official we should all just shut up about it Are you scheduled to attend any of the last two dates? No? Why dont you then just go and read a book
  3. GhostOrchid

    Alright you all need to calm down and stop enjoying other people's misery so much. it's actually pathetic just reading through the last couple of pages. Yes the government has the new ban in place BUT THERE WILL BE EXCEPTIONS. The tour may be cancelled or it may not be. the official email i got from the Rex a few moments ago is that IT IS UNDECIDED AS OF YET. So take a break, chill, go watch a movie and try to have a life. I have a ticket for the last day and I'm fine with whatever happens. But let's try and leave the drama out of this.
  4. GhostOrchid

    The shows in lisbon were filmed and will be released. i think she would most certainly want for everybody to see this tour! it got rave reviews and she is most certainly proud of it. pain is a part of life. if she wanted to forget about bad chapters in her life she certainly wouldn't post that unfortunate BRIT performance on her official YouTube chanel for everybody to see. The one where she fell right on her head. But she did, and I applaud her for that.
  5. GhostOrchid

    Oh, i didnt think of the pictures section
  6. GhostOrchid

    Awesome! Will reply to your DM
  7. GhostOrchid

    ...where I can find (or if somebody has) HD scans of these two specific tour posters: - Sticky & Sweet Tour: Budva, Montenegro (25/09/2008) - Rebel Heart Tour: Miami, USA (24/01/2016) Any info greatly appreciated 😊
  8. GhostOrchid

    Any other solo attendees on the last show of the tour? Let's have a beer and see how this phone-free lobby experience goes.. DM me if interested
  9. GhostOrchid

    the one with the bandana, on the digital/target album cover. the freedom fighter i believe it is
  10. GhostOrchid

    That girl from "Stranger Things" that plays the news reporter wannabe. Every time she came on I thought of brunette Nikki Finn And obviously Lady Gaga
  11. GhostOrchid

    I would've just scratched the song from the album. in a few years she will be ashamed of it. Unless she really just found out that MJ called her a witch (although that was out years ago) and was pissed off and decided to make an entire song just so she could ignore him and this has nothing to do with Leaving Neverland. But truth be told it is the weakest track on the album, i'm really glad its not on the 15-track version
  12. GhostOrchid

    Again it's not up to me or you to decide whether something is truth or a lie. i will not get into that, which is why i deleted my original post where i gave my opinion. Only time will tell. However, I suggest you do some more research about the latest findings and evidence surfaced.
  13. GhostOrchid

    You mean in that phone conversation that leaked a long time ago? where he said she is angry because she is not a man. Or am i missing something?
  14. GhostOrchid

    umm.. it wouldn't be a problem if she didn't talk about him all the time prior to leaving neverland, and used to post their photos together on instagram, and had these massive tributes on her concerts, mtv etc. but having done all that in the past now it just seems weird. George Michael was mentioned. I love him but what was he ever to Madonna? And come on, not including MJ on this list of great dead musicians is like talking about Destiny's child and somehow forgetting Beyonce, for the lack of a better comparison. Rather just don't make the list if you know it will just be obviously incomplete, thats my point. Sing about anything else.