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  1. He's not attacking him for being older, THAT would be ageist. He's saying Boy George is a terrible person, and that it's not uncommon in certain segments of gay culture to have "bitchy" as the primary aspect of their personality. It just so happens that most of those people are older.
  2. Ok, you got me there. Maybe Fred Durst if he doesn't open his mouth, but Kid Rock is never ok.
  3. The Madonna aspect is pretty easily overlooked, and I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been watching for it. But whatever the connection, I really like the song! The beat is fucking fire. I thought the video was fabulous. This is the first thing I've heard in forever that makes me wanna check out more of the artist . I'm intrigued.
  4. Anyone who isn't Kanye West or a Kardashian.
  5. This one's great, lol. If you listen to Blonde Ambition from Yokohama, after the Causing a Commotion "fight", she tells Donna "watch it or you're gonna be singing backup for Belinda the rest of your life. And she don't let you keep the costumes, ok??", lol. I always liked the way that those quotes tied together
  6. Chanelta needs a salesgirl downstairs, NOW!
  7. So, does she actually sing Up Down Suite, or is it an interlude? Either way, I'm dying.
  8. What was the Dear Father case? I know the song, but have never heard anything about it.
  9. That's actually my favorite part of the packaging, lol! But the whole design is really spot on, like an A+ with two snaps up kinda fabulous. It's just the content that's...it's not even really bad, it's just kinda meh.
  10. I really hope it is, Oh Father is one of her best (maybe THE best) ballads!
  11. Bacteria song? I'm assuming this was a typo, but I can't begin to imagine what the real word should be, lol.
  12. I mean, it would be better than Human Nature for the hundredth time.
  13. I adore the packaging, but I have to admit that it always made me a bit crazy that it had so many earlier photos from her career. There wasn't anything on the album pre-1992, so why were there pictures from those years? The GHV2 art would have made much more sense for a compilation like Celebration that actually spanned '82--'09.
  14. Yeah, not a favorite performance, though it works in the context of the Girlie Show (although I think it should have been maybe the second number. "The greatest show on earth is about to begin"?? Greatest show on earth is 3/4 over by the time she gets to BBB more like, amirite? The MTV performance is pointlessly lip-synched, and she really obviously misses her mark at one point. I wonder if that's why she made sure to do live vocals when she toured. And Dear Jessie is a fantastic single, if only because it's so out of left field. I just wish that it had some remixes.
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