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  1. Omg lol I’ve always hated that opening shot. It always made me cringe. She never smiled like that and looked around in the live shows. She had a much more powerful gaze when the ball opened.
  2. Can't wait for the following moments in this reshoot: * The "Artists are here to disturb the peace!!1" intro that fades into Candy Shop in the Revolutionary War outfit. * Her emerging from the onstage dressing monologue with a new 2021 face to perform Vogue * When she bids the polaroid and it cuts to a shot of her living room and her boyfriend / David fighting over the picture...it ends up going for 2.1 million * Lourdes being banished from Frozen for her salty Insta comments -- The twins replace her in the Frozen backdrop making faces with Insta filters while M danc
  3. Can't wait until she reshoots the tour without Future in the final setlist.
  4. You're so optimistic...she could easily just be doing fittings to make sure they don't need adjustments before reshooting.
  5. Oh same here. At this point, the editing saga is more entertaining than the final product will be. Today is a great day.
  6. Agreed — if you watch old Michael Jackson shows, it’s very much the same... Audience footage to emphasize dramatic reactions of the crowd to their presence. Almost like an ego thing. And with the MDNA Miami show stories, it almost feels like she went into overdrive with those shots strictly as a rebuttal to how awful that night went haha. Anyone remember the Sorry audience shots on the Confessions Tour? Always killed me. I do wish she would get with Jonas again...he would have captured MDNA beautifully. That show def deserved the NBC special treatment. To clarify, MDNA is my sec
  7. Alright, let's be real -- This is the tour that kicked off Madonna's decrease in touring power. There's constant chatter in the fan community about the various reasons why, but I think it really came down to two issues: * The setlist * The late as eff start times The tour is hands down her most visually appealing, as well as best choreographed...so how that feast for the eyes didn't launch her into new touring stratospheres is beyond me. If you were to change the MDNA Tour, what would you have done? I'll start -- The setlist: Transgression Virgin Mary (Intro)
  8. If I recall correctly, the very first time was some Insta post showing them off....def 2013. She was brushing her grillz or something. Ugh.
  9. But what would some of us even play those tours on? Like, I don't own a DVD / BluRay player anymore...
  10. Again, everyone is WAY overthinking the documentary thing here. It's the concert. Breathe. This is very common for Netflix to refer to it as a documentary, and there hasn't been a single indication from any of her posts it's anything but the concert. Plus, why would she not release the whole thing when there's no alternative documentation of it given the phone ban?
  11. Wouldn't read too much into "Documentary". That's how Ariana Grande's show was described, and it was the full Sweetener concert with a few backstage clips. If I recall correctly, the Rebel Heart Tour was similarly described.
  12. It's coming soon. It will be a Netflix Documentary. Confirmed by Instagram account @wearevandalla in their latest post. They're the LA production team that did most of the World of Madame X documentary. Seems like its release is imminent, given the description: "In 2021, music-driven content looks a lot like SKNX.TV. First up is the Netflix documentary chronicling Madonna's Madame X Tour."
  13. I get the feeling she's had "issues" for a while. In 2014, she was using a cane and has never performed the same since then. It seems it could have been a more serious injury at the time than she put on, and as a result, she may have re-injured herself somehow. What I struggle to understand is how she injured herself so badly, period. It's not like Madame X had intense choreography whatsoever. Crave, Vogue, IDSIF, and God Control were the only real choreographed pieces (I guess she did the handstand thing in Human Nature, too), and none of those had complex moves at all. It goes ba
  14. No, the album and era is perfection and having had that as my first real Madonna era that I experienced, tour and everything, I don't think she'll ever outdo it in my eyes. That said, the one change I would have made to the album is replace Push with History....and have placed Everybody after Future Lovers on the Confessions Tour, replaced Forbidden Love with Get Together on the tour (with a similar concept). That's it. Oh, and I guess if History made the album, replaced the Sorry Interlude with that as the backing song.
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