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  1. Put your head on my shoulder baby Things can't get any worse Night is getting colder Sometimes life feels like it's a curse Cars, anyone?
  2. Both are wonderful..................My choice Mer Girl (Edit after listening to both songs, I'm not sure anymore as they are so good!) Erotica or Drowned World/Substitute For Love?
  3. Hey You The Virgin Tour: which best segment? colored or black or white?
  4. Live Oscar Performances: Sooner or Later.......phenomenal Future or Future Lovers?
  5. Graffiti Heart..................................demo Burning Up or Frozen?
  6. Causing a Commotion Keep It Together or Thief Of Hearts?
  7. Beautiful Stranger Papa Don't Preach video or Express Yoursel video?
  8. I Love New York (Mixed Version) Ray Of Light or La Isla Bonita?
  9. Forbidden Love (Bedtime Stories) Miles Away or Gone?
  10. Gang Bang (MDNA Tour) for the set BAT90 : Papa Don't Preach or Like A Prayer?.......I know it's a stupid choice
  11. WOW I would say Secret but Swim is a solid song I love it! Living For Love or Till Death Do Us Part?
  12. Don't Tell Me VIdeo Physical Attraction or Secret?
  13. Nobody Knows Me Love Makes The World Go Round or Some Girls?
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