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  1. Does anyone know where I can download Cher's first albums in Mono? I can't stand the fake stereo quality which has the music at one side and the vocals at the other side. I know "The Imperial Recordings: 1965-1968" album has some tracks in Mono, but the quality is bad.

    1. aleex123


      I found this version of Bang Bang on youtube and honestly this sounds so much better than any version available to purchase.

    2. brank000


      There's some vinyl rips available and some tracks have made it onto select compilations, but I agree it's a mess. That Imperial Recordings album took the worst remasters 

  2. So, I've just noticed that the La Isla Bonita video surpassed 450 million views.

    1. me1981


      I've noticed Spanish style, influenced or language songs often get big views. She should put Veras up, such a beautiful song. I think it would also do well

    2. me1981


      Oh I just noticed it is up and proved me wrong as it is only close to 3M

    3. Angelo


      Veras is not as famous as la Isla Bonita. Also the video was posted 2 years ago 

  3. People are saying this remaster was terrible, I guess they expected a non-blurry remaster, but tbh that is the aesthetic of the video, and it fits with the theme, I really don't see the deal with it. At least Madonna's face is clearer and not so bright in some scenes.
  4. Idk if my thread is visible but I've done something. 


  5. Madonna just posted new photos with straight hair :Madonna014:

  6. I think it's kind of funny that no one has chosen Hard Candy - Celebration and MDNA - Rebel Heart, but I've got to mention that her voice in Celebration and Broken was amazing.
  7. I also noticed that, her voice during that time was very distinctive, it's also more noticeable on the demos from the Music era, "Arioso", "Little Girl", "Liquid Love" and "Like An Angel Passing Through My Room".
  8. Go checkout AYANNA CYMONE youtube channel, she has been reacting to some Madonna's videos and songs, she makes good observations and points out things you probably never noticed in her videos.

  9. I feel like a lot of people would say the Evita era, but even thought she trained her voice to sound amazing, I feel like it did more bad than good to her voice, I feel like after that, she struggled to sing with her original voice and the Evita voice was too demanding for her. I honestly wish that she had never trained her voice, loved her voice through True Blue to Someting to Remember.
  10. Just discovered singer Foxes, her debut single Youth really made me tear up at first listen, it's such a beautiful dance ballad, y'all should go give her a chance.

    1. aleex123


      Also, the "Fred Falke Remix" of the "Let Go for Tonight" single is such a disco bop, it has some Confessions influence.

    2. Unruhe


      Youth has grown on me to become one of my favorite albums ever. Also you should check the track BODY TALK from her second album

    3. madmadmadgefan


      Found this on reddit back in 2017.   Surprised the link still works.  

      Foxes - Discography


  11. Imagine if Madonna never canceled the Ray of Light Tour, we most likely would have live performances of Nothing Really Matters, Bedtime Story and Skin. :Madonna047:

    1. madgefan


      And she would have sung off-key during the whole thing trying to emulate the Evita voice that didn't sound good live. Her vocals were great by the end of 2000.

  12. MDNA has aged like milk, wish she would have kept on working with Paul Oakenfold for the album, instead of Martin Solveig and William Orbit.

    1. Fighter


      would that have been better

    2. aleex123


      Celebration, It's So Cool and Broken are better than anything in MDNA, so yes

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