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  1. because people are never happy with what they get...especially her fans
  2. Madonna on "Servant of the people" episode 5. Just a line saying that one of the ministers hired Madonna for a show.

  3. Well...he is not wrong at all. Most gay when they see another gay: Hey girlllll!
  4. Calm down people. Frozen Fire it means it's gonna melt/burn...so Disappear!!! So, last frozen remix.... Yayyyyyyy
  5. I lost my Virginity. Can you help me find her? I miss her...

    1. MartineX


      She's my doG!

      I can hear her bark beat for the very first time...

  6. what I found

    (470) Akcent - King of disco (Official Video) - YouTube

    1. Neon Fever Dream

      Neon Fever Dream

      Early Akcent is the best Akcent.

  7. 2EN1  - Like a virgin in WAV of Flac? Anyone can shra with me, please. Thank you

  8. Hi Donald! Wanna have dinner tonight?
  9. Freeze the frozen remixes, pleeeeeease!
  10. I bet sge will say: Fuck Putin...fuck fuck fuck
  11. Soon, I will share a mix I have done. It's not perfect but I love it.

    Oh, my soon is not Madonna's soon! :tongue:


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