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  1. At the end of the tour the whole world knew who's that girl........... Open Your Heart • Lucky Star • True Blue • Papa Don't Preach • White Heat • Causing A Commotion • The Look Of Love • Dress You Up / Material Girl / Like A Virgin • Where's The Party • Live To Tell • Into The Groove • La Isla Bonita • Who's That Girl • Holiday Each songs are special and her performances are wow . Alone or with her dancers she dominates her Art with energy and natural And then of course at one point during the concert there is....... My conscience is clear, I know right from wrong That'
  2. that"s great missing Live To Tell on the chair and maybe also Nicole Finn
  3. X-Static Process Joan Of Arc or Medellin?
  4. Batuka Keep It Together or Why's It So Hard?
  5. The Look Of Love More or I Want You (Orchestral) ?
  6. Express Yourself Sanctuary or Gang Bang?
  7. What It Feels Like for a Girl (album version) Nothing Really Matters or Masterpiece ?
  8. Lucky Star Incredible or I'm So Stupid ?
  9. Can't Stop Paradise (Not For Me) or Something To Remember?
  10. Tough! Causing A Commotion Love Spent or Skin?
  11. What It Feels Like For a Girl White Heat or Let It Be?
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