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  1. Yes, I believe in a world tour in 2023. But I don´t believe this will be based on the Finally Enough Love remixes. I´m expecting more ballads, more hits and less dance moves and coreography. To avoid disappointment, let´s expect a show where she lays and seats a lot just like she did in Madame X. M will be 65 yo. Touring/travelling is extremely exhausting for itself. Add the tiredness of making a show. Add the age of 65 plus bruised knees and hips. Let´s demand less from our queen and just be grateful she still is giving us a show. No matter how quite she stays on stage.
  2. That´s why Madonna and other golbal stars usually start their tours in Jun/Jul in the North hemisphere and go down to South America, Australia and Africa in November/December, when it´s summer in the South hemisphere. Stick & Sweet Dates:
  3. I remember reading that MTV was working on the return of the Unplugged project, but the pandemic came and the world stopped. I´d LOVE to see Madonna performing unplugged/real live her classic hits and new songs. A big band LIVE for real, with a string Quartet! Don´t need to dance. It´s clear that she cannot even walk like few years ago. She´s humpback since 2016. Someone from her team or family has to give her a wake up call to her to accept she is not 35 or 50 years old anymore. She´s aged and it´s time to adapt her performances to her new physical limitations. I see Madonna can sold out arenas with a MUSIC CONCERT singing her greatest hits. She has DOZENS of great songs and hits that fans and people in general would love to appreciate in a live concert, sing along. Good music is much better than dance moves poorly executed. Those unforgetable hits she never performed or did long time ago? It´s time to open the treasure box and give us a show with songs like Take a Bow, I´ll Remember, Crazy For You, Bad Girl, Donpt Tell Me, Fever, Borderline, Bedtime Story, Frozen, Ghosttown, Secret... and also Music, Hung Up and Like a Prayer.
  4. Hope she releases remastered videos of Fever, Bad Girl and Rain on YouTube!
  5. Erotica was the first Madonna CD I bought, in 1993, few days before The Girlie Show Tour land in my city, Rio de Janeiro. Everyone was talking about Madonna on TV, newspapers, magazines, schools, streets, bars, everywhere. It was the first Madonna´s tour in Brazil. It was just impossible not to know she was coming for a sold out show in the biggest stadium of the world at the time, the Maracanã Stadium. I was 10 years old. Did not get everything she was singing about on the record, but I knew that was something special, different and not recommended for kids at my age. Loved it!
  6. Excelent cover picture for a song that says "Dance and sing, get up and do you thing... Let the DJ shake you..."
  7. Let It Will Be Revolver or Gang Bang?
  8. Couldn´t agree more about the shortned versions and interlude changes ideas. Just would add: a REAL LIVE BAND with bass and percussion, like The Girlie Show. Seeing her last appearences, videos and performances, I don´t believe she can handle a show with more than 15 songs.
  9. Till Death Do Us Part Survival or Sanctuary?
  10. I am really embarassed. Praying for nobody in this world to watch this.
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