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  1. Does someone know something about VIP access for ICON Legacy members?
  2. Can´t wait to spend all my money in the pop up store. (I don´t have info about it. Just a dream)
  3. Diana Ross performed for 800.000 people, says Billboard. In 2006, the Rolling Stones performed in front of 1.5 million people on Copacabana beach. The expectation for Madonna's show is an audience of between 1.5 million and 2 million.
  4. I believe we´ll have the same songs from The Celebation Tour, buy maybe in a different order and some cuts. I´d open the Copacabana show with Holiday. I thought the show could be like this... Holiday Into the groove Burning up Open your heart Everybody Live to tell Like a Prayer (interlude) Erotica XX Hung up Vogue Human Nature Crazy for you (full) (interlude) Nothing really matters Die another day Don't Tell me Express Yourself (guitar) La isla bonita XX (interlude) XX Ray of light Frozen Take a Bow Bitch I'm Madonna * XX - songs cutted out Nothing Really Matters, Bedtime Story are not smash hits for an audience with 45k fans and 1,5MI curious people. Holiday would make a much bigger impact as opening number. And I find Justify My Love too hot and too slow for a concert like this. Mother and Father? Argentina? NO WAY! PLEASE!
  5. To the doubters and naysayers and everyone who gave me hell and said the Rio concert could not, that it would not must not take place... O Globo - the most respected newspaper in Brazil
  6. Don´t know the venue yet. But as MOL says it´s going to be an "epic" closing of the tour, it must be a huge one. My bets: Maracanã, Parque Olímpico or Copacabana Beach.
  7. Just a heads up, this fanpage/profile broke the news exclusively about the advertising campaign with the Brazilian bank, days before the shoot happened in Paris back in November. And even in that post, they mentioned that the bank was bringing Madonna to Brazil. A few days after the campaign shoot, European fanpages started buzzing that Madonna had done a photoshoot for Vanity Fair in the French capital. But they got it wrong. The Brazilian site had it right all along. Hope they keep bringing us some good true news. As a Brazilian fan who hasn't seen Madonna since the MDNA Tour, I'm freaking out with excitement.
  8. I know about Ain´t no big deal´s origin, but it was b-side for Papa Don´t Preach. @Fabiolous
  9. My ideas for the True Blue reissue in vinyl. Gatefold cover, with the cover picture in b&w inside. 180gr remastered sound 24 pages booklet 11x111" with, pics, lyrics and info about charts and world records All blue vinyls (different tones) Vinyl 2 featuring: 1. Papa don´t preach extended (New Edit) + 2. Open Your heart Extened (New Edit) + 3. Live to tell instrumental + 4. True Blue Color Mix + 5. La Isla Bonita Extended + 6. Where´s the paty (Ciao Italia) + 7. Ain´t no Big Deal
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