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  1. momosfantasy

    No kidding. It's the only song from thar era that I can't stand. Pharrell is garbage.
  2. momosfantasy

    I don't think this is desperate at all. I think the album is going to be fairly heavy with a world-music influence, which is why I think she chose this as the leadoff. Remember, the full album doesn't get released until June, so I think she chose this as the leadoff single to give us a hint of the album's direction, and then will release the second single, likely the bangin' summer club anthem, closer to the album's summer release date. She did something similar with Ray of Light. Frozen was the lead single in March, and the ROL single was released in May. Give her some credit, she's usually pretty right on with her single choices (with one or two exceptions).
  3. momosfantasy

    Thank you!! That made my day as much as the new song did!! 💗
  4. momosfantasy

    Well said!! (Except for the part about Rebel Heart, I love that album!)
  5. momosfantasy

    We Lol, another "Alien" reference! Maybe we should start a new thread! (NickiFinn and I were just talking last night--or about 30 pages ago already!--about watching the series for the first time). I can't believe there have been 30 new pages posted since that discussion. This fanbase has been ready for some M freshness!!
  6. momosfantasy

    Yikes, is Tommy Hilfiger still a thing?
  7. momosfantasy

    I had to listen a few times to get a feel for it and to form an opinion I could stand behind. And the verdict is "Hells yeah!". Not gonna lie, I expected her to reach out like the hand of God and to snatch us all with some kind of crazy sonic earthquake, but's more like a secret love letter slipped under the door to be savored repeatedly, sometimes alone, and sometimes with a close circle of intimate friends. It's subtle in ways I wasn't expecting, but without being beige wallpaper. And the subtleties, I think, are going to be the key to this one. It doesn't throw you across the room, but rather insinuates itself into your brain. I had to step away from the song after the second listen to do a couple errands and I was already finding parts of it stuck in my head. It's definitely a grower, definitely a song to play while drinking cocktails with little umbrellas in them by the poolside, and definitely a summer jam. It makes me want to wear a hat made out of fruit like Carmen Miranda.
  8. momosfantasy

    A bit of self-delusion can be a fine thing, indeed.
  9. momosfantasy

    I figured. 😻. But somebody might take it seriously!! Gaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!
  10. momosfantasy

    That's funny! I just started watching the Alien series a few days ago. I'm watching them in order of timeline, so I've gotten through Prometheus (good but brutal in places) and Covenant so far. Oh, and to bring it back to topic, I am loving the standard cover!
  11. momosfantasy

    I really hope it's not a ballad. I love her slow stuff, but I prefer her upbeat tunes.
  12. momosfantasy

    Vinyl is timeless. Though I still love CDs too.
  13. momosfantasy

    Great topic! I'm always fascinated by her rare and unreleased songs, and yes, I definitely have days when those are my go-to choice for M tunes. I tend to love her rare tracks, probably because they're kind of obscure. I remember the first time I heard Supernatural, and I've loved it ever since. Plus I love the cover of the Cherish single (check my avatar), so the Cherish 12" is always in my top 5 single releases.
  14. momosfantasy

    Speak for yourself. I LOVE Holy Water and S.E.X.