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  1. momosfantasy

    That's a good question, lol. I haven't tried to in a long time, I'd be kind of scared to try at this point.
  2. momosfantasy

    I'd be cool if she did one for Like a Prayer or Erotica, just because there's a bunch of songs from those records she's never done live, and I think they would be great to hear (Dear Jessie, Til Death Do Us Part, Waiting, Words), but if she did it, I think it would be understood that the arrangements would just be the album versions, and my favorite thing about her shows is the way that she changes around so many of the songs. I don't really like the album version of Like A Virgin, but the Blonde Ambition and Confessions Tour versions are amazing. Her concert arrangements breathe new life into so many older songs, and while I would love to hear some deep cuts, if I wanted to hear an album, I would just listen to it. I like the IDEA of anniversary tours, but in reality, I would rather hear a setlist that's more mixed up.
  3. Truth or Dare all the way!
  4. momosfantasy

    Like a Virgin cassette in 1985. I was 7 years old. I still have it, but it's pretty beat up.
  5. momosfantasy

    Definitely the Shep/BTS demos, anything leftover from Erotica that hasn't been released (not much left, I know), and any 80s unreleased songs or demos. Any unreleased or unedited footage from Truth or Dare. Any unreleased/alternate photos from Sex.
  6. momosfantasy

    7" is the fade version. Not sure if that's the same as the 7" edit or not? I've never seen a version listed as 7" edit, so unfortunately I can't help there, but I would tend to think they're the same unless the edit refers to the Immaculate Collection version? Sorry, that's probably not terribly helpful.
  7. momosfantasy

    It's the same idea as "JusticeforGlitter", when Mariah's fans made that album re-chart. I don't really think that anyone is really using the term "justice" all that seriously. Maybe you should, you know, relax a bit? It's all meant to be fun and supportive while many people are stuck at home going stir-crazy.
  8. momosfantasy

    Fever red vinyl 12" promo, followed closely by the "Into the Groove" picture disc.
  9. momosfantasy

    I love it! I think it's great, and lyrically, it really is relatable, I've certainly been in that mind frame before. Some of the above critiques are valid, but overall I think it's got a great groove and I love the vocal effects, though I agree that they could be a little clearer. In my opinion, I would crank the bass a bit, and maybe throw in the odd subtle breakbeat, especially in the slower breakdown that starts around the 1:10 mark, kind of like how Madonna had the drum breaks in Drowned World/Substitute For Love. It could sound hot if it's done right and not too overbearing. But I'm also having a late 90s drum-n-bass revival lately, so feel free to ignore that advice, lol. Great work! You should be proud of yourself!
  10. momosfantasy

    Hell yes, this is a fantastic list!
  11. momosfantasy

    Body of Evidence. "Have you ever seen animals make love, Frank? It's violent. It's intense. But they never really hurt each other." Work, bitch.
  12. momosfantasy

    "Very Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation"... "Bite your tongue!"
  13. momosfantasy

    Animal. Why this didn't make Hard Candy, I will never understand.
  14. This x 1,000,000,000,000,000.
  15. momosfantasy

    What kills me is the hypocrisy. When she dies (hopefully not for 50 more years!), just watch all the accolades and tributes roll in from all the people hating on her now. They did it with MJ and to a lesser extent with Prince and David Bowie, saying that they were over, they were weird, their music was irrelevant, whatever the complaint was at any given time. Then when they died, everyone was falling over themselves to talk about how brilliant they were. Idiots.