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  1. Buy Carly Rae Jepsen's new album Dedicated Side B, it's so good.

  2. If you would have to choose between Ooh La La and Scream & Shout by Britney Spears, which song would you choose?

    1. theREALmgo


      Easily Scream & Shout. Even if she's barely on it, the video has lewks, and it is at least an enjoyable song. None of those things can be said for Ooh La La

  3. Now that we have amazing programs to upscale images and videos, does someone wants to upscale the Reinvention Tour leaked video?

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    2. jross


      I tried the Topaz installer on two PCs and only got error messages 😜

    3. Sprk


      Yeah so upscaling takes FOREVER if you don't have a super fast computer.

      Upscaling a full concert like that would take like 1-2 WEEKS on my computer 😕 Meh.

    4. jross


      Ok now, what is this error thing -- just tried 3rd computer and they all have Windows10, 64-bit as specified in installation requirements????? I know this techology for the videos is new but...., Come on! 🙄 .. Any mega tech nerds here!? 😜🤣


  4. aleex123

    I mostly avoid the MDNA album, haven't listened to that album since 3 years ago, I'm still bitter about the overuse of autotune, such a wasted opportunity. Edit: I also used to avoid Jimmy Jimmy and Cherish, thankfully I've grown to like these songs.
  5. aleex123

    Oh no you didn't.
  6. aleex123

    It's a catchy song, I was actually thinking it was going to sound like this, of course I didn't expect another Hung Up, but sometimes I miss those dance songs, at least it's not another Give Me All Your Love.
  7. aleex123

    Oh dammit I forgot... the Bedtime Stories one, the other one, I would never skip that masterpiece.
  8. aleex123

    1. Champagne Rosé (what was she thinking?) 2. Did You Do It? 3. S.E.X. 4. Illuminati 5. I'm Going Bananas 6. Jimmy Jimmy 7. Hey You At this point is just songs that I usually skip, but I listen to them when I feel like to. 8. Shoo-bee-doo 9. Secret Garden 10. Some Girls (this song would have been great if it wasn't for the autotune) 11. Love Song 12. Cherish 13. Forbidden Love 14. Push 15. Dance 2night
  9. Inside Out is definitely the most underrated track in Rebel Heart, I get chills everytime the strings on the bridge starts.

    1. Angelo


      I think it's really a beautiful love song

    2. rescueme


      If they'd followed the tradition of having the album title track as the first track, Inside Out would've been the best choice for track 2 imo (followed by Ghosttown as track 3)

  10. I think i'm finally realizing how good MDNA is, I mean, i'm still not a fan of some of the autotuned songs, but I can finally enjoy the album, I didn't liked Beautiful Killer but now it's one of my favorites, I don't even know how all of this happened lmao.

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    2. aleex123


      But it was on the Deluxe Edition-

    3. P A P i

      P A P i

      Yes, I know.  I mean it should have been on the standard and not as a bonus track.

    4. aleex123


      I got you, definitely yes.

  11. Hello dear, I've heard that you have the Kylie Minogue Timebomb stems, if it's true would you please share them with me? <3

  12. Did anyone else realized that Give It 2 Me wasn't included on the Celebration album but Miles Away was? makes me wonder who tf selected the songs from the album.

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    2. madgefan


      Maybe Warner wanted people to continue buying copies of HC. Same case for TIC where WTG was not included.

    3. BringUrLUV


      cuz they wanted people to keep buying the WTG soundtrack?