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  1. I really doubt she would do that! That would be so cheap and tacky.
  2. I think after the tour she will start working on a big documentary about her career that will feature songs from the Celebration Tour filmed by Alek Keshishian.
  3. So Madonna this year and Like a Virgin in 2025… and most likely True Blue in 2026.
  4. I know that but the main footage is usually done at the end of the tour.
  5. Wasn’t the Rebel Heart Tour filmed on the last 2 dates?
  6. So the guest judge’s name is Elle Barbara! She’s a local artist that Madonna’s team contacted when they arrived in Montréal. https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2024/01/19/une-montrealaise-sur-scene-avec-madonna-au-centre-bell--je-noublierai-jamais
  7. Our turn now Apparently she's been in the city for 2 days... https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2024/01/17/madonna-est-arrivee-a-montreal-avec-son-equipe-et-son-pianiste-quebecois-rickey-pageot
  8. That’s not Fox News, the right wing crazy shit. It’s news from a local Fox channel.
  9. Wow ok! Thanks for the info.
  10. Do we actually go "backstage"?
  11. Is it what they called the "Backstage tour"?
  12. The performance looks great but the fact that they use the record is sooooo cheap! I mean, it's a concert!!
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