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  1. momosfantasy

    Lol, I'm late to the party! What pic did you use?
  2. momosfantasy

    I've never understood this. I've always considered it to be a regular studio album. It's 12 new songs, all by Madonna, and even though it's not a traditional "pop" record, it's still all original material. Very strange. As an aside, Breathless was basically my intro to collecting, so it will always be close to my heart. 😀
  3. momosfantasy

    This. I just watched it, and from the comments here I was expecting a sonic abortion, but it wasn't THAT bad. I mean, it wasn't her best by any stretch of the imagination, but come on. Ray of Light at the MTV Awards in '98 was BAD. Most of the Virgin Tour, Who's That Girl from Ciao Italia, Vogue from Blonde Ambition at Wembley Stadium...there are many, many worse vocal performances, many from when she was YEARS (read: decades) younger. But she does ONE spotty performance at age 60 and some of you are saying things like she needs to retire or that you're done? Go on, then. M is an amazing performer with 40 years under her belt. ANY artist is going to have off nights, especially when being held against hundreds of other performances that are iconic and beloved, and it's ok to recognize/criticize that. But if this is all it takes for someone to be done with Madonna, then don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. You're not a real fan anyways.
  4. momosfantasy

    It was ONE performance. Maybe suggesting she stop is a little premature? If she's not doing it for you anymore, you could always stop listening. But the new songs are great, and I'm sure the tour will be innovative and something new, as she's never done intimate venues like this before (for a full tour at least). I mean, when she did Ray of Light at the MTV awards back in '98 she sounded TERRIBLE, but she didn't stop then. I don't think she's anywhere near ready to retire, and I'm very glad for that.
  5. momosfantasy

    I am trying to wait too, but i gave myself permission to listen to each song once beforehand, cuz I'm not patient or rational when it comes to Madonna music, lol. I guess I wanted to be able to give myself an opportunity to join in the pre-release discussions but without overplaying everything and knowing half the album before the release date. I definitely feel your pain, it's really hard to wait, especially when everyone is discussing all the songs she's released... I guess I would advise you to wait at this point, there's only another month, and you've been strong so far! Or, of you really can't wait like me, listen once as a kind of "album preview". I think my take on doing that was that a single listen won't distract too much from the listening experience since I think this record is built in a lot of ways as an entire experience, not just a collection of individual songs, if that makes sense? It probably doesn't, lol. I just woke up.
  6. momosfantasy

    I know, but I want to at least feel like I gave it a chance. There are definitely songs of hers I don't like, and I really dislike most of Hard Candy, but I do like to give her the benefit of the doubt, at least to begin with.
  7. momosfantasy

    I was feeling the exact same way. It's tough, because I'm trying really hard to only listen to the new songs once. I really want to discover the album as a whole, so I'm trying to do this old-school, like when we would get a lead-off single but then nothing else until the album dropped. But there is NO WAY there can be new stuff out without me giving it at least ONE spin, lol. But because of this, it's been tough to accurately gauge how I feel about them. Often, my favorite songs of hers are the ones that I don't connect with right away, so I'm kind of hoping that's the case with I Rise and Crave (liked them both, but not LOVE...not yet). I had to listen to Future a couple more times and break my own self-imposed rule, because I can't stand the idea of not liking her new song. I think it might be a grower for me, but I'm still not loving it. But my initial thoughts may have been a bit harsh? I still think it's kind of generic sounding for a reggae song, and I suspect that all the people calling it "fresh" don't listen to a ton of reggae, but I really like the horns, and it has a nice summertime feel. This album could take me a minute, which is a good sign.
  8. momosfantasy

    My early hopes are Rescue Me, Physical Attraction, Secret Garden, Words, Open Your Heart, & Angel.
  9. momosfantasy

    God, there's so much love for this song. I wish I was getting those vibes! I like the first 3 tracks so much!
  10. momosfantasy

    I don't know, I will have to listen again later (at work right now), but i love reggae, and I love "Unapologetic Bitch", but the music for this song sounds like she went out and bought a compilation called something like "Now That's What I Call Reggaeton, Volume 6" and took her cue from there. It just seems utterly generic and forgettable. And it's catchy, sure, but mainly because it's so repetitive. I WANT to love it, and hopefully it will grow on me, but as of now, this one is a dud. Bring on "Dark Ballet"!!
  11. momosfantasy

    Don't like this one at all. It's waaay too repetitive, the music is generic, Quavo is unnecessary... So far it's the only dud for me (and hopefully the only one, period!). But yuck. The only parts I thought were interesting were the lyrics from "Don't Tell Me", a track that wipes the floor with this one. To be honest, as of right now I like "Champagne Rose" better. But hey, you can't win 'em all. I enjoyed the first 3 songs, so there's that. I would really like her to stop with all the featured artists, they rarely add anything, and they frequently detract. But IMO, there's not much of a song to salvage either way in this case.
  12. momosfantasy

    What's different now? The fact that she's 60 and not 34? I'm genuinely curious. It's not unusual for her to toy with nudity in her photos, and Sex was obviously a tome full of her naked body. But here's a picture of her holding her hands in front of her crotch, and you say it's "not sexy", just "weird. Pointless". She refers to one of Madame X's personas as a whore, so I don't really think it's pointless. That's why I'm wondering.
  13. momosfantasy

    I think it's kinda fun, but this comment is hilarious.
  14. momosfantasy

    What about it?