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  1. I'm curious about the tracklisting. I mean Holiday/Lucky Star is a double A-side, just like Angel/Into the Groove. Will they use just Holiday and Angel or also Lucky Star and Into The Groove. And what about the You Can Dance (LP Cuts)? Will they only use Spotlight or also the other tracks. If so, there are more than 50 tracks. What are your thoughts about this. Either way i'm excited.
  2. I loved that performance, any song is fine with me.
  3. Please, give me more of your designs, they are fantastic πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  4. He also did an amazing job with the Oddysey album of Take That. I wish a future greatest hits compilation bt Madonna would take that route, a great re-Invention of hits while being truthful to the original songs. Love it.
  5. Fantastic news!! 17 studio albums, hmmm πŸ€”, let's see 01. Madonna 02. Like A Virgin 03. True Blue 04. Like A Prayer 05. I'm Breathless 06. Erotica 07. Bedtime Stories 08. Ray Of Light 09. Music 10. American Life 11. Confessions On A Dancefloor 12. Hard Candy 13. MDNA 14. Rebel Heart 15. Madame X 16.?? 17.??
  6. Nice try, but what about: LTT - Edit PDP - Video Version (PDP - Edit/Fade) (TB - Edit/Fade) OYH - Remix Edit OYH - Video Version LIB - Remix Edit
  7. Hanky Panky is the album version pasted under the live performance.
  8. So I've come up with the tracklisting for the 'for the heart' disc. 01 I want you (duet with Marvin Gaye) 02 I'll remember (video edit) 03 Take a bow (edit) 04 You'll see (full version with cold ending - fanmade) 05 Bad Girl (HCD video edit) 06 The power of goodbye 07 Another suitcase in another hall 08 Love don't live here anymore '96 09 You must love me (single version) 10 Time stood still 11 One more chance 12 Rain (video edit) 13 Paradise (Fanmade edit DWT style) 14 Frozen (video edit with album intro) 15 Drowned world (edit) 16 Don’t cry for me argentina (edit)
  9. So re-reading this thread a few years later, I come to the conclusion that GHV2 should have been a two disc set. Something like Whitney Houtstons Greatest Hits from 2000. One disc with all the ballads, and one disc with the non - ballads. For the heart and for the feet 😜. Don't you agree!! Also.... There wouldn't be a STR. Challangin isn't it......
  10. This could make sense, maybe the narrative of her biopic sidelines this. I believe in this, this could be real.
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