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  1. Does anyone else hears the end of another song at the start of Don't Tell Me, or am i crazy?
  2. Love this version of KIT, @ first listen new intro and outro, are the main differences.
  3. Or other remix edits considered for the project. Frozen - stereo MC' s remix edit for example.... . All 2022 remasters of course.
  4. What if this is true, the sampler consists of 5 remixes that, in the end, didn't make IT tot the Final cut. Just Imagine.... 01_Lucky Star (Remix Video Edit) 02_Angel (Remix Edit) O3_Causing A Commotion (Movie House Edit) 04_Spotlight (YCD Single Edit) 05_Where's The Party (YCD Single Edit) All 2022 remasters of course.
  5. Ik thought i saw the remix of Celebration was out, but I'm nog sure.......
  6. This! I like the fanmade edit, but does someone here have a fanmade edit of the SDP Vocal Mix with the full lyrics, someone.... Please....
  7. Like this tracklist, instead of a New song i would include CAC Movie House Edit and that's a wrap!!😂😜
  8. Love the remix of DAD, it only fades out too quick.
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