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  1. baymad4her

    Yeah which one
  2. baymad4her

    I'm confused how the charts work nowadays. I've been on Spotify and YouTube UK listening to the songs to Madame X. Do they count as single sales or pre sales for Madame X
  3. I won't be reading anymore comments on this thread. I've read the most disrespectful comments aimed at Madonna and other members on here. We're supposed to be Madonna fans but it doesn't seem like it. I've watched the performance countless times and I've really enjoyed it and still amazed at Madonna being interviewed at Eurovision, it made my night.
  4. The performance wasn't too bad at all. Only criticism I have is that it was too short and that Quavo is a prick
  5. No matter if people liked Madonna's performance or not, they're still talking about her and people will know she's got a new album out.
  6. Madonna will kick Quavo's ass after those comments
  7. I wish they would fucking hurry up and put Madonna on, I don't care about a bloody mentalist
  8. baymad4her

    Finally the only song she's released off Madame X so far I like although Quavo added absolutely nothing to it Bring on Eurovision tomorrow, this song might actually chart in the UK
  9. I understand what you're saying about Dark Ballet but it's still promo for the album. Let's just wait and see
  10. baymad4her

    I can let you know what it charts in the UK but I have horrible feeling it's going to debut at number 2 behind Will Young who's releasing his new album the same week
  11. You lot on here are making me laugh with your craziness about what she's going to perform. There's 3 days left, wait until then and you will definitely know
  12. I wish people would stop going on about fucking politics in this thread. Madonna is at Eurovision ffs. It's gonna be amazing promo for her and hopefully do wonders for whatever new song she performs and her new album
  13. baymad4her

    I'm not sure what radio support Madonna gets in other countries but in the UK there's zero on the popular radio stations, it's so frustrating especially when you hear all the same generic crap.
  14. baymad4her

    And when does Madonna do as she's told