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  1. Jorick

    I think I missed this trailer, someone....
  2. Jorick

    Never knew this But does this mean that there are two edits or...... I'm confused
  3. Jorick

    Could you please try to express yourself in English, i don't know what you are saying!!
  4. Jorick

    + RH Tour in full please
  5. @WhitePanda, great job. This would really be fantastic if this was real. Can't help wondering what you would do for the 10th (11th) anniversary of the "Celebration" album??
  6. Jorick

    To my knowledge this is not the official video. There was an European video (a performance on Top of the Pops). And an US video (a performance on Solid Gold). As mentioned above, I always thought so to. But I would gladly be proven wrong!!😀
  7. Jorick

    😂😂😂😂, yes it was!
  8. This!!👍 Love the reworking he did on old classic M tracks for the RIT. ONLY wished he would use the full vocals on the tracks. For example on PDP (RIT) and Everybody (CPT) he skipped verses/bridges and choruses.
  9. Jorick

    Except Iconic, love that one
  10. Jorick

    @Bermu, I'm hoping that you are willing to update this thread with the leaking of the LAP Demo's, ROL Demo's & The Rain Tapes..... ......Please😬
  11. Jorick

    You were so right!!
  12. YES please, I'm not in the opportunity to see her live this time around, so anything would be great. Your recording of the opening night plays non stop in my car.
  13. Jorick

    Love the BAT version, as mentioned, it is epic. S&S is the best reinvented version in my opinion. What are the thoughts about the Live 8 version with the big choir or therefore the MTV OSAOTR 2003 performance.