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  1. 3 songs with 3 co-producers ... 3 different ones that counted in the trip .... good choice !!!
  2. But I'm Breathless easily belongs to the category of untouchables in Madonna's album list..... Different does not mean less quality or importance
  3. no vocoder at all something warm something rough and surprising for the ears something without any featuring except the play between real instruments and her voice something she likes something we like
  4. A subtle, fine and powerful studio album ..... a masterpiece that spans the decades without aging, always a pleasure to listen to from He's A Man to Vogue............wow
  5. That look, those breasts, that dress, that play of light and shadow, that decor, that atmosphere......I could never choose between this and the True Blue cover
  6. Deeper and Deeper (today) Shanti / Ashtangi or Act Of Contrition?
  7. You’ll See Revolver or One More Chance?
  8. Ray of Light I'm Going Bananas or Cry Baby?
  9. Gone Causing A Commotion Live 87 or 90?
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