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  1. So, after watching the concert (as I did not attend the theater experiences) I decided to try to organize what would be the backbone of the 'script' of the concert. I have written it down here. Please ignore my nonsense and let me know your thoughts! Act 1 - Madonna is not Madame X yet. That's why the interlude that tells the Madame X background, was not, originally, at this moment. She is a young French revolutionary, inspired by Joan of Arc. The character is the same one who appeared on the last act of the MDNA tour, in I’m Addicted, and went through the entire Rebel Heart era. That's where she started her ideal of the love revolution, which is gaining traction here and drawing attention to God Control. She is betrayed in Dark Ballet and later rescued by a group of women in Human Nature. Act 2 - Everything she managed to achieve with her history so far started the revolutionary movement and she needed to rethink her identity in order to lead a change. Here, yes, Madonna becomes Madame X in Vogue, but is captured in I Don’t Search I Find. American Life is her escaping again, and this time simulating her own death in Coffin Interlude. Act 3 - Protected by the news that she would have passed away, Madame X decides to keep herself hidden in plain sight! She changes her appearance (turning brunette) and spends many years with her supporters in a kind of exile going from country to country (Cabo Verde, Portugal, Colombia), adapting herslef to the local culture and secretly recruiting people to join the movement. In the meantime it's up to her to have a love affair, a heartbreak (Crazy) and secretly having a daughter (keep this information). Rescue Me Interlude. Agents of the revolution are captured and tortured. Forced to reveal that Madame X is actually alive and her whereabouts. Act 4: Many years have passed, and the daughter she secretly had (and the reason why she couldn't go back to action and expose herself) is now a grown woman and therefore less fragile; Frozen symbolizes this. With the news that Madame X is alive and active, in Come Alive she resumes activities and warns those who are beside her in the cause that it is time to act. She needs people who understand how to make a love revolution and share that ideal. Once everyone is on the move and ready for action, it's time for Madame X to explain her message; to be serious and show everything she thinks about in Future. Crave is the time to get your hands dirty and make it happen. Go to the fight. Like a Prayer is her consecration, it is an apotheosis of the message (and it is very insightful that she shows that she has been provoking with these topics for over 30 years). Finally, I Rise appears to say that it is not the end of the story, quite the contrary; the fight is just beginning and comes much further ahead.
  2. So, this columnist here in Brazil made a review of the show and mentioned Crave... I don't know if he watched the show back when the tour was running and prepared the review based on that or if somehow he watched Crave in a version with the extras... Do we have any news on Crave and Sodade aprt from that rumour originated by DrownedMadonna that they would be extras (without any more details)? https://www.uol.com.br/splash/colunas/pedro-antunes/2021/10/07/madame-x-e-sensual-transgressor-estranho-e-politico-enfim-e-madonna.htm
  3. Hopefully, we'll get the pro video and then it is just a matter of conversion to have the pro audio...
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