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  1. I think y'all are overanalyzing things. I think the album is pretty clear in its purpose. Madonna basically wanted a softer and cleaner image after the Erotica era scandal, so people would buy her music again. I mean, she was really being bashed at those times, so she basically had the idea of writing songs about love, incorporating R&B sounds in it (since it was the genre that was charting in the 90's) and that's it lol. Except for huma nature, she was not trying to make a statement like in Erotica, American life or Madame X.
  2. I mean... did we all wait for that?
  3. well, but even if the streaming service takes the concert out, it's pretty easy to find it to download online.
  4. it's funny cuz I heard the exact opposite from ppl who watched the show. I heard that she looked quite happy (although she also looked tired cuz of the injuries and pain) and I think this was actually the era she was most inspired and passionate about since confessions. she put so much effort... she shot six videos, done tones of (boring) interviews and even presented the songs live.
  5. Do you realize Madonna is now 60+ y/o? I mean... she is rocking for her age! But you really can't expect her to dance in the same way she did ten or even five years ago.
  6. oh gosh, do you guys have some kind of illness? she literally said they're editing the show and you guys know she DOES takes time to release the tour DVD/Bluray. I mean... what else do you need to stop whining???
  7. This album's got no actual "commercial song", if you know what I mean. Anyway, I really liked the actual singles, tbh. So I'd just add some new ones: 1. Medellín 2. I Rise 3. Crave 4. Dark Ballet (+ remixes) 5. I Don't Search, I Find (+ video) 6. God Control 7. Batuka (+ remixes) 8. Killers (video + remixes) 9. Crazy (video + remixes)
  8. 1. Like A Virgin (I love DYU, LAV and MG, but I honestly don't ever listen to any other one) 2. Madonna (I love Borderline, BU and LS, but I honestly don't ever listen to any other one) 3. MDNA (I love some songs, specially GGW and GB, but I think this album was a mistake and simply the worst from Madonna)
  9. I avoid Miles Away cuz it has in indirect relashion with my ex boyfriend. It's been a while since we have broken up, but I still can't listen to it - and I wouldn't be surprised if I never could
  10. I actually like most final versions from Rebel Heart, I just think it has too many songs. I understand why tho... she first intended to make a double album - which explains the big amount of music. Anyway, personaly, I have nothing against Rebel Heart. I think it's a nice album, but nothing more than that. Kinda forgetable. I would pick these ones: 1. Living For Love 2. Devil Pray 3. Ghosttown 4. Unapologetic Bitch 5. Bitch, I'm Madonna 6. Hold Tight 7. Joan of Arc (Demo) 8. Iconic 9. Heartbreak City 10. Holy Water 11. Inside Out (Demo) 12. Beautiful Scars (Demo) 13. Addicted 14. Wash All Over Me 15. Messiah 16. Rebel Heart (Demo) I like Body Shop and S.E.X. but I think the album could handle without them lol
  11. I can't think in how to organize the songs like she does, but I'd like it to have these songs: Borderline Lucky Star Like A Virgin Material Girl True Blue Open Your Heart La Isla Bonita Like A Prayer Express Yourself Oh Father Vogue Justify My Love Erotica Fever Rain Bad Girl Waiting Secret Take A Bow Drowned World The Power of Goodbye Nothing Really Matters Music What It Feels Like For A Girl Paradise Hollywood Love Profusion Nothing Fails Intervention Hung Up Sorry Falling Free Ghosttown Wash All Over Me
  12. The problem is not only Madonna. She's not a good actress, but she has also been in awful movies. Evita was an exception of that, she was actually good in it. She deserved her golden globe award. I'm honestly not a fan of any of the films she's been to.
  13. I really like the RHT setlist. I would just add Hold Tight and Wash All Over Me somewhere... The main thing that bothers me in this tour is her hair during the second act. That hair is atrocious
  14. I can't believe most of the answers is basically people trying to decide what is a real fan or not. I mean... come on, grow up. If you wanna listen to the snippets, go ahead; if you don't, then just don't listen. it's so simple. everybody will buy her album after all, so... stop complaining and crying about numbers and charts cuz y'all should have already accepted that she doesn't and will not make a hit anymore. just enjoy the moment
  15. does anyone have a link to download the video? I listened the song and it's amazing!
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