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  1. MadonnaXLB

    Someone knows if I Live/care is I Rise??
  2. MadonnaXLB

    is back that up the same as the rebel heart outtake? @Fighter @Dazedmadonna??
  3. MadonnaXLB

    I have mentioned the song in the original post
  4. MadonnaXLB

    these are the songs made during the madame x sessions: Killers (made the cut of the album) Extreme Occident (made the cut of the album) Dark Ballet (known as Beautiful Game and made the cut of the album) I Don't Search I Find (made the cut of the album) God Control (made the cut of the album) Batika (made the cut of the album) Funana (made the cut of the album/Deluxe) Medellin (1st single of the album and made the cut of the album) Future (made the cut of the album) I Live/Care (i don't know if it is an alternative title for I Rise ??) Crazy (made the cut of the album) Faz Gostoso (made the cut of the album) Luca/Loca/Lola (maybe an alternative title for Bitch I'm Loca that made the album cut) Back That Up (made the cut off the album/Deluxe and rumored to be the song left from the rebel heart sessions and it was remade by Mirwais during these sessions) Come Alive (made the cut of the album) Overall, we have only 2 outtakes from this sessions that didn't made the cut, hope she releases them on a super deluxe edition like what she did in rebel heart
  5. MadonnaXLB

    Hello everybody, In this page, you will find every fake demo by Madonna found online.
  6. MadonnaXLB

    Hello all How are you Plz can you tell me the new of each of the male models/dancers who worked in all Madonna videos from her first album till MDNA (especially the dancer in fever video) Tysm 💕
  7. MadonnaXLB

    other titles i've found: Bodega from Ray Of Light Music Outtakes: A FOOL'S DREAM LET'S DANCE AGAIN LOVE'S FAREWELL THE SEA THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES THIS TIME WE FLY WHISPER SOFTLY 2005 -- Releases TBA: LOVELY (Madonna/Stuart Price) POWER STRUGGLE (Madonna/Mirwais Ahmadzai) LISTEN THEN GO (Madonna/Monte Pittman)
  8. 1987 LOVE OVER THE TELEPHONE Unused song, supposedly written with Don Johnson. (Was that song recorded ?? is it real) 1992 EATING OUT Unconfirmed outtake of released "Where Life Begins" aka "Out To Lunch" Media Rumor. Supposedly, "Out To Lunch" was the original title of the "Erotica" song "Where Life Begins". A later title for the song was "Eating Out" (as mentioned in 'Smash Hits' magazine). The original version of "Out To Lunch" was said to be about lesbian lust so could be quite different to the used version of "Where Life Begins". (so eating out is where life begins demo and what is "Out of lunch"??) 1992 FREAK "Erotica" album outtake. Media rumor. (Real or fake??) 1992 NO ENTRY Unconfirmed throw-a-way from "Erotica" album. Supposedly, Madonna recorded this before the "Erotica" album and she is said to have even made a video with Patrick Swayze and Michael J.Fox. The song was dropped after the "Erotica/Sex/Body Of Evidence" project got under the way. It was due for Christmas release. One source claims that a 15-track promo-CD album for "Erotica" exists, and contains this track, but was never officially released, not even to promote the Erotica album. A 15-track "Erotica" album is physically impossible though because the 13-track ("clean" version) has a total disc time of 70:30, and the 14-track "nasty" version (with "Did You Do It?") has a total disc time of 75:24). Since the maximum recording time on a CD is 74 minutes (even though some albums out there, such as the 14-track "Erotica" push the limits by a minute or two, it is physically impossible for a 15th track to fit on this album, unless it was literally 30 or 40 seconds in length, which doesn't make sense. And 80-minute CDs didn't "come out" until years later. Anyhow, this song ("No Entry") was supposedly meant to be released on the "Erotica" album, but it was rejected or deleted at the very last minute before the release of promos. If this CD really does exist, it would most likely be the all-time rarest and most valuable Madonna CD - EVER! (Real or fake??) 1992 SHOW AND TELL Unconfirmed throw-a-way from "Erotica" album. Media rumor. However, Peter Magennis mentions that in 1992, NME magazine had a two-part interview for the release of 'Erotica'. The journalist visited Madonna at her New York apartment and listened to some tracks from the (then still unreleased) album. One of the tracks was confirmed as 'Show And Tell' and was described as a ballad. Perhaps it didn't finish up on the album because it didn't fit the mood. Madonna can be very selective and quality tracks can be easily discarded if they don't fit in with the tone of the album. A prime example of her rejection of recorded songs is her last album 'Music' as confirmed by William Orbit and Madonna herself. So perhaps this is what happened with 'Show And Tell'. This is a pity as Madonna obviously liked it enough to chose it as one of the few taster tracks for the lucky journalist. (Real or fake??) 1992 THROB Unused throw-a-way from "Erotica" album (existence unconfirmed). Supposedly Written and Produced by Madonna and Shep Pettibone. News of this track surfaced around the same time as the "No Entry" track but again it was not released or put on the "Erotica" album. Chances of a release now are unlikely because of Janet Jackson stole the title for a track on her latest album. It had been strongly denied by Janet Jackson that she stole the whole song from Madonna and insists that she wrote her own version. (Real or fake??) this web listed never love a stranger wrongly by titled it before the audio came out never like a stanger
  9. MadonnaXLB

    ok tysm
  10. MadonnaXLB

    p.s.: the screenshot is old
  11. are the songs ratchet and Eyes Wide Open real Rebel Heart outtakes?
  12. MadonnaXLB

    If it leaked I would post it in the audio section Hope the full rain tapes leak Is Eroction a member here?
  13. MadonnaXLB

    Guys, is this audio/snippet genuine Wish he allowed selling not trading
  14. guess we will have the other or full Rain tapes demos and then these outtakes/demos from Bedtime stories
  15. Someone leak the full rain tapes

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