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  1. Gutten

    She's number #1 in Canada
  2. Gutten

    He was at the show in NYC on Sept 25th.
  3. I got the blond cover with 15 track at Sunrise Records, they have the exclusive.
  4. Gutten

    The gave it 4/5 when it came out. It was one of the rare good reviews of the album.
  5. Gutten
  6. Gutten

    I have blu-rays of Girl 6 and Blue in the Face, I believe they are both from Japan.
  7. I remember in the Jonathan Ross interview from 1992 she was talking about Where Life Begins
  8. Gutten

    I know she will release it this fall, but nothing on her birthday, that's ridiculous thinking.
  9. Gutten

    She hates aging, she will distance her album release date from her birthday that's for sure.
  10. Gutten

    JP Gaultier is her date
  11. Gutten

    Thanks but the link is not working anymore :( I'd like to hear what it sounds like before buying it.
  12. Gutten

    Thanks but I bought this CD
  13. Gutten

    Hello friends,I'm trying to get all the best (sound quality) live bootlegs of each professionally recorded show. Anyone could help me? I already have a few (listed below). Which one am I missing that is a must-have? Which VT, WTG, DWT and RT should I get?- Life is Change (Dallas)- Sexual Exposure (London)- Some Like it Hot (Barcelona)- The Party's Right here (Dallas) - Girlie Show Experience (London)- Physical Osmosis (Japan)- Lick Me Down Under (Australia)- Exotica (Australia)
  14. I loved it so much. Can't wait for a pro recording