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  1. TakeYaSeat

    Yeah, and the Japanese edition of Like a Virgin actually had the label of "digital recording"
  2. TakeYaSeat

    The worst thing is that even the audio quality on those digital platforms are not that good, like the wrong versions of tracks on Madonna, TIC; Plus, LAP sounds muffled and different from CD, there's even glitch in the begining of Spanish Eyes
  3. TakeYaSeat

    hope she can make a City pop album
  4. so true, can't believe Evita wasn't mentioned earlier
  5. Release expanded edition for all her albums with the remastered original album and B-sides/unreleased/remixes, like PSB's further listening series
  6. TakeYaSeat

    The dynamic range in these HDTracks releases are different from the previous release, so it's not just a re-upload. But it's true that they didn't actually "re-master" the audio as the matering is almost identical to the CDs. They got a different master tape maybe?
  7. TakeYaSeat

    The Hi-ris version of Madonna, LAV, TB and WTG are avaliable on HDTracks. I don't have WTG, so I'm not sure about that one. According to the spek, Madonna and TB has better quality than the CD copy; while the quality of LAV is so bad, it's even worse than the original pressing from my perspective. Since HDTracks is not avaliable in some countries, someone has shared it in the forum before, you can have a listen first then decide if you want to support on HDTracks. If you mean the Forever Young series for Japanese remastered, they adjusted the EQ and increase the volume only, and the mastering are exactly the same from TIC, so I guess it's not worth to buy them with such a high price.
  8. TakeYaSeat

    I'm pretty sure about it. The 2012 remastered version has better sound quality so I tried to recreate Everybody extended mix with the original CD track and the rematsered one, but these tracks cannot match, that's what made me realized the playback speed issue. I also checked with some other tracks, the differences in playback speed is real.
  9. Looks great! To embed the images, you can click "Inster other media" which is above the "Submit Topic" - Insert image from URL
  10. TakeYaSeat

    I just realized the playback speed of the first album is faster on the first pressing compared to the remastered versions, so which is the "correct" one? As you can see the remastered tracks run longer than the original pressing 1st pressing https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-Madonna/release/11616865 2001 Remastered https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-Madonna/release/12263529 2012 HDTracks Remastered https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-Madonna/release/12263529 As for LAV and True Blue, the playback speed of 2001 Remastered is the same as the first pressing, but the 2012 HDTracksRemastered version has slower speed again Using TB as an ex weridample CD https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-True-Blue/release/6409676 2012 HDTracks Remastered https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-True-Blue/release/11873894 It's so weird
  11. True!! This is so beautiful, looking forward to seeing a tutorial