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  1. Waltz for Eva and Che Physical Attraction or Fever?
  2. You'll See Masterpiece or Promise to Try?
  3. Shanghai Surpise I even saw it at the cinema... La Isla Bonita (Single Remix) or True Blue (Single Remix)?
  4. I Surrender Dear The English Roses or Vulgar?
  5. True Blue American Life Something to Remember Like a Prayer Confessions on a Dance Floor
  6. Funana Auto-Tune Baby Hey You Spanish Lesson Freedom '97 Love Song God Control Candy Shop Material Gworrllllllll Bitch I'm Loca
  7. The Girlie Show Victor Calderone or Shep Pettibone?
  8. Like A Prayer (Sticky & Sweet Tour) Masterpiece (Album Version) or Masterpiece (MDNA Live Version)?
  9. You are so right... I think it was a huge mistake that this version wasn't the first single of the album - but was instead punched off as a much weaker produced bonus track. In this aspect, it's a gift that the Rebel Heart leaks exist.
  10. Living For Love (live remix) Antonio Banderas or Pierce Brosnan?
  11. Turn Up The Radio (video) Rocco or Lourdes?
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