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  1. Rain (Radio Remix) Verás or Lo que siente la mujer?
  2. Goodbye to Innocence The power of good-bye or Masterpiece
  3. One More Chance I want you or Bedtime Story?
  4. Into the Groove Don´t Stop or Heartbeat?
  5. Something to Remember Rebel Heart or Medellin?
  6. Dear Jessie Love Hurts or The Beast Within?
  7. American Life What if feels like for a girl _or_ Don´t Tell Me?
  8. My TOP 13 1. Live to Tell 2. You'll See 3. Rain 4. Crazy for You 5. Take a Bow 6. Oh Father 7. Bad Girl 8. I'll Remember 9. Frozen 10. Ghosttown 11. The Power of Good-Bye 12. What It Feels Like for a Girl 13. Crave
  9. Get Together Holiday or Like a Virgin?
  10. with a decent inner sleeve!! loved it!!
  11. Beside this great vinyl, I hope we´ll have the american life videos remastered in HD on YT, including the "original" (the softest version) AL.
  12. The jacket is for the Immaculate VIP Package, the most expensive one. There will be other gifts.
  13. You don´t know Madonna fans... Some of them take the "material girl" vibe too seriously... Wait few hours after the first show and you will see a lot of "exclusive gifts" for sale.
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