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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if they replace it with a plastic case further down the line
  2. I've often wondered what I'm gonna do with my hoard. Selling it seems like such a lot of work at this point. In my will everything is left to the Dog's Trust
  3. Did we get to the bottom of this? I'm guessing as you said outro's will be earlier fades. Hopefully not first edition Celebration edits with words missing lol
  4. That'll be never then. Actually she might announce one #soon
  5. Maybe she's just sped every song up a little to make it feel a little more dancey
  6. I'm not one for dishing out compliments but as different as Jessica is, underneath there's a genuinely sweet person
  7. M posted it thinking it was an over-photoshopped pic. Someone obviously pointed out that's Jessica's real face. As I said, it was unintentional.
  8. She was being a C*** without realising, what's there to love about that?
  9. that was a bit awkward lol, at least M knows who Jessica is now though
  10. I don't think DVD's or Blurays will be part of this. It'll just be about the audio. Also, the remixes for the early albums are manageable but when you're getting 20-30 remixes per single that seems like a big ask. They've been remastering the videos for online platforms already and a lot of the remixes are available digitally now so they are already covered to a large extent. I'd guess we'd get the main albums remastered plus a selection of demos or unreleased tracks and if there was a tour a live album. Sorry if I'm repeating myself, I can't remember if I've posted about this already. Either way we don't have long to wait, I expect they'll reveal all shortly after the Finally Enough Love album drops
  11. I wish my friends still hated her, now they mostly think she's hilarious lol
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