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  1. baymad4her

    I got no idea where you get streaming info from and or how they work it out really
  2. baymad4her

    iTunes don't really mean anything anymore, that's just the fans buying it. It's all about streaming and it's not in the top 200 on Spotify in UK
  3. baymad4her

    I saw that too but let's see what it sells and what number it gets to. I've actually bought it from Amazon 😁
  4. baymad4her

    I don't stream songs, I buy them
  5. baymad4her

    I think it's the worst song she's ever done, I absolutely hate it and very disappointed in saying it. Won't get anywhere in Europe or America but will be massive in Latin America. Of course I hope it does well and will be a hit on Eurovision
  6. baymad4her

    I don't understand why she released it on Wednesday, she should of released it in the UK on Friday
  7. What's this. Never heard of it
  8. baymad4her

  9. baymad4her

    Well from what I've heard from her new song, it definitely won't be a hit. Well not in Europe or America, I really hope it will be though.
  10. I did a similar topic about this before so I'll say what I said then. Rihanna is nowhere near the list as she turned up in 2005 when you could download a song 24 hours a day whereas with Madonna you had to actually go out and buy a physical copy and Rihanna will do a collaboration with absolutely anyone, when was the last time Rihanna released a solo single, Rihanna also benefits from streaming, in my opinion a song that you can listen for free is not comparable to actually buying a song. End of.
  11. baymad4her

    Why all the hate for MDNA. I think it's a great album, I still play it now. The worst by far is Hard Candy. Horrendous album cover and songs but got to number 1 in 37 countries
  12. baymad4her

    You cared enough to comment. Anyway this thread isn't about you, it's about Madonna the Queen and whether she will have a hit single again. I will be happy if she can have a Top 10 single in the UK 🙏
  13. baymad4her

    One of the stupidest things I've read on here
  14. baymad4her

    Madonna would have a hit if she was played on the radio. Simple as that I reckon
  15. baymad4her

    Nobody outside US watches Superbowl and MDNA didn't bomb it reached number 1 in US and UK and other countries