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  1. The hitchhiking photo is there, but I haven't seen the pizza photo or the crane photo yet. That one seems like it would be a strange omission, it's so iconic!
  2. That's true, and I really am lucky for having been there in real-time. I used to babysit for the neighbor kids and their mom had a subscription to Vanity Fair. I remember the 1992 Meisel photoshoot and the interview from that magazine practically word for word because I read it so many times.
  3. No, but that's kind of a different thing. Like you noted, those were given to the people who were a part of the book. I may have felt differently if she had decided to make ultra limited copies of it to sell for thousands of dollars to an elite few. But again, I'm not even 100% sure myself why it doesn't sit right with me. It's probably a combo of jealousy and frustration at working two jobs but still barely scraping by sometimes while someone like Kim Kardashian will end up with a copy and just throw it on the toilet tank in the bathroom of her guest house .
  4. Yeah, I agree, and I do tend to be a bit OCD about it sometimes. I think this one stings a bit because Erotica is my era, you know? I was 15 and discovering who I was, and with the book and the album it was just such an exciting time to be young and a fan. I guess in a way, it's like it would be exciting to relive that feeling a bit, but getting shut out of the party, if that makes sense? IDK, I've got a lot going on in other areas right now too, so I'm probably being silly and overemotional about unimportant stuff.
  5. Ok, so I've been thinking about why this really bothers me so much. I've been pretty much a lifelong fan. The first cassette I ever owned was Like a Virgin (I was 7). I got every album from them on, and then at 12 or 13, when Breathless came out, I started collecting. From This Used to be My Playground until now, I've gotten every album on its release day, usually in multiple formats. Same with every single. Every magazine cover I've seen her on, every book I could find about her, etc. When I went anywhere out of town, the first thing I would do would be to call around to every record shop to see what they had. I go to record shows and Madonna conventions. Because like so many of us, this is an artist that truly matters to me and has played a huge role in my life. So now, to see her doing these super limited, super expensive collectible releases that the majority of her fanbase will never even see, much less have an opportunity to own, bothers me. Especially when you just know that the majority of the 800 copies of this are going to go to people who will maybe flip thru it once or twice, only to never touch it again. And yes, it's petty jealousy, but it still sucks to know that this is something that's always going to be an impossibility for me. And I'm sure that part of this is still me being butthurt because I missed out on the FEL vinyl box. My husband has had a lot of medical issues over the past few years, and by the time I was able to put enough aside to order it, it was sold out everywhere, and now it's going for $500 on eBay. So I guess it just boils down to not being a fan of anything that's super limited or unattainable for a large part of the fanbase.
  6. I know, it's hard to explain I guess. It's just...isn't it enough to be rich and in the 1%? Do you have to get the cool, limited collectibles too? Its mostly jealousy I suppose, but fuck...
  7. Right? I mean, I suppose it's cool? IDK, I REALLY, REALLY dislike stuff that's so limited and/or expensive that 95% of fans and supporters have no chance to obtain it. I know it's just a reissue and all, but I'm sure it will have some kind of crazy new desirable aspect to it. If it was just limited edition art prints that she signed, I probably wouldn't hate the idea as much, but there's something about this that rubs me the wrong way.
  8. Thanks! I'll bet that's exactly what it was. I've read a little bit about flower symbolism, but not enough to know more than that it was once a really established thing, especially in the Victorian era. The few things that I've read about it are pretty interesting though.
  9. They would make me crazy. I tried wearing a pair of those toe socks once and I just HATED them, lol.
  10. I guess they're better than these? Which are also by Balenciaga. Kak.
  11. Its a fact. Look at this crap. Yours for the low, low price of $1,590.
  12. That's what I thought too! I just assumed that's what it was! But I looked up patchouli and it obviously was a different plant, so that's what made me curious.
  13. And you know this...how, exactly?
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