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  1. Talking about soon...

    Didnt She promised on Instagram that She would be sharing that performance She did to launch the Madame X tour film? 🤔


    1. MartineX
    2. Prince of Darkness

      Prince of Darkness

      She promised and then realized it could not be saved. Its better to just leave it alone at this point, small surprise performances like that do not suit her.

  2. I'm sorry to disturb the party/peace, but did you guys realised she also wrote: soon ???
  3. Another greatest hits coming "soon"? 

    50#1 soon insta stories @madonna



  4. now I see where your sense of humor came from...your avatar!
  5. Priceless! LOL They both look strange... Because, gays do it worst (just kiding) the one not in the picture
  6. How do I make the songs from the same folder sound "the same"? Some play loud, others very low.



    1. Andymad


      I have the same issues… this is why I don’t play my music unsupervised at work LOL. One a nice volume, the next kinda quiet then BOOM the intro drums of open your heart BLASTING

    2. MartineX


      Like me...but I still play it, anyway

    3. aleex123


      You need an audio edition program, like Audacity to edit the volume, a song dB's are usually from -5.0 to -9.0.

  7. Thief Of Hearts (If I had a hammer)

    is that demo real? I remember listening to it, but I just cant find it in my "Rain Tapes". None of the 3 versions has it

    1. EgoRod


      it was a different leak than the Rain Tapes


    2. EgoRod


      and here is the tape:


    3. MartineX


      Thank You. those links are dead but I found it

  8. none, really. I usually listen to music only at work. At home I watch netflix...lol But the last week I've been trying to organize a folder full of demos to put on my phone. Jesus, I kinda gave up a few times... I'm not going to put every demo of every song in it. I wonder If I will ever finish this task...so much work.ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. I used to think like that. Bitch, let her go down with a bang? and you are her fan... Some went down with a bang and it wasnt good. Bang bang Pissing off for just pissing off with no valid reason...just for being...: hey, see my underwear for the very 100000000000 time! It comes to a place where actually isnt pissing anyone at all... it's more like rolling my eyes and "yawn". The lady is a tramp and going gaga (there is no reference to Stefani Germanotta in my comment). I wonder if 50 cent would do it. fashion that is just a world of futility, vanity, and ego. Pass.
  10. She is not Whitney, Mariah, Celine but...all her talents together put up on a great show others can't. She can't sing? Sure she can, she does it. There are songs that her voice sounds really sweet. PAtti Lupone is not the one who said that M's work on Evita was bad? I know it was some Broadaway actress who said it. Anyway, I always read That M's version of Argentina was the best...and to me it is. Not even Sarah Brightman does it better Or Sinead Oconnor. Live...well, sometimes...but I rather hear real vocals than lip sync (for her life). Orthe heavy production on her tours...Madame X realy sounds like the album...There are others that dance and put up on great shows like she does. There is one that surprised me the first time I saw her live, and what I thought: she sings better than Madonna. Not Celine, Mariah, Whitney... I didnt thought Madonna was bad, I just thought this one sung better than her. ANd i Thought that because I was: madonna, madonna, madonna...
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