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  1. Levon

    Holiday, Borderline, Material Girl and finally Dress You Up made me a fan.
  2. Levon

    RoL isn't my absolute favorite album, but I think it's her flawless masterpiece.
  3. For the kids the Rainbow Ride with pink elephants, lemonade and candy kisses.
  4. Levon

    I'm caught between LAP, Confessions, Madonna, Ray of Light, Erotica, True Blue and MDNA(!). Today it's Like a Prayer.
  5. Levon

    Everybody, Stay, Rebel Heart - favorite songs Act of Contrition - best album closer
  6. Levon

    Hotspot, the latest album by the Pet Shop Boys, produced by Stuart Price: Cool disco bangers and atmospheric pop songs. It sounds a like a bold and updated contemporary COADF followup. Less experimental than MX, much more commercial and an instant classic. With some lyrical changes it could've been a new Madonna album.
  7. I guess “Indian Summer” was the secret project name for the Dark Ballet video shoot. I also think she's done with Portugal.
  8. That's the last thing I read about it. https://english.elpais.com/elpais/2019/03/26/inenglish/1553599346_526692.html
  9. Girl Gone Wild Masterpiece I Don't Search I Find if things hadn't gone wrong Beautiful Killer Rebel Heart
  10. Levon

    Many loved the iconic ponytail and many loved the (mostly) flattering curls. She should have used both: the curls in Act 1 and later, when her hair was too sweaty, she could have used the ponytail for the second part of the show.
  11. Mine would be: Levon is a writer, a lover, a rebel and an agent undercover on behalf of mysterious Madame X...
  12. Levon

    I'm shocked. I need some MDNA Skin Rose Mist.
  13. I guess Hung Up is the only song I need from the 2K's. 😂
  14. My favorites are Hung Up (among the best songs she has ever made) Celebration (worthy Holiday successor) American Pie (unjustly overlooked jewel) Die Another Day (still a refreshing slap in the face) Miles Away/Love Profusion (heavenly sisters in spirit)
  15. So many great dance songs and ballads in the 90's... My favourite singles are: Frozen Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Miami Mix Edit) You'll See Vogue Deeper and Deeper