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  1. cherry

    Looking For Mercy
  2. cherry

    God Control Looking For Mercy Extreme Occident I Don't Search I Find Come Alive
  3. cherry

    Thank you for bringing this forum back! I hope this marks a new start for the community, only bringing positivity and love. I'm looking forward to the tour countdown, we only have one month left!
  4. Signing up for every madonna forum finding out which is the best one.


  5. I am going to miss this forum even though it had it's low points. I thought we would be able to discuss everything until the end of this era. It's sad that we couldn't talk about the upcoming tour. Well I guess it had to end this way. Thank You. :Madonna030:

  6. cherry

    Ugh she looks so good!
  7. cherry

    I Rise
  8. "That dope I don't smoke it- SHIT"
  9. Everybody say, "THANK YOU MADONNA" This woman has served and is still serving! I think the video is very powerful and I wouldn't change a thing about it. Every frame that we saw was intended to be seen and conveys a powerful message altogether. But still, you can't please everyone, can you?
  10. cherry

    1. God Control (This will become one of her iconic songs, it's just too good) 2. Extreme Occident (The instrumental part that was included in the teaser is a gem!) 3. Looking For Mercy 4. I Don't Search I Find (I like how this is an homage to Vogue and that she used some stems from it and included it in this one.) 5. Medellin 6.Killers Who Are Partying 7. Dark Ballet 8. Ciao Bella 9. Faz Gostoso 10. Crave 11. I Rise 12. Crazy 13. Come Alive 14. Bitch I'm Loca 15. Batuka 16. Future 17. Funana 18. Back That Up To The Beat (she's cute but I prefer the demo ver.)
  11. Anxiously waiting for the release
  12. cherry

    And the Martha Graham story. But anyway...
  13. cherry

    Here's the link if anyone wants to watch the livestream, it'll start a few minutes.