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  1. Hello, guys. I´m from Brazil, my English is good but language is much more than words. Sometimes we need more context to understand some ironies, double meanings etc. The queer singer Todrick Hall just dropped his new single "Pre-Madonna" and I´m dying to know how you - native speakers of English - think about it. Was it a simple quote? A tribute, mockery, a bit of both? Here are some excerpts from the lyrics. Pre-madonna Pre-madonna The girls were vogueing pre-madonna With the boom box And the pop lip Big hair with a little bit of crip crip Pre-madonna Pre-madonna The girls were vogueing pre-madonna Fuck the sweatband Let it drip drip And they don't shablam 'Cause they dip dip Somebody tell her I am that bitch, bitch Somebody jealous Sold out my world tour It's rainin' fellas I'm gay beyoncé This is gaychella The full video here: https://youtu.be/KbR0AOwYqh8
  2. I Don't Search I Find Sooner or Later or Something to Remember?
  3. Actualy too hot and too famous. The only reason Madonna did NOT want to make a video for Faz Gostoso was to avoid to have to dance and look hot beside Anitta, who is a great dancer.
  4. Rescue Me The Beast Within -or- Goodbye To Innocence?
  5. Beat Goes On The Look of Love or He´s a Man
  6. Autotune Baby Beautiful Scars or Living For Love?
  7. I'm Addicted Jump or Nothing Really Matters?
  8. Has to Be Spotlight or Beat Goes on?
  9. Frozen (1998, of course) Promisse to try or The look of love?
  10. Don't Cry for Me Argentina Body Shop or Gambler?
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