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  1. Probably in a different thread, since none of these are ballads?
  2. I do wonder, since she was obviously going through the reeeeeeeaaaaallllly old stuff awhile ago for the biopic, if she'll put any Breakfast Club/Emmy/Gotham/whatever songs on there. That could be very interesting, even though I know that the Emmy and Gotham demos are already around out there. It would be cool to get those songs in high quality, but I also hope that she digs even deeper into those vaults. Just, release it ALL already!! Lol.
  3. You wouldn't think, right? Seems like a really strange idea. Unless she goes the Kristin Hersh route? Not sure if anyone knows Hersh or her criminally underrated work, but she is a solo artist and bandleader of both Throwing Muses and 50 Foot Wave. When she reissued the first Muses album in 1998, she and the band re-recorded 5 songs from the very first unreleased Muses demo. Maybe, since I really don't think that there's a ton of actual unreleased songs from the First Album sessions, she's doing something like new versions of her very earliest songs, the ones that we have never heard or only heard snippets of, like from the Shamrock tape. If for some reason those songs can't be used in their original form, or maybe just to add something fresh to them (like Steve Bray did with Crimes of Passion from Pre-Madonna), she will do something similar in tone? That's really the only way I would be interested in newly recorded songs on a reissue, but if she does go that route, I hope the original songs are featured too. Can you imagine if she put out the original version of Tell the Truth (I think that's the name of the first song she ever wrote) alongside a newly released version? That could actually be pretty cool if done right.
  4. You know, this is actually way better than expected. Maybe not better, but I thought that they would have just changed some words and sang something over a karaoke version of Papa Don't Preach. But this has actual production values, and they did their best with continuity, down to the stuffed Pink Panther, lol! I do think there was a huge missed opportunity around the 3:15 point where Mr. Aiello is standing on the dark rooftop where he could have flung the overcoat off to reveal himself to be wearing a black bustier, only to bust into the Papa Don't Preach dance from the original video. Alas, missed opportunities...
  5. Now that could be interesting! Could that stuff have been the really early genesis of stuff like Justify my Love or Erotica? Like maybe the sparks of an idea that grew into those songs?
  6. Happy to, as soon as you quit whining about how much of a "mess" the campaign is, and how everyone who isn't in a frenzy over your perceived "junk" releases are "sheep".
  7. Why do you think one affects the other? WTG, Everybody and American Life are all RSD releases, which are seriously just meant to be a way of encouraging people to support independent record stores. That's the point of Record Store Day. The releases are generally just meant to be fan collectibles. Your argument is like them saying something along the lines of "Hey, you know, a bunch of people already bought the True Blue album, so we don't need to release anymore singles or commission any remixes for it" after the release of Papa Don't Preach. Just because we bought and enjoy these random releases doesn't mean that they're going to half-ass the campaign, or that those of us who DO like the limited releases don't expect top of the line content with these reissues. Believe it or not, once upon a time, there was no internet, and we had to wait 2-3 years between releases with only (Gasp! Shock! Horror!) reports from magazines and the occasional MTV tidbit to tell us that she was working on a new project. We all managed to survive that time, her career managed to survive that time, and I imagine that most fans will survive this time too. Maybe you should take a break from the internet for awhile and check back in June or July, when we're closer to the actual anniversary date. I'm sure there will be news then.
  8. And in a year and a half, we've gotten a 6 LP box set and 4 singles. What are you expecting exactly? That she's gonna put out an album a month? If so, you're in for a nasty surprise. I have zero doubt that each one of these is going to come out with a hefty promotion, probably a couple of singles, and more of the special releases like the American Life Mixshow, and that they're going to space them out so they're not oversaturating the market. It did say "multi-year" deal. I really don't understand the attitude so many "fans" have regarding this whole process. It's a REISSUE campaign, so yeah, most of the stuff, like probably 90-95%, is going to be stuff that we already have or have heard. Yes, I absolutely expect demos/unreleased stuff, but they are going to use those to promote the big expensive box set reissues, not for some limited edition RSD release. These vinyl releases are bonuses that are obviously meant for collectors and fans, they're not supposed to be the main focus of the 40th anniversary campaign, the one that started with FEL within a few months of the initial announcement and will continue a year later with the first album on, you know, it's 40th anniversary?
  9. Funny how people that "all know" still seem to have a meltdown every day when there's not an announcement about every reissue plus it's corresponding tracklist. We usually know when she's recording new music for a year+ ahead of time, but nobody runs around screaming about how the new album is a "failure" or a "disaster" or a "mess" or any of the other BS people have said about this campaign. Why is this so different? They announced special releases, and that's what we've gotten. They announced a reissue for her 40th anniversary, which isn't for another 3 months, and is coming. Just relax already.
  10. Man, the mixes for Nothing Really Matters kick some ass. The Club 69 mixes are rockin', the Kruder & Dorfmeister mix is a groove fest, and the Vikram mix is just one of the best things ever. Has anyone heard the Cybercut Remix by Talvin Singh? I've heard it's like a 15 minute version of the Vikram Mix. I need to track that promo down, lol.
  11. Thanks for all you contributed, Seymour! R.I.P.!
  12. Proof that there's no one thing that all fans agree on, lol. For me, Stuart and the RIT arrangements are up there with Blond Am & TGS as her best tours. I really enjoyed his mixes and the way he was able to give so many of those songs his own twist to fit with the songs on COADF, yet still retaining the integrity of the originals. I'd be so happy if he was working with her for this tour, because IMO there are few things that would be more boring than her doing a greatest hits tour with all album versions.
  13. Yes, I totally agree! Wasn't it a trip about Up Down Suite? Before I even heard it, I was blown away when I saw that it was 12+ minutes on the CD cover. And then finding out it was Goodbye to Innocence, which was kind of a mysterious track at the time? Someday I will tell about my relationship with the Erotica album, but the short version is that it came out as I was coming of age and coming out, and everything about that era was just So.Fucking.Incredible. to young me. P.S. I almost forgot about the LDLHA Dubs, every one of which is hott shit.
  14. Love the Bette Davis dub! There's also an unreleased dub called "On The Fly Dub" that's really amazing!! I love all the Erotica dubs, Fever (Back to the Dub 1), CAC, WTG, all of the Rescue Me dubs, but my all time favorite will always be Up Down Suite.
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