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  1. Yes I'm ok. I was just defending Madonna since I'm a fan of hers. That was it.
  2. It's ridiculous what is being said about Madonna's BF. Also if Madonna has an eye issue. She can get eye drops if any of you heard of it. It can go away believe it or not. Madonna is human like we are.
  3. Another day, another serve from the Queen of Pop Madonna!! She is so damn hot and sexy!! ????????
  4. I'm Glad that Madonna went to Italy for her birthday! Good choice! ??❤??
  5. I don't agree. Madonna is a Gorgeous woman!! Happy birthday to my girl Madonna! Glad that she is celebrating her birthday in beautiful Italy. ?????????
  6. Rebel heart is my favorite era of hers. So I agree. And I'm loving how Madonna is looking lately. ??????
  7. The Queen is serving!! I love it!! And to top it all off she's gorgeous ???♥
  8. What the hell? I thought the unreleased true blue songs would be included. But happy 35th Anniversary to true blue
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