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  1. Just by calling it a “Pulse” video reveals what kind of answer they want.
  2. Ambrose

    What a beautiful film! Showcasing the essence of Madame X with wonderful visuals. Congratulations to the editing team as well, it’s clear there was a lot of material and a lot of work went into this. Dynamic yet balanced, intimate and inspiring. The visuals for this era are amazing - and we probably haven’t even seen everything yet! God Control and Dark Ballet are amazing videos, Medellín and Crave are very good as well, and this documentary a beautiful gift to the fans.
  3. Ambrose

    Saw this on Facebook, made me laugh.
  4. Emma’s feelings are certainly valid but this is the second complaint I read that says there should have been a warning. Should it have been e-mailed to them personally or...?
  5. None of this is really surprising. Her last couple of albums have all fallen off the charts quickly and there’s no reason why Madame X should be any different. The first week was inflated by tour bundles and her fanbase mostly buys copies as soon as they’re available - take iTunes for example, #1 debut almost everywhere but in a matter of days it started falling behind Springsteen and others. For longevity she would either need much, much stronger streaming numbers or for the album to really appeal to the general public (which would probably require a hit single and that’s not happening again). Scoring another #1 in the US painted the album as a success and that’s how it’s gonna be remembered. Every album she releases now is bound to become her lowest seller ever. The numbers are far from spectacular (the album won’t even come close to selling a million worldwide) but they’re decent for today’s music market and her commercial status.
  6. Ambrose

    I’m sure she’ll lip-sync most of Vogue and God Control so I hope they don’t put heavy auto-tune on her mic for American Life and I Rise. The only time we heard her clear voice live this era was Like a Prayer at Eurovision...
  7. I Rise is a nice addition to the Madame X video era but it’s fair to not count it. Dark Ballet, on the other hand, is a Madonna video through and through ever if she only appears briefly.
  8. So none of her work is her art because all of it is some form of a collaboration? I mean, sure, if you want to draw the line there but by that definition a very small percentage of people creating music, movies, television etc. actually qualify as artists.
  9. Ambrose

    As expected. Madame X is a busy woman.
  10. Of course it’s a choice. Do you think the editor didn’t notice that? It’s totally fair to call it bad editing but it was certainly done on purpose - and I’m not arguing that you shouldn’t dislike that choice. The decision was probably justified by the fact that shots change so quickly it’s over before most people would even notice. The lack of more lip-syncing parts also made me wonder whether the song was even finished when the video was filmed. Well, it probably was, why would she choose to make a video for an unfinished song? But it’s the only Mirwais song on the album with another producer credited. I think there’s a small chance she went back and tweaked the song with Mike Dean after the video was filmed.
  11. I’m usually very critical of the quick cutting in her video - Medellín, Crave and Dark Ballet were all guilty of that even though I still like them (and LOVE the Dark Ballet one). As we all know, this isn’t only a Madame X era issue. But in the case of God Control, it works. The whole Discodonna segment is cut that way because it’s like a story told through brief flashbacks. And yet it still gets room to breathe - the shots of dead people and the “it’s a weird kind of energy” part. There are a couple of places where I would have preferred less and longer shots (the church, her entering the club) but it’s not distracting. The video is supposed to be overwhelming and it underlines the heavy message with a chaotic editing style, at least that’s why it works for me. I also think it’s brilliant that the shooting happens in the beginning. Why build towards something for 7 minutes when we all know it’s coming? This way the most brutal part is over first and we have time to reflect and put everything else in context. There’s no subtlety in her message here nor should there be. The video follows the same intention - shock first then allow time to take it in. The final reaction to the video is not shock but contemplation. Finally, this is not so much a video to support the song as it is a statement. Madame X is a freedom fighter and if her message for peace was overlooked at Eurovision, it’s loud and clear here. I’m not always a fan of political, preachy Madonna (not living in the US, gun control feels to me like a foreign issue but I understand I’m just lucky RIGHT NOW) but when it’s done so well, I can only applaud her. This is not a showcase for the song and I think that’s brilliant. The music stops as to say “stop dancing for a second and reflect”. I don’t watch music videos to listen to songs - that’s what the albums are for and the song is still there in its original form to enjoy musically. This is not what the video is for.
  12. What a video! Madame X delivered big time and this after the brilliant Dark Ballet video too! I love how the song is deconstructed to make it work as a short film because a lot of things happen. Amazing video for an amazing song, what more could I ask for? [emoji146]
  13. Why even bother with some obscure platforms? Just post it on Youtube.
  14. Ambrose

    I do hope God Control is released as a proper single just so we get some official remixes (and another dance #1) but otherwise there’s little difference whether or not it’s only a video or full single release, it’s unlikely to chart anywhere else.