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  1. New rumors from Brazil: Madonna to be announced as headliner in Rock in Rio. The festival takes place in September 2024.
  2. RUMOR: Madonna might be filming, right now, a campaign for a Brazilian bank that would sponsor the Celebration Tour in the country. It´s said this is she leaving the hotel in Paris to shoot the videos.
  3. I´m not sure if she´s coming to Rio this time. 3 or 4 nights in Alianz Park in São Paulo - and nothing more - sound more realistic to me. If she comes to Rio, of course I would prefer Jeunesse Arena. But I believe Engenhão has more chances.
  4. Blond, Girlie, Sticky, MDNA... Many of her tours took place in arenas and stadiums. The Stockholm arena she played this week is a sradium size arena. The stage size is defenetely not a an issue. And btw, we have arenas in South America too.
  5. Maybe, and just maybe, these performances may be the only that may need some change for stadiums. But have you seen Pink in Rock in Rio?
  6. Interestingly, they exchanged the images from Madonna's birthday party as a child for images from the add on TV that Madonna is watching. Maybe some problem with the actress's image rights...
  7. It´s funny you include "Pray For Spanish Eyes". That´s one of her most played songs in Adult/Flashback radio stations here in Brazil.
  8. Due to the postpone, the release date of MADAME X TOUR VINYL now matches with Kylie´s new album´s release date. Just coincidence?
  9. Sooner or Later!!! pliiiiiiiiiiiiz Bye Bye Baby (Girlie Show) or Candy Shop (MDNA Tour)?
  10. New pictures of the vinyl had leaked today. I believe this will be released later this year. Or maybe will be one of the gifts of the VIP Packages...
  11. Favorite song... Into The Groove Favorite pic: Powerful energy ✔ Beautiful face and hair ✔ Diastema ✔ Muscle arms ✔ Sexy ✔ Gourgeous dress ✔ Looks like Madonna ✔
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