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  1. Seems pretty concrete to me if you read with a slightly bit of understanding
  2. Ok, you are more persuasive I don't have time to go through insta posts from half a year ago But documentary / concert film was reported for example here: https://retropopmagazine.com/madonna-planning-concert-film-for-final-celebration-tour-gig/ https://www.madonna.nl/buitenlands-nieuws/madonna-planning-concert-film-for-final-celebration-tour-gig/ Or even discussed on this forum here: (if you go through all instas of staff involved you will see there was a lot of 'behind the scene' material filmed since the very beginning of Celebration Tour, she was clearly not doing it for a simple Celebration concert, so it pretty much hints a documentary or something very similar.. Also considering she is now doing some voice over in the studio right after the show, it is more than obvious there will be some additional footage, not only the main show) Also, documentary is partly discussed here (but at that time, it was rather a hint that it is related to Celebration Tour) : "The Hollywood source told The U.S. Sun: "Madonna plans to record and film a lot of her Celebration Tour and use that footage for future projects. Making a documentary, which she has done before, most famously with her 1991 Truth or Dare project, is on the table."
  3. Since there should be some tour documentary as mentioned by multiple people during a tour, I strongly believe she is recording some voice over/spoken word related to that in the studio. Also she is pretty clearly mentioning a show in her post.
  4. With this pace.. I cannot wait for my grand-grand-grand kids to buy me The First Album 150th anniversary (the first reissue + 2 new extended remixes included)
  5. Well, I guess it would eventually fit after Like It or Not, they both have pretty similar sound and vibe.. With little bit of rework from Stuart, I see it as a good fit On the other hand, it pretty elevated Hard Candy album (especially positioned after that horrible Spanish Lesson)
  6. Yes, super excited for this nowhere-spanning partnership! Let's wait another 3 years to get absolutely nothing, what else can we hope for all these 40th anniversaries
  7. Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another
  8. Yeah, but there is no point making a biopic movie when Madonna is still here with us and being basically pretty active singer. We don't really see movies about living popstars (unless it is documentary). There is no Kylie Minogue /Janet Jackson life story movie or similar. Those movies are made long after the star is either no longer active or let's be honest dead. See Michael Jackson (coming next year), Bohemian Rhapsody, Whitney movie, Amy movie. Basically only Elton did his movie while being still sort of active but it only did okay, not really great. There is literally no point to make a biopic movie at this moment of her life, neither is there any demand by anyone, fans or general public. She is not yet a legacy artist. I am not saying her new album will do great, but at least she will do something that is requested at the moment, instead of wasting her energy and multiple years on something (movie) that will totally flop and it might be even laughed at.
  9. Yeah, but box office tracking is horrible and reviews are abysmal https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/back_to_black Not even Whitney movie did well, so this idea of Madonna biopic is kind of waste of time, in my humble opinion. Basically only movie that did well in box office as well as with critics was Bohemian Rhapsody, and that's it.. And even that was 6 years ago. There is literally no chance Madonna movie going to be hit (and if she is directing - even if I love W.E. - critics gonna rage). I hope she will change her mind and rather focus on new music. After Celebration tour, when general public is praising her again, there hasn't been a better time for her in the last 15 years to release a new music.
  10. Honesty, I don't think she has a much chance with that movie currently. Hollywood is in pretty shitty situation right now with movies not earning enough in cinemas, the era of biopics is long gone after Bohemian Rhapsody (and few other biopics completely failed in a meantime, even the one with Whitney), so she will have trouble finding a production company and proper budget. The deal with Universal was obviously canceled and other big studios don't seem to be particularly interested in this project. Maybe she can try series instead of movie and streaming but I don't think that "small screen" would be accepted by her, moreover she said "fuck you" to Netflix with Madame X Tour before, so... Maybe it's just my wish, but I really think the whole idea of movie was pushed forward only because she was bored during covid and writing script, but noone, including her, is truly interested in that movie at the moment. Even if very theoretically so, no major studio let her direct, so then it shouldn't be any tough schedule for her. She wrote a script, and that's it, the rest will be handled by others.
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