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  1. I love that she didn't perform Candy Shop
  2. I think it's true....I got this e-mail a few hours ago.
  3. Just out of curiosity: the re-release of the SEX book (even if limited edition) was part of the special event release? And also, was the greatest hits tour part of this deal as well?
  4. It's fantastic. A truly wonderful remix. I really like it a lot.
  5. So just because she hangs out with young people, she is ageist?
  6. I agree with most of the stuff you said, but he is way more than a music manager at this point, no?
  7. Because she has nothing but her fanbase? Are you blind? Her reputation and popularuty has been gking downhill for ages! How blind are you?
  8. Does this mean that all planned reissued will be released within the next 18 months?
  9. At the time it was released, it was considered a commercial flop indeed, compared to her previous albums. Erotica had pretty low numbers when it comes to sales.
  10. Because there was a single pressing of this album if I'm not mistaken. And the price is expensive as fuck.
  11. There is something wrong with this story.....one of the pictures (the 3rd one) says it's from 16 December 2022
  12. Still, that doesn't justify. Please troll, GTFO. Thanks
  13. I mean....she has posted some unflattering photos like this one, but I do admire her for the courage though....shows hoy confident she is
  14. None of us knows what happens behind closed doors. So I don't think we should judge M for what she has done or not. Either way, hopefully Britney will come out of this stronger.
  15. I don't know why this subject is a taboo for some of you. I mean, we're all gonna die. Anyway, I don't think she'd do that. If I wanted her to make a posthumous album? No.
  16. Stop being dramatic. He is allowed to question that.
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