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  1. VideoRedo TV Suite, is the best for ripping DVD, my rip from an DVD9 was 7gb mpeg video file, without compression
  2. Don't get mad at me when I'm emotional
    Don't argue with me, it's non-negotiable
    This just how I be, it ain't intentional
    It ain't intentional

  3. Satellite Version without logo TV https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dd4wPAAVrVPGcypQrscO8XEprzA_vpb1/view?fbclid=IwAR1_WQejJpdoxgJCLAUAl9v-cANLjfWXXVal7kj0g_yjKHlYLohBextYKUg
  4. VideoREDO TV Suite, the best software ever, he rip the dvds in seconds and not convert nothing: Example: DVD9 - 7.50 GB video mp4 or another format: 7.50 GB THIS IS AWESOME!
  5. Cancerian but not drama and family things, i hate!
  6. Fever Ray - Fever Ray (2009) since 2016 i listen this album every week or sometimes, everyday. Unique songs
  7. M will comeback to Warner Music? 

  8. If it were the pro shot tapes of the entire tour, maybe it’s worth thinking...
  9. katy perry witness tour doc is coming soon

    1. domo


      hopefully.. finally..

  10. Hello! someone here are Janelle Monáe fan to share some concerts with me?

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