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  1. Ok. There is a backstage video. But what I said is true: no one in the audicence could see this.
  2. No. Nobody could see her. She enters after the ball touch the stage. From the same "hole" that she goes away in the end of Jump.
  3. Some remixes have a great new arranjment, but comes along with endeless instrumental parts or repeated verses. So sometimes they are tiring for listening in day by day or even more in a party with lots of people with different favorites singers and types of music. So it´s great to have a more enjoyable 4" lenght of a great version/remix with all her essencial elements. I´m not a native English speaker. I hope I made myself clear and gentle.
  4. yes! all the LPs, some CDs and books. in the living room.
  5. MORE: Crazy For You Who´s That Girl Secret Take a Bow Don´t tell me What it feels like for a girl 4 Minutes LESS: Candy Shop
  6. I think this video was after the quatentine, after she tested positive.
  7. I got a little disappointed about the way she told she was vaccinated in the video. She spoke like it didn´t have any importance. As a politicized artist she is, I think she should had made a post with picture or video of the vaccination and a encougarement message. Other singers who don´t get into political causes, like Mariah and Kylie, posted. Why didn´t Madonna?
  8. @kesiakhahahaha ok. I missed Deeper. Anywy, all the other information I gave is right.
  9. It was the 2nd single. Indeed. But due to the failure in the charts (her biggest flop till then, peaked #36), they released Fever in a rush (1 month later), wich video was filmed in one day only. It´s said that M never sang Bad Girl in a tour because she hates the fact of having her first single ever not to enter Top 20 on Billboard Hot 100.
  10. They were not bodyguards, but police men. And this picture was very criticized by local media. Slums are not zoo. People who live there are not animals up for visitation and are tired of this glamorization of poverty. The police presence is a sign of criminal domain in these areas.
  11. I have the same feeling that she lives in a bubble. But with so many "real" people around, why any of them brings her feet to the ground? What are they afraid of? Don´t they see how bad her career is going in the last 5 or 6 years due to her unconsciousness?
  12. I believe the next best thing would be she going to an island in Angra or any other city in the Costa Verde of the State of Rio de Janeiro. But not partying in Rio de Janeiro City.
  13. I guess everybody here has seen Madonna´s story in Instagram announcing she is coming to Rio (I´m from Rio) for her birthday party. I must confess I´m really worried about it, because the Covid-19 pandemy is not over here. And parties (of any kind) are still forbidden all over Brazil (by the governors, ´cause the president is against quarantine). Every week we see in the news and in the social media local famous people giving partis and been cancelled by the people who cares about public health. Brazil is the second country in the world that most listens to Madonna in Spotify and watches her in YouTube as well. This could have very serious consequences to Madonna´s image here. Brazil is very polarized about those who support vacines and quarantines and hates the president (a tropical Trump) VERSUS people who don´t support vacine and quarantine and support our fascist president. In what side Madonna should be?
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