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  1. I've definitely been known to quote from this, among a lot of other M things. She is a quotable bitch, no question. Truth or Dare alone has dozens.
  2. I remember playing this over and over. I had a VHS tape that was full of videos and interviews that I would continuously add to. Of course there were little snippets of commercials from where I didn't stop recording in time. Lol
  3. They sure are, lol. It's already hard enough to get some people to read anything longer than a tweet without seeing a "TL;DR" in there. I am genuinely frightened for the future literacy of, if not the world, then the U.S. for sure.
  4. Sorry, that wasn't meant to be directed at you. I was scrolling thru and it was in a different post. It just happened to be on my mind when I was writing.
  5. But most dance music could be considered 'vapid', although I think it should be considered less 'vapid' and more simple and straightforward. It's not meant to be intellectual, it's meant to be sexy and physical. That's why so much dance music is so repetitive and hypnotic, with only a few lines. You find that in a lot of house/techno/jungle/whatever, that vocals tend towards just a few simple phrases, repeated over and over. The vocal is almost just another instrument . Obviously, some acts blend dance music into pop music, and then you get more conventional pop song structure, sometimes with a little more substance, which is where we get Madonna, Deee-Lite, Pet Shop Boys, even early Bjork.
  6. Every single time for 33 years now. Fuck, I'm old.
  7. My friend bought a laserdisc player and we both bought the Blonde Ambition disc back in the day, specifically for that release. Man, those things were cumbersome. They weighed a ton, and you had to flip them over too, if I recall correctly, lol. I mean, it was a fun concept, but not terribly convenient. Also, I just have to say this, as it's a bit of a pet peeve, and I don't anticipate anyone actually changing, but...there is no 'S' on vinyl. Ever. The plural of vinyl is vinyl. So you would say: "I bought a ton of Madonna vinyl today", or "I listened to Madonna vinyl all day". And it would be understood from the context that you're referring to more than one. You can also use the word "records". "Album" has become a generic term for a collection of songs on any format, but it also wouldn't be wrong to say "I listened to Madonna albums all day". And yeah, vinyl is just a weird word with it's own weird rules (there are a few other words like that too, but I can't think of one of the top of my head. I'm very tired, lol). But please, no 'S' on vinyl. It hurts my soul every time I see it, lol.
  8. Holiday, Like a Virgin, Material Girl, Take a Bow, Frozen, Hung Up as far as songs that are popular but not that great (IMO) Like a Virgin and Hard Candy for overrated albums. LAV has a couple good songs, but is probably the weakest of her 80s albums, and Hard Candy is crap. All my own opinion, of course, except for Hard Candy. That's total fact. It's crap. ;)
  9. Back in the day, she said that Frozen and ROL both are about 10-12 minutes each, and that they edited them down to manageable album lengths. I would be thrilled if they released the full versions
  10. Snore... She already kinda did this with Something to Remember. But she's not Celine Dion. And if she's only gonna release a new album every 4 or 5 years as she gets older, I certainly don't want her to waste it on a ballads only album. The only thing worse would be if she did a full album of duets and collaborations: #1, I don't trust who she would choose to collaborate with, and #2, her collabs are usually with people who can't come near her talent wise (Quavo), and #3 even when she does collab with other quality artists (Britney, Prince), the end result never ends up being as good as she and said artist are on their own--Me Against the Music is so much worse than the solo music both of them were making at the time, and though I appreciate Love Song, it's certainly not up to what either M or Price were capable of.
  11. I was a fan growing up in the 80s, and I had LAV and True Blue on cassette, the Vogue came out when I was 12 and my best friend and I turned into fanatics (sorry, but I loathe the word "stan"). I was a huge collector for years, had a tons of stuff stolen, and since then have (much more slowly) been rebuilding, but only as time and $ allow. I used to be one of everything in just about every format, but now I'm ok with downsizing a bit to keep it more manageable and affordable. But my goal is to have every album and single on vinyl, along with import singles and alternate covers, the picture discs, and the CD singles and stuff like that. I don't need LAP from 22 different countries anymore, lol. But I'd still consider my fandom to be like 9.5/10. Also, I'm probably in the minority, but I'm not massively interested in her personal life asuch as the music. I mean, I'll read what she shares interviews and stuff, but I don't really care who she's dating or what grades the twins are getting in math.
  12. Got back from Detroit and it was phenomenal. I had only seen a couple videos, so I wasn't 100% sure what to expect, but I loved it!! I was very against a greatest hits tour, because I thought it would be the same 12--15 songs that get overplayed as it is, but she managed to do a LOT of more obscure references and lesser known songs along with the big hits. Highlights for me were Everybody, Open Your Heart, the entire Erotica section, Ray of Light...but really, the whole thing was great. I loved the snippets and teasers all over, Live to Tell was heartbreaking. I thought the Michael Jackson thing was kinda unnecessary, I wish she'd done Rain instead of Frozen (even though it was a good version), and the end just kinda... happens? It's a little anticlimactic , but overall incredible! The only downside was that most of my section sat down for huge chunks of the show. I was the only one standing the entire time, but 1) I'm not gonna sit down in the presence of royalty, and 2) it's fucking rock 'n' roll! Come on! It's a concert, you're supposed to dance and have fun. The lady next to me was obviously just there...to say she went? I don't know, she never smiled, never danced, stood for like 3 songs. She looked like she was waiting in line for the customer service counter at Walmart. But other than that, fucking amazing. Ten stars!
  13. Hey, I know this has probably been discussed, but what time has she been going onstage? We have about an hour, hour and a half drive to the venue, and I don't want to leave too late, but I also don't want to be sitting around for hours either.
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