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  1. Right? This thread is simply amazing. I never had so much fun like the past 2 years here!
  2. That's logical advice but since it's gonna be the first time for me seeing her, I guess I won't be able to take my eyes off her, so every second counts when she is on stage. My hotel is literally like 10 steps from venue, so there is really no rush to get out asap and miss any millisecond of show
  3. Seeing Madonna live requires some suffering
  4. Do people need even more examples of amazing deluxe releases? YES, THEY DO! ... what about, American Life Mixshow Mix? This definitely counts as deluxe reissue. Now we have original AL album and remixed one!
  5. Hmm Medelin feat. Maluma Crave feat. Swae Lee Levitating (Dua Lipa feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott) Frozen Remix feat. 070 Shake Break My Soul (Beyonce feat. Madonna) Popular feat. Weeknd and Playboi Carti Vulgar feat. Sam Smith Judging by her songs from last 3 years, there is a chance you might be disappointed
  6. Exactly.. And we also got MDNA vinyl repress with all bonus tracks included, even fantastic, fans favorite B-Day Song Queen is serving and all you do is complaining!
  7. After more than 2 years.. This thread simply doesn't refuse to die. PS: Yes, me personally, I am gonna feed it even more!
  8. Theoretically, FEL (3CDs version) is exactly this. Expanded deluxe edition of all her landmark albums... On one album
  9. I think I won't be able to take my eyes off her, to be quite honest. After being a fan for 23 years, and now seeing her live for the first time.. Cannot even describe what kind of experience it will be! The rest of the show, I can enjoy later on Bluray/streaming, lol. Btw thank you for confirming that my seats are good. The venue looked quite big on the screen when I was buying tickets, so was worried for a moment I might be too far away, but then I checked some real pictures of that venue from the inside, and the view looked amazing, so looking forward to experience the show. PS: I will definitely remember your seats - box 104 seat 94 and 95 - and wave like crazy, too. I really appreciate your posts, you cannot imagine how you put away all my worries by writing these two posts here.
  10. Sure, I am not doubting her recent studio activities at all. I actually expect her to release that Max Martin song right before the tour. It's completely logic step. All I meant was that all these articles (Retropop, The Sun) seems to be based on the same source (some tweet), and not brining any new information, so we still should be a bit cautious reading them.
  11. Thank you for taking time and sharing the info with me in such detailed post. I truly appreciate it! You really addressed all my concerns, so now I am much more calm re my trip. Regarding my seat, I am actually seated (box 109,line 1,seat 312 - and 311 since I am attending the show with my friend - any chance you are sitting nearby? ;)). My plan is to be in front of venue approximately 2hrs before the show (6pm) to also enjoy some atmosphere outside, seeing other fans etc. I am staying at Jaz in the City Hotel, so really, really close by:) According to your post, this should be fine to get inside on time. And if there are ushers inside, it should be super easy to find our seats, very good. I am not really addicted to my phone, so only planning to take maybe one picture and then, as you said, immerse myself in the experience and enjoy it as much as possible. I can watch the tour on Bluray or streaming once it is released, but I can personally experience it only once, so I really don't plan to be focused on my phone at all. PS: I will be the one voguing all the time, lol
  12. Wondering if they have some insider information or this is just an article based on that tweet from Pop Leaks last week. I assume the second option is more plausible..
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