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  1. Now I'm Following You Love Song or Let Down Your Guard?
  2. Promise to Try Joan of Arc or Hold Tight?
  3. I guess the name of the world tour is a main sales point for a compilation that companies the tour - and that's Celebration. I guess the 3rd CD solution could be the easiest, because the Celebration album was good, except hurtful omissions, sound problems and weird edits.
  4. Why not re-release Celebration? It shares the name of the tour. A third CD for a deluxe edition could be something like this: Deeper and Deeper American Pie Girl Gone Wild Bitch I'm Madonna Give Me All Your Luvin' Rain I'll Remember Angel What it Feels Like For a Girl Ghosttown Me Against the Music Medellín You'll See True Blue Causing a Commotion Fever Living For Love This Used to Be My Playground The Power of Good-Bye New Song / Remix
  5. On Facebook, they say it's just songs for a new greatest hits compilation. But who knows?
  6. at the moment it's Love Profusion Miles Away or Hollywood
  7. Physical Attraction Mer Girl or Where Life Begins?
  8. Gambler Angel or Till Death Do Us Part?
  9. Rescue Me Masterpiece or Physical Attraction?
  10. Into the Groove Beautiful Killer or Sky Fits Heaven?
  11. Dress You Up I’ll Remember or Love Spent?
  12. Express Yourself Just played on my playlist! Impressive Instant or Skin?
  13. Miles Away Dark Ballet or Did You Do it?
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