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  1. Hung Up won deserved, even if it might have been rated much better without unfair votes. Overall, the megarates give a good overview of which songs are popular and those that are rather overrated. Thank you @Curtains!
  2. Borderline Devil Wouldn't Recognize You or Push?
  3. I simply can't do anything with her current photoshopped avatars and exaggerated caricature looks.
  4. Hopefully the video will inspire her to look a little more natural again. One can hope...
  5. Little Star Survival or Revolver?
  6. Hung Up Human Nature or Bedtime Story?
  7. As a work of art, MX certainly succeeded, but as a pop album, too many parts didn't fit together and could have been better shaped by a more suitable producer. Dark Ballet could have been an epic masterpiece like Bohemian Rapsody, but turned into a curious sound collage without any form. Especially some remixes of I Rise, Crave, Medellin, God Control, I Don't Search or Come Alive I found superior to the album productions. They showed that many songs had the potential to be hits and that the album could have been constructed in a more commercial and catchy / radio-friendly way. But unfortunately that wasn't Madonna's intention.
  8. Inside Out Up Down Suite or Iconic?
  9. Supernatural Waiting or Best Night?
  10. Me Against the Music Some Girls or She's Not Me?
  11. Living for Love Devil Pray or Miles Away?
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