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  1. Since these are OPINIONS... Orbit became a one-trick pony after ROL, and after that album didn't do anything for her music that couldn't have been done better by another producer . Like a Virgin is overrated (song and album). I would be totally OK with never hearing Holiday again. Ditto Take a Bow. COAD is a great album with lots of great songs, but is neither groundbreaking nor sonically revolutionary. It's a disco throwback album! And Hung Up is...fine? There are many better songs, even within the same album. People who think the Avicii version of Rebel Heart would have been some kind of return to the charts for her are fooling themselves. It's nothing special. There is an incredible album buried within the huge selection of Rebel Heart demos/album tracks. Like, a top 5, career defining album, if only she had more time to work on it and the team to help her realize what a goldmine she was sitting on. She is a fantastic supporting actress. She does not need, for any reason ever, to release a new album of only ballads. If she's only going to release new music every 3+ years, mix it up. She's not fucking Celine Dion. The outtakes from Hard Candy are, across the board, better than anything that actually made the cut. It's a terrible record with the worst single choices of her career and a massive disconnect between herself and her producers (Timbaland actually thought that the lyrics of Pele Tute were about coffee FFS). The artwork's kinda ok though.
  2. I'm so sorry, I really wish I did. If it helps, I seem to remember it being in reference to "I'll Remember", and I guess it's even possible that it could have been a quote from a tour director, but it's an attitude towards those songs that she seems to have (and honestly, there's not really much reason to doubt it considering she's never performed them live or referenced them since "Something to Remember "). Maybe she has or will soften her opinion of them, I mean, they're good songs (well, maybe not Hey You, but that's my own opinion, lol). But this is also a woman who doesn't like Into the Groove, which...what the hell is wrong with you M?? Lol
  3. I can't remember what interview(s?) she said it in, but she compared writing songs like TUTBMP, I'll Remember, etc. to doing homework. I think she kinda tosses songs like that off and thinks that they're maybe "beneath" her? It explains her attitude towards these songs, plus a few others like Into the Groove, which she really doesn't like. It also explains the somewhat generic lyrics of her homework songs like Playground or Hey You.
  4. It's on! She even made a statment!! It is soooo time!! God, I sure hope she throws some unreleased stuff on these!!
  5. It's cute. Sure it's dumb and silly and probably didn't need to be released, but I can play it on my own bday and smile. I don't think it's at all meant to be taken for anything other than a dorky, fun little song. People put a whole lot of energy into hating what seems like essentially an in-studio joke. I don't think her intention was to hold it up to "Like a Prayer" and say "Listen to my new masterwork!"
  6. I'm there for 1 and 2. I love her ballads, but I could live without an entire release of them.
  7. Exactly. It's like printing money for them, and it's makes us happy and interested.
  8. That's why I love it so much. It fits right in with the Rescue Me/Erotica album and all the fantastic remixes from 90--93. It's a brilliant, shit-hot slice of dance house with a feature from Dita instead of some dude who no one will remember in 5 years ala that guy from Future whose name I can't even be assed to recall right now. I love Madame X. Hell, I love all her albums and how each one has its own feel. I even have affection for bits of Hard Candy, which IMO, is a crap record, but repect to you if it's yr jam. But IDSIF is fucking hot. It's one of the brightest jewels in the crown that is Madame X.
  9. It's up there for sure! Definitely my favorite from the album, but there are so.e other songs since Confessions that are pretty great too (Ghosttown, the demo of Inside Out, a few others). But IDSIF is definitely a contender!
  10. With the long overdue reevaluation of Erotica in recent years, I've been thinking a lot about this topic. I have to say that the song "Something to Remember " is a glorious jewel in M's crown, and in spite of being re-released on a ballads collection named in its' honor, STR seems to be unfairly shunted aside in favor of other ballads. I personally think that STR is up there with "Live to Tell" and "Oh Father" and her other flawless ballads. When it comes down to it, I think that "I'm Breathless" is quite possibly her most underrated musical project of all time. Also, where's the love for "Angel"?? That's a killer song, a killer single, and it's been ignored since 1985. Craziness.
  11. OK, who is the "Betty Sue" M mentions in "Cry Baby"? Or is there no real explanation and it's just a rhyme in the song??
  12. I would kill for a longer cut of TOD. It's amazing, iconic, hilarious, infinitely quotable, and completely original. The concert footage is untouchable. The contrast between the color concert scenes and the black and white backstage stuff is inspired. I mean, as far as her career and art go, the movie is up there with Erotica, LAP, and ROL for me, meaning it's in the league of "untouchable perfect masterworks". I can't begin to imagine how any fan of hers couldn't like this film.
  13. They're real, I had the CD at one point.
  14. I think she's fierce. And I don't blame her for being shitty with people, it's got to be tough wondering if every person you come in contact with is using you to get close to or just interested in your mom. How would any of you guys feel about that? I think her responses were pretty damn funny, myself.
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