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  1. I always thought it was an allude to the Greek philosopher Socrates: "I know that I know nothing". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_know_that_I_know_nothing
  2. I love Celebration - but not the by most fans favourited Benassi remix - I prefer Oakenfolds versions.
  3. I'm not sure. Set the Right and Cool sound real to me, so the rest could be real too.
  4. It sounds like an uninspired demo, but it's a guilty pleasure.
  5. Levon

    For me too.
  6. Levon

    I would be happy if she would include a complete and full vocal version of Rescue Me with the choir (and the band!) on stage (no stairs within sight). The Batukadeiras and background singers can take over the difficult parts at the end of the song. The current "snippet" is just a slap in the face for the loyal fans. It's a shame she permanently ignores and disregards that powerful song. I think the song would have had the potential for a second Vogue if she had made an iconic video for it.
  7. The awkward pushy lyrics ruined God Control for me. Gang Bang stands stong as a catchy Tarantino homage. It's a shame that no epic video was made for it.
  8. Levon

    Here it is! I got a large pack of these brochures at the time, but only this one has survived over the years. I uploaded scans with a higher resolution. https://mega.nz/#F!2AQGgK4B!zO4V4E_1YuDITCqRBOR_Yg
  9. Levon

    They released the 40 single CDs from Everybody to Take a Bow in a simple cardboard box at ProMarkt in 1994. Here's the advertising brochure.
  10. Levon

    Happy new year!
  11. Levon

    This tour is important for her to see what works and what doesn't work. And there was much great stuff besides the things that failed. I'm sure she enjoyed the well working parts - and figured out the non-working parts.
  12. Levon

    Madame X will not miss a single penny that this tour can bring in. Under no circumstances Madonna and Livenation will forego the income from video / CD / DVD / TV / streaming utilization of the tour.
  13. Levon

    I adore her as a musician and artist, but I don't even think I would really like her as a private person. She is an icon, goddess and a tough business woman - but maybe not the best friend for ordinary people outside of her very small inner circle. I could never work for her on a daily basis because i have my own life and i want to keep it.
  14. Levon

    Queen of infinite wrong decisions. How can she hide such a wonderful orchestra in the dark? They all belong on stage next to Madonna!
  15. Levon

    Hung Up has an epic soundscape and the best middle 8 ever. I think she tries to ignore the song on tours because it still has the potential to overshadow many of her favourites like Holiday, La Isla Bonita and Music. The magical electricity of the video and the spectacular finale of the Confessions Tour are second to none.