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  1. I always play her at my work, everyday. Not counting that or her show in Lisbon, I remember her being played near the shrine of Fatima - Portugal, in May 2023. I was in my hotel, like 50 meters from the shrine, and I heard outside " LA Isla bonita". Why not like a prayer? 😊
  2. Ela entregou a casa, já não lembro se foi no início do covid. O covid deve ter ajudado a que ela tomasse essa decisão mais cedo. Numa entrevista ela chegou a dizer que não deixaria a casa de Lisboa...honestamente, não estava a ver a Madonna manter aqui uma casa para sempre. Pelo menos, ficou com carinho ao país, e notou-se isso na Celebration.
  3. Happy birthday Madame X! You should come back home to celebrate it
  4. Leave Jorge alone people. Let him live is life out of the spotlight. This thing wasn't good for him. And a lot of fans were just jealous bitches. Everybody took advantage. He shouldnt be sued at all, but those close to Madonna that let things go under her radar. Jorge was a scape goat. Thank you for all Jorge
  5. She never encouraged me to strip myself, and she ever did... That would be my Choi to do it or not. So...
  6. My favorite memory? I guess it was my best Madonna show ever! I sang from beginning to end, including the Beast within, the no fear,. I NEVER ever sung so much at a concert. I really enjoyed myself and Madonna. To me it was perfect. There have been some years I kinda grown apart from Madonna, like not identifying myself with her anymore... And I actually made peace with her. I don't like to say the 4 letters word, but I'm really thankful for her, really really thankful. watching Rio today, was great too. This Little light of mine was a really sweet surprise, cause I really really really like that song. Nothing Really Matters is one of my all time favorite performances. Like a prayer, Beast Within, Rain, Sodade first Lisbon night (my night), MJ. Right now I feel lost, don't know what to believe in, but I like the gospel of Madonna Ciccone. Thank you guys for sharing Rio de Janeiro, caralho! 😁 I miss the status, cause I wanted to writte one just to say thank you.
  7. Please, can you re upload the first one, the undubed 3bg mp4? I don't have enough memory to download the others. Please. Thank you
  8. Status gone again? 

  9. I think Like A Prayer is now my all time favourite Madonna song. 😊 Trying to get all the versions I could found on Spotify.  😁

    and today I became a friar...at least for Facebook...but no One Falled for it yet... Its just not that funny on April's fools 🤣

    and i look good as  a friar 🤣

    Happy Easter! Páscoa feliz,, everyone! 

  10. Please, someone rip the live stream of Shakira from New york! 😊

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