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  1. 7. Spanish Lesson 14. Hey You (feat. Kendrick Lamar) 18. Frozen (feat. 070 Shake) 19. Frozen on Fire 21. Candy Shop (extended C-A-N-D-Y audience sing-a-long at end)
  2. agree, it's obvious that they try to eliminate the Avicii sound at some point of the process, but the songs do sound better with his signiture production. hope these orginal mixes could be released with reissue or at least leak someday with the mastered quality
  3. yes, i see your point, it's like microagression, and it's embarrassing that people would usually be like they don't have bad internsions, but it did make people uncomfortable and making fun of it doesn't make such statement torlerable. I don't know, I don't want to be in the position of educate people in this forum, but it's just, sad. People should learn to respect.
  4. 16-Track version includes everybody ycd edit exclusively
  5. Agree. The answer depends on the target audience. For fans, even the 50-track version is less than enough. For the general public, a remix album of 1 hour is quite enough.
  6. Download is not available until Aug I guess???? it's online streaming only at this point i guess? but I'm not sure
  7. omg I even never realized there are so many promotional performance of ghosttown
  8. miles away was huge in Japan, with the help a Japanese TV drama tie-up. It even carried the sales of hard candy effectively. I guess that was the reason.
  9. To be honest, I love the concept of the album, but I hardly revisit the album as a whole nowadays I prefer to listen to the singles and the confession tour audios
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