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  1. eXtremeOccident

    Your favorite performance was a song where she wasn’t on stage? That...says a lot about the show Definitely I Don’t Search I Find. Really cool concept. Definitely one of the most thought out moments of the show.
  2. eXtremeOccident

    The complete show is now streaming on YouTube! It's INCREDIBLE. Link below: ApRIl FOolS
  3. eXtremeOccident

    She may be. It's commonly used for physical therapy. I had extensive ultrasound use when I was recovering from a stress fracture in my forearm. Agreed re: the prescription pills -- Noticed those in the Vogue video and thought that was a little odd.
  4. eXtremeOccident

    The Chicago Theatre is, by far, the nicest of the US venues. Watch the Amy Schumer special on Netflix -- It was filmed there! The Wiltern could have been awesome, too...that venue was SMALL...
  5. eXtremeOccident

    Well that's why we now have Aldo Diaz to help M!
  6. eXtremeOccident

    I do hope they end up using footage where she had the spy persona wig on. One of my favorite Madonna looks EVER.
  7. eXtremeOccident

    Right! I love how close up some of those shots are, too. This is going to be fabulous.
  8. eXtremeOccident

    They're laughing and scheming about when she'll be LATE ON STAGE ONE DAY hahahahaha. Hahahahahaha!
  9. eXtremeOccident

    I'd agree if this wasn't the same woman that decided to continue touring even though doing so was tearing up her knee.
  10. eXtremeOccident

    It was the stupid eyepatch. Omg. It hit me tonight. THAT'S what hurt her knee. I'm watching the video of her dancing at Pride. She *slayed* those moves. It was almost like the old Madonna was back, in a little bit of a way. She just had a swagger again, especially during God Control. And then she mentions not having peripheral vision on one side. She must have hurt herself either in a performance or a rehearsal Madame X... ...Is a really bad idea in retrospect, isn't she?
  11. eXtremeOccident

    Well, in the summer of 2005, my mom bought the Immaculate Collection because I had been obsessing over some random song called Holiday by a singer called Madonna or something. I was in 5th grade at that point. That sealed the deal. We played the album every single day that summer. I instantly became familiar with 17 of her biggest songs, almost overnight. My first era was that fall when I started middle school and was introduced to Confessions on a Dance Floor. Jump was my instant obsession. To this day, one of my Top 3 favorite Madonna songs. And then The Confessions Tour in Chicago that next summer... It was surreal to see Madonna still ruling the world like back then. I feel so fortunate to have gotten to witness her live and in person before Hard Candy and the Madonna of the last 10 years....it really was like a different person back then. Sigh.
  12. eXtremeOccident

    Hey, everyone! For the rest of you who don't want to shell out 200+ dollars for a book, you aren't real fans, sorry
  13. eXtremeOccident

    There's a rumor on Tribe that they were supposed to film the 10th, due to her being unhappy with the Lisbon footage. Do with that what you will.
  14. eXtremeOccident

    I miss the Madame X era