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  1. In 1985, Warner Brasil authorized the use of "Crazy for You" in a tv soap opera soundtrack. Weeks later, Warner International disavowed and demanded the retreat of the LPs and K7s from the stores. The song could not be in other soundtrack but "Vision Quest"´s. CFY was replaced by "Smooth Operator" by Sade. The soudtrack LPs with Madonna became really rare and now are considered a gem for vinyl collectors from Brazil. Nowaday it´s sold 10 times more expensive than the second one. Madonna´s song was aired only once in the soap opera, before Warner International taking action.
  2. Some of sold out attendances (Tickets sold / available) in wikipedia are fake. Example: Everybody in Brazil knows that her second Sticky and Sweet night in Rio de Janeiro was not sold out. Only the first one was. So what did M people do? They took the average of the two shows and released as both were sold out.
  3. you guys knew everything about the tour before! the best madonna fansite ever Do you know any info about the Celebration Tour coming do South America / Brazil?
  4. I think Warner should re-release Celebration 4 LPl with an extra OUTER COVER inspired by the poster of the tour. Something like this (I made):
  5. Living For Love Gambler or Physical Attraction?
  6. Rebel Heart Tour and Madame X Tour were announced six months before they started. We can assume that the 2023 must start in July. If Madonna will perform in Italy in November, from July till November, it´s a too long time to spend in the US only. So maybe the rumors of a start in South America may be true...
  7. I go for MADONNA - THE IMMACULATE TOUR It would be cool to have this religious refference and also relate to the immaculate collection.
  8. I´m from Brazil and there´s no rumor here about Madonna coming with this tour yet. But, of couse, I´d love it to be true.
  9. why ´NO´ stadium? There are a few good stadiuns in Italy.
  10. Take a Bow Vogue Bitch I´m Madonna I believe these three songs could make 3 completely different and great endings.
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