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  1. GhostOrchid

    So she said it was written for Dick Tracy, and the general knowledge is that it was written for Keep it Together. The point seems to be that we are given information that are not necessarily what really happened. And if you look closely at the dates, the principal photography for the film started (february 1989) before the LAP Tour got canceled (march 1989), and Madonna was cast way before that. so the original plan was to do the film and then rehearse and go on tour. I believe Shep when he says he was approached with a "let's see what happens" attitude, but i believe they were aiming it for The Immaculate Collection. And btw, I don't think she released Oh Father with any ambition for it to be a chart topper. It's just not that kind of song. I think she knew it's not going to do as good as the rest and she was fine with it. Just look at the video, she wanted to tell a story. Same as for example Human Nature. But she could affoard to do that, have a row of chart toppers, followed by a row of low-key personal songs. With Oh Father she was toning it down for what is to come. Besides, you can tell if they aim for a chart topper or not when you see the formats of the single release. Oh Father only got a crappy sleeveless 7" with no real bonus content. It simply wasn't aimed for success to begin with, it was aimed to tell a story. BTW thanks for that interview clip, I haven't heard it before.
  2. GhostOrchid

    Yes, you're giving me the facts I already know, and that everybody knows, because they were given to the public. I'm talking about what was going on behind the scene. As for the I'm Breathless album, she didn't abandon the LAP tour because she decided to do the album. The verified fact is that it got canceled because of the Pepsi drama. And my personal opinion is that the album would have never been made had they proceeded with the tour as planned. As for Keep it Together, it didn't need an additional b-side, because the killer remixes were already made, plus the updated shep's radio mix that sounded very 90s and in line with what Paula and the rest were doing at the time.
  3. I always thought Kevin was the cutest, but I liked how Oliver was the odd one out.
  4. GhostOrchid

    But then we wouldn't have the full Vogue released anywhere. Tbh, I always felt like Vogue was made specifically for TIC, and that the Keep it Together b-side story was just something they made up so they could justify its premature release on I'm Breathless (which i feel the bosses had said "ok we'll release it but you have to put a hit single on it", and then she pulled Vogue out. I mean, who sits for a recording session of a b-side on the sixth single off an album?!? b-sides are always leftovers from the album sessions) To dig in deeper, I think the Pepsi drama completely changed the course of her career at that time. In my head this was the plan: Release LAP, with LAP, Express Yourself and Cherish singles as they did, but then go on tour September-December. December- release Keep it Together single with the video from the tour footage a la Dress You Up. Take a short break, record new songs for The Immaculate Collection, and release it in November 1990 like they did. So, Oh Father and Dear Jessie singles and videos with recording of the I'm Breathless album was just something she did because she had nothing better to do at the time, filling a space that was already reserved for the LAP tour. So in retrospective, the Pepsi drama was responsible for obviously the BA Tour and for Vogue not being the first single off TIC. I think.
  5. GhostOrchid

    I think they're waiting for majority of her core fanbase to be in their 40s. That's when people have the biggest earning power. And they are able and willing to spend more. When they finally start with these box sets and re-releases, we'll be begging them to stop 😆
  6. GhostOrchid

    Maybe. But I doubt that they wouldn't have included Live to Tell, Into the Groove or Crazy for you, and instead have Keep it Together.
  7. So published this dutch promo sheet advertising the upcoming Madonna greatest hits album. As noted here, Who's That Girl was originally supposed to be in, with only one new song included. Looking back, I wish she kept it, with 2 new songs, and Cherish kicked out. Would you keep Who's That Girl instead of another song that made it in and if yes, which one would you kick out?
  8. GhostOrchid

    True, but all those younger generation artists have started releasing 7" versions of their latest singles in the last year or so, I'm glad that the music industry finally realized that fans actually want a physical product in their hands. I hope Madonna follows.
  9. GhostOrchid

    Are you sure? Warner is making a ton of money with all Prince's re-releases and special editions. They have literally over-saturated the market and they are selling like hot cupcakes. I hope they are not waiting for her to die too. Although she seems to be the one blocking them at this point.
  10. GhostOrchid

    I think it's the bloody social media. We used to see her as the queen of cool before 2014, completely unbothered. Remember when she would occasionally pop up on Guy Oseary's twitter back in the day and everybody would freak out. I want that kind of image for her. She's probably always been the same, it's just that we have more insight now.
  11. GhostOrchid

    Can the person who voted 2012 please join the conversation 😊 
  12. GhostOrchid

    Do we know the name of the photographer who shot these? Ricardo Gomes?
  13. GhostOrchid

    Rain Nothing Fails or Nothing Fails (Nevins Mix) (Can we do versions?)
  14. What's the ONE single year Madonna should be remembered for a hundred years from now? The poll was limited to 20 options, so some had to go. If your favourite is not included, feel free to type it in the comments (but then please elaborate because I'd be very confused 😆) My pick: 1990. Because, well, no explanation needed.
  15. GhostOrchid

    Are y'all blind or are just playing the devil's advocates?