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  1. I just realised that, due to the fact that the song was not released at midnight in each territory, it might not have appeared in Release Radar playlists yet (at least not in mine), but it might pop up later or next Friday… hopefully 🤞🏻 Is Popular in your Release Radar playlists?
  2. You do realise that Shakira or Sia or many others (not only female artists) don’t achieve such numbers on their own ?… That’s how it works nowadays 🤷🏻‍♂️ Like you said, if it helps a new audience discover her music, that’s fine
  3. Abel is as enthusiastic as we are…. He’s so sweet 😅
  4. I’d be curious to know if that helped other tracks from her catalog reach new highs (or maybe in the coming days)…
  5. f78k


    Thanks Abel and Popular 👍🏻🤩
  6. Is 1.2M streams in the US a lot? Will it be enough to chart on Billboard Hot 100 ?
  7. f78k


    Current playlisting stats:
  8. Playlisting stats for Popular are looking good so far:
  9. f78k


    She just posted this in an Instagram story… maybe this will happen 🤞🏻🤩
  10. I hope the 2 versions of Popular (explicit and censored) are merged...
  11. f78k


    Are the streams for both versions (explicit and censored) gonna be merged?
  12. f78k


    Spotify is gonna promote it massively it seems…
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