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  1. Wow, I sure never noticed that! I mean, it could be a result of Mirwais' production, but even of it was unintentional, it adds a very cool new dimension to an already great song!
  2. My friend always thought the line in Vogue was "Beautiful, magical, FLEXIBLE ", lol.
  3. I think she can probably go ahead and retire "Hey You" for a long while. Like forever?
  4. This is probably closer to the truth. His name is spot on. If you've ever read VC Andrews (so trashy, but definitely entertaining), Audrina's character is vapid and clueless too. Either way, I'm done feeding trolls, lol.
  5. If Camille Paglia is your main point of reference re: feminism, it's no wonder your commentary has been so completely absurd. She read Memoirs of a Geisha at 40 because that's when it came out, not because that was the age level she was able to comprehend it. The S&M look obviously didn't originate with Madonna, it was (as noted) both Tom of Finland and, more directly IMO, Robert Mapplethorpe, so your commentary here is just wrong. "I have proven that the non single Erotica tracks should never have seen the light of day". Actually, you've proven nothing except that you have your own musical taste. And that said musical taste is terrible if you're able to dismiss genius songs like "Words", "Waiting", and "Secret Garden". You're coming on here spewing some half-assed theories built on a seeming obsession with Paglia, an ignorance of the history of both gay iconography/imagery and Madonna herself (she was never called a slut? What rock are you living under?), a ridiculously blind eye towards real world misogyny, and your own questionable musical taste. Platinum gay? Honey, you barely register as rusted aluminum. Come back to play when you get a clue.
  6. Thank you for taking over!! This is tremendous news!! A huge thank you to Jackie, and a huge thank you to everyone who has previously worked so hard on making a fantastic community here. Y'all rock!
  7. How was her speech a disgrace, exactly?
  8. Dude, go take a Xanax and listen to True Blue again already. You sound like a fool. (By the way, sorry @TonyMontana, not sure what happened here, but this response is NOT directed at you. You're a much needed voice of reason around here!)
  9. Like Ghosttown, Heartbreak City, i Don't Search I Find, Love Spent, Falling Free, Living For Love, etc.? Cuz all of those are quality songs, and even the ones released as singles or with videos didn't seem to do much to expand her fan base. Whether you like this remix or not, it's getting a LOT of attention, and it's clearly not just from her hard-core fan base, which is obviously pretty divided on it. It doesnt do much for me personally (mainly because, as others have noted, it's almost more of a sample than a remix) but I just can't understand "fans" that are so intent on putting her down for doing this. It strikes me that a lot of the people who object to her doing this are the same ones bitching about her face and ass and body, as though they should have any say-so over such a personal decision as body modifications. They can deny that it's agist all they want, but I can deny that I'm 20 lbs overweight too. It doesnt mean that it's not true. I mean, you don't have to like the song, but shouldn't people be more interested in celebrating her successes rather than endlessly complaining about a 2 minute, one-off side project that she did while planning a barrage of fan-friendly reissues and a biopic? What's the point of even being here of you don't wish her success?
  10. This is literally the exact thing I would say, from start to finish. This album is Perfection. It's my favorite record by anyone, ever.
  11. Lol, oops. Uh, yeah, sure. That's what I meant. I always screw up that album title, haha!
  12. Hey, you're allowed your own opinion and taste! I like a lot of MDMA too. I also think Hard Candy is terrible, and I have my reasons to back that up, even though I know other people love it. It's all subjective.
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