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  1. Mother and Father Nobody Knows Me or Skin?
  2. Voted! I had to listen to them all again. There was not one really bad song for me. 💕
  3. One can certainly put it more elegantly. But for many fans Madonna's strange presentation is like a slap in the face. And without a doubt, that was also Madonna's intention. In this respect, no one should be surprised at the heated reactions.
  4. Madonna's attitude back then was strong, controlled and focused. In the Tokischa thing she seems unstable, drugged and uncontrolled. It has nothing to do with her age. She was seen performing much better not so long ago.
  5. There is absolutely no comparison. No one considers the songs/videos of Erotica, Deeper and Deeper, Rain or Bad Girl as embarrassing trash. You shouldn't compare apples and oranges.
  6. Don't Stop Act of Contrition or The Beast Within?
  7. Sure, she gets some attention, but even Kris Jenner's boring cooking show "In the Kitchen with Kris" gets more media attention than "Madonna on Tokischa". She would have undoubtedly achieved much more attention and acclaim with a well-made video and remix featuring a big-name collaboration.
  8. This is really horrible. Now I understand your post much better.
  9. Someone suddenly brought up the topic of transphobia here and I asked what's the point, since there's already enough drama here. I also find no reference to the video.
  10. I am sorry about that. I must have read over that transphobic comment in this thread and unfortunately I can't find it. What is it about?
  11. Hung Up White Heat or Love Don't Live Here Anymore?
  12. As if there wasn't enough drama here already - why are you making up a transphobia story on top of that now?
  13. Spanish Eyes Till Death Do Us Part or Thief of Hearts?
  14. The best thing about this nonsense is, that it will be forgotten very #soon.🎈
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