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  1. I can't wait for "Take A Bow". Hopefully they will include the Remix Video Instrumental from the 93:99 Video Karaoke VCD
  2. I quite like the Sickick Remix. I just hope we get some more new remixes. Does anyone know if the Sickick Remix sales get added to the original version of Frozen?
  3. I think it makes more sense to start from the first album and do it chronologically. There would be more interesting stuff from the early era. I would be so ecstatic if; Everybody, Burning Up, Lucky Star, Physical Attraction and Holiday remixes and Edits on vinyl were released digitally, that I would have sex with my female friend who's gagging for it 😂
  4. If I had the money, I'd have a full body transplant, so I don't blame Madonna for having surgery. Good on her, I say.
  5. Open Your Heart is one of my favourite Madonna songs ever
  6. This song and video deserves to have way more recognition.
  7. Why on earth would anyone watch a reaction video is beyond me 🤷
  8. I don't care how expensive it is to remaster Madonna's videos in true HD, or even better in 4k. They need to be done properly, we're talking about Madonna, not some random artist. I don't want subpar upscales with the sides cropped out 👎
  9. I didn't know she had one! As I said, I'm still waiting for Express Yourself. Why have they not updated that one 🤷
  10. It has now. I'm still waiting for Express Yourself to have the HD logo updated 🤷
  11. It's the uncensored version as well, no black bars on titties.
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