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  1. Poor Madonna, she thinks the Jimmy Fallon interview is tomorrow per her Insta. Hope she shows up for the taping today.
  2. Express Yourself is there. It's at the end of Human Nature. It's a cappella.
  3. Re: Vogue -- Definitely not in a different key than in the show. Listen to the past bootlegs. It sounded exactly like this live. And is an example of how the MDNA audio should have been mixed, as it's basically the same remix except mastered well this time.
  4. I think it's something with "return it" in the line. This really should have been the album version after God Control. It's so much better.
  5. Okay, good listen. Definitely a step up on audio quality. However, this album is a reminder of just how boring this setlist got after the Spy section. Found myself skipping tracks after Batuka. Oh well. Will give the film a viewing tomorrow, but really ready for this era to come to an end.
  6. Okay, so the quality of the production on the songs so far is still kinda iffy...but that's due to Kevin Atunes... The quality of the recording itself is WAY better than MDNA / Rebel Heart. This finally sounds like a properly mastered live release. It sounds great on my audiophile headphones, and there isn't any annoying cheering on loop throughout the songs...properly fades in / out at the beginning / end of songs and / or dramatic moments. The God Control edit in the middle of the song is a little weird. Glad they cut the typewriting intro from the CD. Can't wait to see this on TV!
  7. The live album is making its rounds on Twitter. Listening to it now. On God Control...
  8. How's the quality? More Confessions or more MDNA / Rebel Heart? Hoping for a full warm bass sound, rather than the flat and tinny sound from the last few releases.
  9. Yeah, was actually super surprised by how badly it was edited compared to Confessions, given who directed it. I thought it was just as bad as MDNA. Very frenetic. The Reputation Tour, on the other hand, is a masterclass in how to direct a concert. Even better than Confessions, I'm sorry to say.
  10. Erm what kind of revisionist history is this, the piano was not on fire during the performance
  11. Omg stop then you should have to wait for the US release.
  12. What do you mean? Tell us EVERYTHING
  13. Based on her appearance last night, still excited somewhat for this (the comment about fast edits has greatly lowered expectations), but I think I might be checking out for a bit after that. Just am kinda done with Urbandonna who’s high all the time and can’t get on board with this persona anymore lol. There’s nothing edgy about grillz or wearing a “Fuck You” tiara…it feels performative and lame. Between this and the VMAs, I don’t know where this woman’s head is at, but I think we’ve just grown apart as I have gotten older. Love M so much, but I’m gonna need a bit of a break post-Madame X. Sigh.
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