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  1. Thank you!! I loathe cardboard, the art gets messed up so quickly, half the time the CDs won't stay in place...give me a jewel case any day. Sometimes I resort to to find import editions of albums that are packaged in jewel cases instead of the cardboard. I wish the music industry would wise up when it comes to CD packaging. And yes, I know "most people stream". I don't care, I'm old and crotchety and streaming just makes music seem too ephemeral.
  2. Wow, you and I are on a really similar wavelength! I would probably knock Confessions down to below the first album (just because LAP & Madonna are so strong) and I would probably trade Music and BTS, but, y’know, we’re almost soul sisters.
  3. momosfantasy

    Frozen is only so far down the list because that album is so strong overall. In the grand scheme of things, it's in the top 1/3rd of her songs. 😀. But I never really got into Power of Goodbye for some reason, although I really love the drum 'n' bass demo version. I always hoped she would do some D-n-B remixes at least. I remember when she said in an interview that Goldie was going to do a remix of To Have and Not to Hold, and I think that would have been such an amazing thing. Alas, missed opportunities...
  4. momosfantasy

    This is a rough one, everything is so great on here. I'm gonna say this for almost every album though, lol. Best to worst... 1) Shanti/Ashtangi (fucking amazing song with incredible beats, and it kills me that so many people rank this so low) 2) Skin 3) Sky Fits Heaven 4) Drowned World/Substitute for Love 5) Ray of Light 6) To Have and Not to Hold 7) Mer Girl 8) Swim 9) Candy Perfume Girl 10) Nothing Really Matters 11) Frozen 12) Has To Be 13) The Power of Goodbye 14) Little Star
  5. momosfantasy

    This is a pretty strong album all the way through, but I guess something has to be the best. Here we go... 1) Live to Tell 2) Open Your Heart 3) La Isla Bonita 4) White Heat 5) Where's the Party 6) Papa Don't Preach 7) Love Makes the World Go Round 8) Jimmy Jimmy 9) True Blue
  6. momosfantasy

    My early impression: it’s just incredible! So very different for her, but it’s really engaging if you take the time. If you’re listening for a bunch of radio-friendly songs, there’s a couple for you; she also recorded an album called True Blue, check it out. It’s pretty good. For those who want a bit of a challenge and something artistic and thought provoking, look no further. The beats are off the hook, and there’s a lot of highlights, but Batuka, Killers, Extreme Occident, Bitch I’m Loca, and (dear Lord above) I Don’t Search I Find are just top tier songs by anyone’s standards. IDSIF is probably in my top ten M songs of all time, and I just danced around the kitchen with my cat to Bitch I’m Loca. Crazy is the only one that I’m not, um, crazy about, but Crave and Future sounded way better than the first time I heard them, and the rest of them are all pretty fantastic with the potential to become sleeper favorites. There’s nothing I would call a bad song, just one or two that are weaker within her catalog. And she just sounds so interested and engaged with this album. It feels like she started writing a record for herself and discovered along the way just how incredible it was and enthusiastically wanted to share it with everyone, like when you have really good news and you are just bursting to tell your friends about it. I’m really impressed with it. Even some of her clumsier lyrics tend to work within their context.
  7. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes please!
  8. momosfantasy

    I kinda like it. It took me awhile to get used to, and I hope she doesn't wear it past this era, but it's fun for now. Like the gold tooth or the nose ring.
  9. Hope everything is ok. I've had some issues lately too, so I feel your pain. But as far as distractions go, Madame X is a pretty great one!
  10. I am reeling. Batuka, Killers, I don’t search..., come alive. I am just floored
  11. Finally!!!! After what seems like an endless wait, I am about to sit down and listen to what I think is going to be a masterpiece. I am excited beyond words!! I am also really happy to have shared this with all of you fine ladies and gents. Drama aside, this is a great community, and it's been great to be able to share this era with y'all. Having read all the reviews, I'm really hyped to compare the reviews and my expectations against the actual music!! Here we go...
  12. Yaaaaaassssss!!!!!!! After what seems like one of the longest waits of all-time, I now have my Target-exclusive Madame X CD in my hands!!! It always seems like the say will never get here, and then all of a sudden, here it is, lol. Now the bad news (for me, at least)... I am at work until 4:30 in a fairly noisy environment, so I don't want my first experience to be full of me straining to hear this album. So a couple friends and I are having a listening party tonight at 8. So even though the wait is almost over, I still have 10 hours until I can listen. I am choosing to look at this as a way of stretching out the experience, but I won't deny how very very difficult it is to not rip the shrink wrap off this thing with my teeth and hide in the bathroom at work for the next hour or so. The things we do...