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  1. momosfantasy

    I love it! I think it's great, and lyrically, it really is relatable, I've certainly been in that mind frame before. Some of the above critiques are valid, but overall I think it's got a great groove and I love the vocal effects, though I agree that they could be a little clearer. In my opinion, I would crank the bass a bit, and maybe throw in the odd subtle breakbeat, especially in the slower breakdown that starts around the 1:10 mark, kind of like how Madonna had the drum breaks in Drowned World/Substitute For Love. It could sound hot if it's done right and not too overbearing. But I'm also having a late 90s drum-n-bass revival lately, so feel free to ignore that advice, lol. Great work! You should be proud of yourself!
  2. momosfantasy

    Hell yes, this is a fantastic list!
  3. momosfantasy

    Body of Evidence. "Have you ever seen animals make love, Frank? It's violent. It's intense. But they never really hurt each other." Work, bitch.
  4. momosfantasy

    "Very Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation"... "Bite your tongue!"
  5. momosfantasy

    Animal. Why this didn't make Hard Candy, I will never understand.
  6. This x 1,000,000,000,000,000.
  7. momosfantasy

    What kills me is the hypocrisy. When she dies (hopefully not for 50 more years!), just watch all the accolades and tributes roll in from all the people hating on her now. They did it with MJ and to a lesser extent with Prince and David Bowie, saying that they were over, they were weird, their music was irrelevant, whatever the complaint was at any given time. Then when they died, everyone was falling over themselves to talk about how brilliant they were. Idiots.
  8. momosfantasy

    This is perfect, lol
  9. momosfantasy

    I wouldn't mind a reissue of the Fever double red vinyl promo. Or the double UK version in whatever color they want to give us. I'm all in for colored vinyl, especially if it's the Japanese EPs or remix 12"s. Plus I think Something to Remember in white would be lovely. Or white and pale yellow awirled to match the colors on the CD version.
  10. momosfantasy

    Definitely a lost art!! I have to agree about the Like a Prayer era through Erotica being some of the very best. My best friend and I started collecting together, and I remember the thrill of discovering (at the time) cassette maxi singles (Justify My Love was my first). And then we found Keep it Together on CD (I still have it, and I didn't even have a CD player at the time, lol. And then we found a magazine called Madonna Into the 90s which had photos of a lot of the earlier single covers and thinking that I would never be able to find them. Over time we discovered resources like record shows and Goldmine magazine, and slowly but surely building our collections from there... Thanks for this thread, those were some wonderful days with some wonderful memories. Feeling nostalgic now, lol!
  11. momosfantasy

    Yes!!! LDLHA are some of the very very best of all time.
  12. momosfantasy

    Some of my favorites! And it just shows how out of touch Guy O. is if he walked out on her after playing them, both of these songs are brilliant.
  13. I know!! It makes me sound so very, very old, but I miss the good ol' 90s. The Erotica/Sex era was just such an amazing time to be a fan. A lot of people turned into haters, but I thought she could do no wrong. It was just perfection.
  14. momosfantasy

    Jason Olive from "Secret" & Maluma.
  15. momosfantasy

    Or, you know, you could stop listening and jumping on fan sites? Why should she retire just because a small but vocal group of fans don't like an album or a tour? IMO, Madame X is one of the best albums she's done yet, and even if a person doesn't like it, I don't think anyone can say that she's playing it safe or taking the easy route with her music. It's an adventurous record that might not be perfect, but it's the first time she's incorporated a lot of those particular influences. Same with the tour. It's the first time since her club tours that she's not playing huge venues. Maybe it's not the perfect show (I haven't seen it yet), and maybe there are some missteps or out-and-out bad choices, but it's the first time she's tried a tour like this. Cut the lady some slack already.