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  1. Has anyone tried a water diet (only drinking water and doing some cardio training)? How much weigh can you lose within 2-3 days? 

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    2. EgoRod


      Might be anxiety and seasonal stress. Try to find alternatives on a healthier spectrum to nib on

    3. stancherry


      43 minutes ago, EgoRod said:

      Might be anxiety and seasonal stress. Try to find alternatives on a healthier spectrum to nib on

      I guess it's also Corona related, the gym is closed, working home and it's pretty cool and dark out there (Germany). I'm so jealous for people living in warm countries. :( 

    4. PatrickSamuel


      Ok, you do whatever "modern culture" tells you, you seem to have misunderstood what I said anyway. There seems to be some cognitive dissonance going on. 

  2. stancherry

    It's definitely coming out, but the question is whether it's going to be broadcasted around Christmas on Amazon Prime Video or next year?
  3. stancherry

    i hope the full show will make the live CD
  4. stancherry

    obviously nothing till December...
  5. stancherry

    at least we can enjoy Kosmmik's studio mixes in the meantime as the replacement for the audio version.
  6. stancherry

    i don't know why everyone is expecting a release before the end of the year. it obviously won't happen.
  7. stancherry

    Madonna and Kylie are an exception when it comes to releasing the tour DVD‘s. Cher, Gaga‘s tour were not released or filmed either...
  8. stancherry

    For this tour it was Easy Ride instead of Papa, Crave (acoustic version) was supposed to be performed after Medellin. You Must Love Me (in Portugese) was also in the second act. I believe Future had a different version (with an e guitar) and was performed before Prayer. The other songs mentioned (What it feels like for a girl, x static process, forbidden love, justify my love...) were also supposed to be in the setlist and were rehearsed in acoustic versions similar to the bonus song section from the Rebel Heart Tour. Some sources also mentioned that an updated version similar to the original mix of Rescue Me was rehearsed and that Satin Birds (W.E. soundtrack) or Falling Free were meant to be the interlude before Frozen.
  9. stancherry

    Don't think we'll get anything before Christmas...
  10. stancherry

    Thank you very much!!! I have faith in you.
  11. stancherry

    Can't wait for the missing songs and the album!!! Are you also doing the intro's to God Control, Vogue and Crave?
  12. stancherry

    So, only 7 songs are missing? You've done an incredible job within a very short period of time!!! Missing songs (are any other songs missing???) Dark Ballet Batuka Killers Crazy Medellin Extreme Occident I Rise
  13. stancherry

    No, but Kosmmik started uploaded his mixes. He did 5 songs and they are amazing!
  14. stancherry

    Next album is the MDX live album. After that she is probably going to release a new greatest hits collection with a few new songs. A mini album / EP would be good too.
  15. stancherry

    I guess it will be streamed/available on Amazon Prime. But I'm afraid it might not come out this year. Let's hope they will release the tour film in all possible formats (Live album, DVD, BluRay, DVD+CD, BluRay+CD) next year.