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  1. eXtremeOccident

    Omg, yes, the speech. Completely agreed! Always thought this was the only weird part of the DVD. Okay, fine, the shots from different venues is annoying, and the constant cuts are annoying (the opening with her reveal is like a seizure)...that said, there are so many beautiful moments: * Most of the camera angles * The color editing & all Miami footage (it's clear which was captured there vs. not) * The whole Transgression sequence * Like A Virgin / Love Spent photos * Celebration It's still a great DVD, even if the editing is a bit amateur at times. It's my favorite of any Madonna tour, so I'm glad she captured it at all.
  2. eXtremeOccident

    Lmao WELL she did record the Confessions Tour on her birthday, which was definitely a great gift that year. But yes, I’ve never quite understood the birthday argument. The only artist I’ve known to ever release something on her birthday is Britney with Circus.
  3. eXtremeOccident

    Lol good lord, calm down. We're talking about a pop singer and her DVD. It's really not that big of a deal. I hope you and things in your personal life are okay <3
  4. eXtremeOccident

    Meh, or it will just get released and it won't matter if the source was right or wrong, and until that happens, I'll go back to following COVID news. Lol.
  5. eXtremeOccident

    Well, I reached out to our *source* privately to see if he / she would follow up about the rumors / questions I sent, but given I've been left on read for over a day without a response, it's safe to say it's a fake. Sorry, all. Anyways, hope we have something exciting in the pipeline.
  6. eXtremeOccident

    Can I ask a few questions? Take your pick at what you’ll answer: * What’s the best performance on the film? How’s it filmed? * Is there any obvious splicing? (Switching from wig to no wig, different footage quality, etc.) * How obvious is the ass? * How’s the sound mix? * How does it begin? Does it capture the intro to the show? * How are the monologues? * When is the rough timeline for release? * Will there be any promotion?
  7. eXtremeOccident

    Listening to the original mix now. Why wasn’t this song on confessions? It would have made so much sense before Isaac and Like it or Not. And honestly, the album needed one more upbeat banger at the tail end. Oh well. Would have brought the album to a 10/10. Push is the sole clunker of that perfect album.
  8. eXtremeOccident

    Meh. The workshops are always such a letdown. It would be so much more interesting to see how she goes about choosing the set list, whether choreography is selected “as is” or is modified, production challenges once they hit dress rehearsal, how instrumentals are put together and decided upon, what songs ultimately become outtakes, etc.
  9. eXtremeOccident

    Well it looks incredible, @InterlacedGeek Could you give The Confessions Tour a shot? Would love to see it upscaled, if possible. That tour deserves a 4k release someday.
  10. eXtremeOccident

    Just found this on YouTube. Change it to 1080p quality. Hands down the best version of the RIT. It's AMAZING. Looks like it's some upscaling algorithm that was used for this footage. Wondering if the same can be done for the pre-2004 tours...
  11. eXtremeOccident

    Any timeline on when this may be coming from our insider (please say by August)?
  12. eXtremeOccident

    I never understood what they were saying in this part. Was excited for the DVD so that it would finally be clear andddddd......
  13. I can’t believe people are complaining here when she’s finally giving us unreleased goodies. Especially from one of her best eras I’m all for this newfound interest of her’s in her legacy. Keep it coming, M!
  14. eXtremeOccident

    House? I'm in. Would love sounds like these: A dark classic-sounding house album with a modern twist would be cool -- I know she got close with Erotica, but I wouldn't really consider that a "house" record per se, based on the examples above.
  15. eXtremeOccident

    Does this mean Madonna was supposed to originally be on In the Closet? Omg how EPIC would that have been?! Easily Michael Jackson's best era. Sigh, he was a pretty terrible person in his private life, but I still would have killed for a professional collab between the two of them around this time.