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  1. Looking for Mercy I Rise or Wash All Over Me?
  2. Back in Business Goodbye to Innocence or Your Honesty?
  3. Celebration Revolver or It's So Cool?
  4. Since she had already released Something to Remember, I find it forgivable that many ballad hits were excluded. The only thing I found unforgivable was the absence of American Pie, which was one of her biggest hits worldwide. She probably lost a lot of money when Warner included the song on Music (international), so it was no longer exclusive to the soundtrack she produced (with Time Stood Still, the best single that never happened). With American Pie, GHV2 would have been really good. With two more unreleased/new songs on it, GHV2 would have been great. As a repack in combination with Something to Remember it would have been almost perfect.
  5. I'm Going Bananas Now I'm Following You Part 1 or Part 2?
  6. Don't Cry for Me Argentina Another Suitcase in Another Hall or You Must Love Me?
  7. Causing a Commotion Angel or Gambler?
  8. The answer options are not sufficient for me too. On the one hand, I think the album is an exciting musical experience, but there is so much light and shade that I can't compare it to Ray of Light, American Life or Like a Prayer. MX has the same problem as Rebel Heart: too many songs of extremely different quality, making it difficult to listen to in one piece on the side. It's like constantly changing extremely different radio stations. My answer option would have been: I can't classify it as awesome, mediocre or bad - but the album had the potential to be a masterpiece. Now I have chosen neutral, even if the term sounds a little harsh.
  9. Supernatural Goodbye to Innocence or Up Down Suite?
  10. I would love a re-release with a bonus CD containing the missing tracks - as well as some extras. CD 1 - Original album Deeper and Deeper (7" Edit) Erotica (Radio Edit) Human Nature (Radio Edit) Secret (Edit) Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (Radio Edit) Bedtime Story (Edit) The Power of Good-Bye (Album Version) Beautiful Stranger (William Orbit Radio Edit) Frozen (Edit) Take a Bow (Edit) Ray of Light (Edit) Don’t Tell Me (Album Version) What It Feels Like for a Girl (Album Version) Drowned World/Substitute for Love (Album Version) Music (Album Version) CD 2 - Deluxe Bonus CD Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Miami Mix Edit) American Pie (Album Version) Rain (Radio Remix) I'll Remember (Orbit Remix) Secret (Junior's Sound Factory Mix Edit) Human Nature (Human Club Mix Edit) Fever (Edit One) Nothing really Matters (Album Version) This Used to Be My Playground (Edit) Bad Girl (Edit) What It Feels Like for a Girl (Above & Beyond Radio Edit) Frozen (Calderone Club Mix Edit) You'll See (Edit) You Must Love Me (Single Version) Like a Flower (Previously Unreleased/ New Version)
  11. This time it's Erotica Justify My Love or Take a Bow?
  12. Gang Bang Crave or Where Life Begins?
  13. "Experienced racism" means I have very dark skin and that came on top of the hate for me being gay. I've been called a gay rat since I was a child, long before I knew what that meant, called a filthy Turk or "supposed to be gassed in a concentration camp". I don't know what you've experienced here (well, except for the last idiot), but what I can read in this thread, I still just don't see as hate. I am now aware that All Lives Matter can sound ambiguous, however I saw the context here very friendly, because it was intended to include all other (ethnic) groups. After all, it depends on who says something in which way - and I have experienced the people here as very friendly and open. If such a thread is supposed to be good for something, then it should bring people with different backgrounds together for the necessary discussion to learn from each other. And that is only possible if we listen to different opinions and other experiences.
  14. I rather get the impression that, unlike me, you have never experienced racism when you claim anything in this thread is actually racist. Offensive to some - maybe. But you're not really suggesting that any Madonna fan here hates other ethnicities. This is simply out of the question if you love Madonna.
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