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  1. GhostOrchid

    Hi everybody, I was wondering if someone could help me. I am trying to form a comprehensive list of: 1) all Madonna magazine issues. BUT, only the ones she had some input in. For example, Vogue Italia 2018 (exclusive photos + interview) or Rolling Stone 2015 (interview). Which means I wouldn't count magazines that used photos already published elsewhere unless there is an exclusive interview, regardless of how well renowned the magazine is. 2) all madonna photo shoots for brands etc. and commercials Does anyone have such a list maybe? Or know where I can find one? Would be of great help. Thanks!
  2. GhostOrchid

    True, Live to Tell was not promoting the album, I also wouldn't count Everybody as the lead single from Madonna either, it's Holiday.
  3. I've known this for ages, must have been one of the forums, really can't remember. Didn't hear/read Bray actually saying it, if that's what you're asking
  4. GhostOrchid

    No, its more moody and i think it has some acoustic guitars as well. Similar to this Erotica (RA Supersexy Hard Mix)
  5. Maybe.. but it wasn't just a remix treatment for those LAP tracks, it was a completely new production. I read that was the reason why they fell out for the last time and never reconciled afterwards, but who can tell for sure, right BTW, Pettibone did the True Blue remix, his very first Madonna remix.
  6. Hi, So couple of years ago I heard this amazing chilled down, a bit darker, almost ambient bootleg remix of Revolver. And i'm obsessed with it ever since, but I have no way of finding it anywhere because I don't know what it's called lol Has anyone heard anything that fits this description??
  7. Guess he got over it by 2016 lol I never said he disliked the work, but if I were in his shoes and they go and change everything that I did and promote that instead, I guess I would be more than a little offended.
  8. Yeah i guess she fucked him over more than once. but then again, she doesn't have to explain herself or her goals to anyone. It's not her problem people around her have expectations, it's not her job to fulfill them. I just wonder how they managed to make up after that fallout.
  9. Wow i'm now disappointed how much she disliked the first album. I guess she changed her mind because on Celebration there's FIVE songs from that one. Don't know what she thinks she accomplished with Like a Virgin, but it's boring as fuck (apart from Dress You Up, Stay and LDLHA). 'Madonna' is a much more complete work, musically and vocally. In all honesty, Nile Rodgers didn't really do a good job.
  10. The video version is completely different. Which is the one she started using on all subsequent compilations and performances.
  11. GhostOrchid

    Thank you, exactly what I was looking for I actually found that the True Blue single states on the back (for Ain't No Big Deal): "Available on Warner Bros album Killer B's.." So that's why they waited for so long for it to be released on a Madonna single - Warner was pushing for the Compilation sales, so they waited for nearly 2 years then, until the Killer B's run its course. Killer B's wasn't released in other countries outside US so I guess that's why we got it sooner on Dress You Up and Papa Don't Preach outside US.
  12. GhostOrchid

    I thought it was released on Killer B’s first, but it didn’t make sense to have it released on a B-sides compilation album without it being released as a B-side first Anyway, thank you all for confirming
  13. Which came first: 1. Revenge of the Killer B's (US compilation) (I can't find anywhere if it was released in 1984 or 1985, info on the internet varies) OR 2. Dress You Up (Japanese single) And why didn't she release it on American/International Dress You Up as well, since she obviously acquired the rights by then? I mean why wait until a year later and release it only when True Blue single came out. Even Europe got it sooner on Papa Don't Preach. Anyone has any info please?
  14. GhostOrchid

    wow this is actually perfect. i would change literally nothing on discs 1 and 2. Disc 3 i would probably take out: burning up, jump, nothing really matters, broken, drowned world and include: hanky panky, rescue me, i’ll remember, this used to be my playground and don’t cry for me argentina
  15. GhostOrchid

    Had she put radio edits of those songs she could have squeezed in one more song on each disc