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  1. bubuchu

    celebrities have a Mansion, they dont have stress at all. Normal people live in flats.
  2. bubuchu

    We (spaniards) are dying like rats. That's why we try to be positive and help others to enjoy every day at 8pm.
  3. bubuchu

    Spain already 2.182 deaths...
  4. bubuchu

    Madrid finally with 6.391 infected people. Flights at 50% next week. We can go out to buy food, medicines, work and few other things. We need to be at home for 15 days (until March 26th)... Goverment said (yesterday) we will reach Italy's number of infected people all over Spain next week so I will stay at home, safe.
  5. bubuchu

    more than 3.000 infected people and 100 deaths in Spain... still counting!
  6. bubuchu

    Toilet paper seems to be out of stock worldwide!
  7. bubuchu

    We are ready, experts said Spain is going to look like Italy in a week or so and we expect the worst until mid April. Most people should stay safe at home, that's the only way to stop the Corona at the moment. Let's see what happens in a week but things don't look very promising.
  8. bubuchu

    Spanish Goverment acted like "we're not going to be infected" and look at us now, more than 1.000 people infected. Unfortunaly, the Goverment wasn't ready, they acted like if it was a joke or something. 28 people dead and now they decided to close schools, high schools and Universities for 2 weeks. Fucking nerds, close airports!!!
  9. bubuchu

    Gas masks are out of stock in Spain so I think people is truly worried.
  10. Hi Bucca,


    here are Louise - 2 Faced (Jazzy M Twisted & Deceitful Vocal Mix)
    & Beautiful Inside (Tilt's Phazon Mix) from CD in Apple lossless from this CD :




  11. Hello! Some memeber move to DrownedMadonna Forum! You may come here! 

    Do you have de Radio Edit of God Control? :08:

  12. bubuchu

    I like God Control (but I need a radio edit) and Looking For Mercy (apart of I Rise).
  13. bubuchu

    I must admit that I like the track
  14. Hello dear, I've heard that you have the Kylie Minogue Timebomb stems, if it's true would you please share them with me? <3