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  1. Ambrose

    Arthur Fogel from Live Nation has confirmed that there will be no cities added.
  2. Ambrose

    Addicted Medellín Beautiful Stranger Ray of Light Oh Father Secret Express Yourself
  3. Ambrose

    If anyone needs a code for tomorrow, contact me. EDIT: Not available anymore, sorry.
  4. Yeah, outside of the UK it wasn’t even as successful as Medellín.
  5. I Hope You Find It, a Miley Cyrus cover that reached the top 40 in the UK.
  6. Ambrose

    I got a ticket in the second cheapest price range. It’s third row from the back so the cheapest tickets must be really limited.
  7. Ambrose

    Got my ticket! It was nerve-wrecking when it kept offering me expensive tickets and I had to go back... and I had set the filter to my price range! But I got it, upper circle row K seat 16. Not the best seat even within than price range but I don’t care, so happy right now!
  8. She’s doing well on download/sales charts but charting quite poorly on national charts that have supported her more than the US ans the UK lately. France, Spain etc. But it was a top ten hit in a couple of countries, that’s nice. Streaming has simply pushed her lower on the singles charts.
  9. Some of them might have been photoshoots/for the teasers only. But there’s definitely more videos coming.
  10. Ambrose

    Yesss, I also got verified for London! I planned out my trip yesterday, I’m gonna go for February 8 first and then February 1 if necessary. Second cheapest price bracket.
  11. Medellín flopped as well, I think it’s cool to support anything she releases by streaming it and not declare it dead after less than a day. Of course the Eurovision performance is trending, the attention she got for it was bigger than it will be for anything else she releases.
  12. Did we really need to be reminded about... that.
  13. Ambrose

    We’re getting the verification for London shows general sale tonight, right? Fingers crossed for everyone who applied!
  14. Ambrose

    Any Bedtime Stories song that is not Human Nature will make me happy!
  15. Ambrose

    This is where I can’t make up my mind. As a Eurovision fan, I thought it was too dark and didn’t fit with the rest of the show at all. Reactions to a lighter performance would have been much better too. But as a Madonna fan, I’m glad she went the political route. Madame X is a freedom fighter so how could she avoid the hot topic altogether? In that sense I thought she executed it perfectly - highlighting the opression of the Palestine while not hypocritically ignoring the fact that she’s been connected to Israel for decades.