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  1. Justify My Love Rescue Me or Revolver?
  2. "On October 8, Madonna will be releasing her highly anticipated documentary film, MADAME X, exclusively on Paramount+" this excerpt from the Warner deal release makes clear that there will be no physical release.
  3. I loooooooooooved your post in the ICON Forum about Madonna's recent strategy and management and their disrespect towards her legacy. Happy to see you here too.
  4. I´m not a "right now" person. So I quit Grindr and installed Tinder. What I found there? A lot of no pics, no faces and headless torsos profiles.
  5. I think that we have a series of problems: her gems (that we wanted relaunched) are in the Warner ´s catalog. She´s not in Warner anymore. She didn´t have a peaceful exit from the company. And, the biggest problem of all: her incompetent and disinterested team who does NOTHING to fix it. Maybe the solution (or miracle?) would be she signing again with Warner or maybe just having a good reunion meeting where W people convinced her about how great and necessary it is to do these relaunches.
  6. What city are you from? Was it in a LGBTQIA+ club? I´m from Rio, Brazil. I´ve played Levitating with M a few times and it was ok. And I once had an episode like yours with Give it 2 Me too, some years ago. But before Covid, Faz Gostoso was a ultra huge hit in Brazilian LGBTQIA+ clubs due to Anitta´s colab. It was not hard to hear this song more then once in a night.
  7. Ok. There is a backstage video. But what I said is true: no one in the audicence could see this.
  8. No. Nobody could see her. She enters after the ball touch the stage. From the same "hole" that she goes away in the end of Jump.
  9. I have polemic opinions about the Confessions Tour
  10. Some remixes have a great new arranjment, but comes along with endeless instrumental parts or repeated verses. So sometimes they are tiring for listening in day by day or even more in a party with lots of people with different favorites singers and types of music. So it´s great to have a more enjoyable 4" lenght of a great version/remix with all her essencial elements. I´m not a native English speaker. I hope I made myself clear and gentle.
  11. yes! all the LPs, some CDs and books. in the living room.
  12. MORE: Crazy For You Who´s That Girl Secret Take a Bow Don´t tell me What it feels like for a girl 4 Minutes LESS: Candy Shop
  13. I think this video was after the quatentine, after she tested positive.
  14. I got a little disappointed about the way she told she was vaccinated in the video. She spoke like it didn´t have any importance. As a politicized artist she is, I think she should had made a post with picture or video of the vaccination and a encougarement message. Other singers who don´t get into political causes, like Mariah and Kylie, posted. Why didn´t Madonna?
  15. @kesiakhahahaha ok. I missed Deeper. Anywy, all the other information I gave is right.
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