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  1. Secret Me Against the Music (Gabriel & Dresden Radio Edit) or Superstar (Eddie Amador Remix Short Edit)?
  2. Forbidden Love (COADF) Oh Father or Skin?
  3. Hung Up Nobody Knows Me or Human Nature?
  4. Verás Words or I Don't Search I Find?
  5. Supernatural Two Steps Behind Me or Never Let You Go?
  6. Who's That Girl, La Isla Bonita and American Pie (1-3 month ago) in the supermarket. Secret, Hung Up and Music - some days/weeks ago on French radio.
  7. Justify My Love Medellin or Some Girls?
  8. Beautiful Killer How High or Dance 2Night?
  9. Gone Express Yourself or Vogue or Deeper and Deeper?
  10. Dress You Up Time Stood Still or Spanish Eyes?
  11. The Look of Love, maybe her most underrated melancholic song. Where's the Party or Celebration?
  12. That was my first concert back then and I loved the beginning the most with Open Your Heart, then The Look of Love, Into the Groove and La Isla Bonita. The sound at the concert was horrible, but hardly anyone noticed because everyone was dancing and singing along so loudly.
  13. I think she started her career directly with a "turning point". Many believed at the time that her first single was sung by a black singer - and she didn't see that as a flaw, but felt it represented her. What ambitious female white pop singer dared to use such a cover to go public for the first time and launch her career? From the beginning, she had more balls and courage than most.
  14. Voices Scheherazade or Possessive Love?
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