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  1. Damn, I thought the HD video had come out. Finally enough love, my ass.
  2. I don't know how I'm gonna tag this new remix now it's called Frozen On fire
  3. I'm too busy thinking about Sickick's cock
  4. I thought that was Madonna's hand on Sickick's cock
  5. I'm not fussed about new music, she has an amazing back catalogue that needs more attention, for now.
  6. The best thing about Madame X is not having to listen to it ever again, I sure don't want to read about it.
  7. Any new updates, including the figures for Into The Groove?
  8. Celebration reached number one in the UK though. I still think it's a stupid idea to release it a month apart.
  9. I don't think it's a good idea to release the 16 track to streaming in June, then the full release in August. I reckon it might ruin its chances of getting to number one in the albums chart now.
  10. It's so nice to finally use the block button, best feature on this site 👍
  11. Me too, she hasn't had a number one album in the UK since, MDNA in 2012.
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