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  1. Do you guys think she'll come to Berlin?
  2. Hopefully she will come to Berlin and not Düsseldorf.
  3. perhaps she should ditch the 4 act structure and do 7-8 sections and 1 big 80s medley and perhaps and couple mashus.
  4. stage wise, a 360 degree stage / middle stage (same as Circus Tour) would be amazing.
  5. she should just re release AutoTune Baby and Queen and the 3 other songs from MX
  6. actually she didn't look that young from 2001-2007
  7. i dont know why everyone is anticipating a stadium tour, while arena shows are more suitable for a pop show. Considering you can only get a decent view while being in the Golden Circle in a stadium
  8. Probably May/June 23 - December 23 (stadiums in summer, arenas in Fall)
  9. btw , is a stadium show better than an arena show? I mean regarding stage set up (see Conessions DVD tiny arena vs big arenas) I love those curtains left and right from the stage making the stage appear much bigger, but having a lower tier seat its way better. Those of you who have seen the show in an arena vs stadium, what do you think? I remember seeing the Confessions Tour in Hannover and Duesselforf and I had a side view seat and it was amazing, how close the little catwalk on the right side was near the lower tiers, but in Hannover it was dreadful (ugly stadium, cold...)
  10. just one question, is this the Remix album she was referring to all the time on Instagram?
  11. You can also see the Paris footage in the DVD film durning the last section in some songs. Somehow the Paris footage looks odd, similar to the RIT Lisbon show. It certainly appears more natural and real compared to teh overworked official release, but they used some screen footage and it kind of changes the proportions of the stage etc.
  12. sorry for asking such a stalker question: she's here a.t.m., right? nice interior...
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