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  1. Spotify is also really happy giving millions of dollars to awful people while paying artists cents. I've stopped using them, there's enough alternatives to avoid them, since it's not a situation comparable to video streaming, there's barely any exclusives per platform.
  2. It hasn't. The vocal version of the Living for Drums (which was a digital promo anyway, hardly available) was the version that was performed, and that's what we're getting!
  3. I think everyone should listen to the acapella and make up their own mind. You know I mostly agree with you! My personal take is that he only had a single corrupted vocal anyway.
  4. Mike Dean's the person who manage to leave a click in Madonna's vocal repeated a dozen times in "Crave", so nothing surprises me.
  5. 90% of the time it's a recycled image from a non-related photoshoot with a text slapped on top. Hardly revolutionary! That obviously worked a dozen times, but most of the time... simply didn't. "Vogue" is gorgeous, but it's a still from "Express Yourself". So is "Rescue Me", as a still from "Justify My Love". The less said about the "Rebel Heart"/"MDNA"/"Hard Candy" artworks, the better. Here's a nice collection of them, lemme know which ones are your favorites! I tried to make it 4x4, but it was a struggle! https://www.steveyb.co.uk/artwork/all/Madonna
  6. Well, don't get it twisted! That was truly a dumb move.
  7. Hot take of the day is that most of Madonna's single artworks are rubbish. The album artwork she mostly nails (looking at you, "Hard Candy"). The "Erotica" reissue should ideally come in a box that replicates the shiny SEX book cover and some sort of smaller/booklet version of it.
  8. Oh, you've discovered how to scroll through someone's content? A round of applause! Of course I'd be happy to never again interact with buffoons like yourself, but this is still a place to find news and the occasional GOOD thread. I just never seem to learn to not click "Show Ignored Content". You know what's toxic? Mourning a woman who's still alive with pictures from 20 years ago. I might not agree with Madonna's choices or apparent lack of taste, but I wouldn't find myself entitled to judge her body or dislike that she's not a gracefully aged grandma and serious artiste just to feel better about myself, not to mention that I find this stage of her career much more authentic compared to when she was married to a raging homophobe and dedicated to a money-sucking cult. Bye pumpkin!
  9. You seem to think so highly of yourself! LMAO. You truly provoked my thoughts with a crybaby title, song lyric and three watermarked images in a row. Space brain material.
  10. This thread is... I don't even know where to start. Misogynistic, ageist, shaming plastic surgery... you've managed to do it all at once! Of course I know what you mean, but you didn't have to frame it in such a pathetic way. She's not dead under those cheeks, you know!
  11. To be frank, this is a very low bar. Next thing we know, she will be recording tracks with Jesy Nelson and will.i.am and we're just supposed to chomp on it like sharks just because, ya know, she's alive, yay!
  12. https://www.qobuz.com/gb-en/album/finally-enough-love-50-number-ones-madonna/tu514gw6zpxbb CD1 - tracks 01-16 CD2 - tracks 17-33 CD3 - tracks 34-50
  13. The inclusion of Physical Attraction is special because the YCD edit is actually the original double A-side 7'' edit which was pretty rare in lossless format. It even says so in the parts of the booklet we've seen so far!
  14. If you zoom in on the 3CD mockup, the booklet description clearly states "Like a Virgin" and "Material Girl" are the album versions... SAD
  15. Thanks for pointing me in this direction! First red flag is how long the "Holiday" edit is... it's at least 10-15 seconds too long, which means they must've recreated it!
  16. Day 2, and once again, Aldo can choke with his lack of taste and talent, Madonna too for choosing him. Not to mention that "I Don't Search, I Find" seems to be missing from the list of number ones printed on the toilet paper behind her, a massive oversight considering the collection is named after it! Mostly happy with the huge tracklist, the biggest pet peeve is the Hollywood remix she chose, when the Jacques Lu Cont, Paul Oakenfold and Micronauts mixes are all vastly superior.
  17. A lot can be inferred if you zoom in closely on this. So it's a 16-17-17 split, putting a wedge between "Secret" and "Bedtime Story", era-wise. Also, you can read some of the booklet entries.
  18. I imagine it's due to a design inconsistency, some cover appearing smaller and some larger looks like a software bug and not an intentional thing.
  19. Kinda happy this forum is going away. Madonna's fandom has truly turned toxic...

    1. MCL_1993


      Don't you think lately, everyone is getting involved to be more generous?

  20. If it was recorded a week ago, it's not like they can do anything spectacular with it, honestly.
  21. I'd... be here for a collab with her! Talk about an actually good thing from TikTok.
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