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  1. @Frank, you're very very quick, love you!!
  2. Great, great, great. Love it! And the mole above her lip is back, isn't it?
  3. No your not dumb, the first passage is what the writer of the article thinks how Madonna & Swea Lee hooked up together. That it was calculated, and absolutely not spontaneously. That my two cents on this one.
  4. I think you are my long lost twin brother!!😂😂
  5. Congrats to the winners!!
  6. @mouse, where can I find the official radio edit.
  7. Jorick

    @Dazedmadonna, is the Final Demo of Bye Bye Baby on the rain tapes, the same version as the leaked version (that was from an alternate set, and if not what were the differences?
  8. Jorick

    Can I be in??
  9. Jorick

    For a single compilation I would say: - Angel (single edit) - True Blue (as much as I love the remix edit, I would goo for the edit version) - Like a Prayer (7" Version)
  10. Jorick

    Kinda like the reinvented human nature version. She should do it on tour, bring it on already..
  11. @TonyMontana& @Frank, thank U so much!!
  12. Jorick

    I have them, but very bad quality, I hope that @Luiz Ribeiro, will upload them !!
  13. Thank U for the information and files, i was missing some of the shared files here!!