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  1. with this link you see many detail pcture enjoy... https://www.discogs.com/fr/release/24450572-Madonna-Rebel-Heart-Tour
  2. hi i find this i really love the colour cant wait for receive my copy i hope is help you
  3. hi i have idea is maybe simular to the Prince 1999 reissue vinyl and if yes is really beautifull purple
  4. not sure if quality of the artork japan are more better quality....
  5. hi yesterday i receive my box set 6 lp from rhino music warner canada all is perfect for all the other 4 lp last week silver red black and transparent from indie stote and amazon and finally the 3 cd edition and the 1 cd edition. ... the next i want is the japsn 3 cd but sadly no bonus track the quality box sound the same ??? you have more detail? thanks advance
  6. same for me buy fron rhino canada warner music receive my box set today in few hours cant wait
  7. are you buy the 6 lp on rhino warner music canada? if yes yesterday i send email and the answer is ship my box this friday only.
  8. wow cant wait for my copy this friday thanks to shared this picture
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