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  1. for me i want definitly MADONNA purple vinyl in my opinon its perfect must colour for like a prayer album maybe for the next remastered edition
  2. i have paramount + but i really hope blu ray or 4k ultra hd next fall and after i cancel paramount + sadly my first choice to madonna streming is netflix really strange choice for madonna paramount not really good in my opinion.
  3. thanks you i search also this picture in full hd horizontal for big screen computer if you have please post here thanks you.
  4. HI i buy my copy at this place the day is on pre order perfect im from canada.
  5. i receive this message.... Your cart has been updated and the items you added can’t be shipped to your address. Remove the items to complete your order....... i buy before on rhino canada.
  6. is ship in canada but big shiping and cross finger for exchange duty export douane.
  7. MADONNA BOXSET 6 VINYL BACK in stock in madonna.com in usa store.
  8. thanks god its my country canada my order is placed with warner rhino canada its more great for no problem for exchange douane rate many time i pay for export cant wait for august 2022
  9. yes maybe little i hope product not listed big remastered bluray 4k of all video clip
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