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  1. Although I am fans of physical formats, this time I don't think M will release a DVD or BR of this show, I think the best thing would be streaming / showing it in theaters...
  2. You guys here trying to guess where she is filing, but you don't even know for sure if she will film at all
  3. Anyone from Mexico received an email or something ?
  4. I finally got tickets for the tour last night in Mexico (and last concert of the tour until now…) April 26th ❤️. Now its like this: 1. April 20th 2. April 23th (1st row 😍🥹) 3. April 26th I just can’t wait 🥹
  5. Rebel heart … I only played it once in full …
  6. I don’t know if there is already a topic for this, but I’d love to have a Someting to remember Vol.2 album. I put some like you must love me, little star, mer girl, time stood still … amog others, while I will also include some unreleased like I can’t forget, like a flower, never love a stranger, and something like “Miss you” from the Hello Suckers unreleased musical … I don’t know … that would be awesome … what u think?
  7. Is it true Kylie Minogue will be on stage with M today ?
  8. I’m loving it !!! I want it already 😍❤️⭐️
  9. Tbh I really thank the universe for this tour is an arenas tour, we got more chance to see her closer …
  10. I just realized that @rga98and I we are gonna be neighbors on Mexico date April 23rd ⭐️ 😍
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