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  1. Glad it's being filmed, hopefully she brings the medley + Who's That Girl + Ghosttown back for it.
  2. Mine;Disc 1 - 80s1. Everybody [7" Edit]2. Burning Up3. Holiday [7" Edit]4. Lucky Star [7" Edit]5. Borderline [Edit]6. Like A Virgin7. Material Girl8. Crazy For You9. Into The Groove10. Dress You Up11. Love Don't Live Here Anymore [Original Version]12. Live To Tell [Edit]13. Papa Don't Preach14. True Blue15. Open Your Heart [Video Mix]16. La Isla Bonita17. Who's That Girl18. Causing A Commotion [silver Screen Single Mix]19. Like A Prayer 20. Express Yourself [Video Mix]21. Cherish [7" Edit]Disc 2 - 90s1. Vogue2. Justify My Love3. This Used To Be My Playground [barcelona Gold Edit]4. Erotica [Radio Edit]5. Deeper And Deeper [7" Edit]6. Bad Girl [Radio Edit]7. Fever [Edit One]8. Rain [Video Mix]9. I'll Remember 10. Secret [Edit]11. Take A Bow [Edit]12. Bedtime Story [Album Edit]13. Human Nature [Video Mix]14. You'll See [Edit]15. You Must Love Me [single Version]16. Frozen [Radio Edit]17. Ray Of Light [Radio Edit]18. Drowned World / Substitute For Love [Radio Edit]19. The Power Of Goodbye 20. Nothing Really Matters21. Beautiful StrangerDisc 3 - 00s1. American Pie2. Music3. Don't Tell Me [Radio Edit]4. What It Feels Like For A Girl [Above & Beyond Video Mix]5. Die Another Day 6. American Life7. Hollywood [Video Mix]8. Nothing Fails [Radio Edit]9. Love Profusion10. Hung Up11. Sorry [single Edit]12. Get Together [Radio Edit]13. Jump [single Edit]14. 4 Minutes 15. Give It 2 Me [Radio Edit]16. Miles Away [Radio Edit]17. Celebration18. Revolver 19. Broken20. It's So Cool21. Celebration [benny Benassi Video Mix]
  3. 1. Erotica [Radio Edit]2. Deeper And Deeper [7" Edit]3. Bad Girl [Radio Edit]4. Fever [Edit One]5. Rain [Video Edit]6. This Used To Be My Playground [barcelona Gold Edit]7. Secret [Radio Edit]8. Take A Bow9. Bedtime Story [Album Edit]10. Human Nature [Video Edit]11. You Must Love Me [single Version]12. Frozen [Radio Edit]13. Ray Of Light [Radio Edit]14. The Power Of Goodbye15. Nothing Really Matters 16. Music 17. Don't Tell Me [Radio Edit]18. What It Feels Like For A Girl [Above & Beyond Radio Edit]GHV2 Remixed:1. Erotica (William Orbit 12" Mix)2. Deeper And Deeper (Shep's Classic 12" Mix)3. Fever (Murk Boys Deep South Mix)4. Secret (Junior's Sound Factory Mix)5. Take A Bow (Indasoul Mix)6. Bedtime Story (Junior's Sound Factory Mix)7. Human Nature (Howie Tee Remix)8. Frozen (Stereo MC's Mix)9. Ray Of Light (William Orbit Liquid Mix)10. The Power Of Goodbye (Dallas Low End Mix)11. Nothing Really Matters (Club 69 Radio Mix)12. Music (Calderone Anthem Mix)13. Don't Tell Me (Thunderpuss Hands In The Air Anthem Mix)14. What It Feels Like For A Girl (Paul Oakenfold Perfecto Remix)
  4. I hope she does live stream again, and films an additional date for the DVD so we have a HQ recording to tide us over with like MDNA.
  5. There ARE differences (mainly production flourishes) the only thing that are the exact same are the vocals - they weren't re-recorded.
  6. I have a link for that, I can PM it to you if you like?
  7. I think people have seriously twisted the Whole Lotta Love rumour. The original rumour is Whole Lotta Love is a mash up with Justify My Love, on guitar. Apparently Madonna heard the fan mix on Soundcloud and has took inspiration from it....
  8. Doesn't sound like something that would be released, unfortunately. Sounds like she did it in the studio before recording the actual track, like Beat Goes On and Broken.
  9. Of course. But I mean when people compare it to professionally shot versions.
  10. I don't know why people crave screen footage - it's poorly shot and only features close ups.
  11. It is. It's most certainly not the DVD that was intended for release.
  12. I imagine she does, as with every artist.About 8 or so years ago, a few Spice Girls fans managed to get a lot of betacam tapes from the Spice Girls Spiceworld Tour. They came from one of the tour crew, who sold them. Four of the shows leaked in full. And I know that each Spice Girl also has a personal copy of their Return tour, despite it not being "professionally filmed".
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