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  1. Presave just dropped: https://presave.umusic.com/sandm S&M confirmed.
  2. Is it the live or studio version of Crave? Why is it so hard to get these details? Lol
  3. Yeah, I'm thinking about leaving too if this continues. It's like we don't have mods.
  4. These are the same fans that are going to be yelling at us for not being happy when the "deluxe rerelease" of the first album is the original tracks "remastered by Mike Dean" and with the Everybody Instrumental as a bonus. "It's NOT LIKE she Owes yoU gUYS anYTHING!!" "She could be doing nothign!" "She'S REleASed mORE verSIONs OF the FIRST ALBum this yeAR thaAN sHE DId in 2019 aND 2020!!!1" "Calm down, thiS IS JuSt theE BegINniNG of the CaMPAigN -- Wait for RayY oF LIgHT before YoU GeT MaDD!" "Why DiD FANs eVer ThINK she was GoinG to ReleaSe thE deMOs aNYways?!" Totally agreed with some fans being fine with the bare minimum these days.
  5. LOL. Yes Madonna, finally giving us what we want -- a HARD CANDY ANNIVERSARY PLAYLIST! I absolutely cannot. Why is being her fan so hard Maybe if we're lucky, we'll get a special BROWN vinyl in homage to chocolate for National Candy Day in November. Or maybe a recut of the Miles Away music video with alternative footage from the S&S Tour mixed in. Or a special re-release of Candy Shop as a new single with Aldo Diaz artwork and Tik Tok mixes. "But you guys -- She IS doing re-releases, more than we've ever gotten! You all are NEVER happy!!1" Guys, let's be real, the rereleases are never coming lol.
  6. It honestly is surreal that Stuart is back. There's not a single version of her classics he's remixed that have been a miss. I saw the Future Nostalgia Tour, and Hallucinate was the highlight of her nightclub section, which was Stuart Price produced. I remember saying to my friends at the time how much I wish Madonna would go for a nightclub feel in her next show. It's a dream to think she may be doing that with all of her greatest hits and updated-but-true-to-the-original remixes.
  7. Yeah, gonna have to push back here too, Jackie. It's getting very pervasive and annoying in these threads. Like @adirondak said, enough members are going back and forth between normal comments and then starting new rounds of these "jokes" -- ignoring isn't really effective when it feels like it's half the forum. It's spamming all the threads and making it a lot less enjoyable to visit here. You can see my thread in the Member Area...given the amount of reactions to my post, it's clear that it's not a minority of members finding this irritating.
  8. Maybe the first re-release will be Madame X(tra) and we'll get Soltera, the unreleased song with Swae Lee, outtakes from Batuka writing sessions with David Banda, and instrumentals of the Frozen remixes
  9. Omg her old face is back! She looks great and ready for this tour!
  10. Ugh christ, she's gonna see this homage as a testimony to how "iconic" Human Nature is and close the tour with it now or something.
  11. I would literally walk out in the middle of opening night and sell the rest of my tickets. She’s sold this as a greatest hits tour and needs to do the hits this time, period. No obscure album tracks, no new songs, no weird mixes like Hung Up on Tokischa. The hits. Otherwise, she will be putting the nail in the coffin for her touring reputation.
  12. Definitely tour related given the background. Oh my god. She’s coming for blood with this show.
  13. Okay, THIS is a collaboration we should all properly be freaking out in excitement about. If there's anyone that could help Madonna have a proper #1 comeback hit, it's Max. This is huge and totally unexpected
  14. Girl, it's been almost 2 YEARS since this was announced. I've BEEN relaxing
  15. I can't believe there's over 150 pages of absolutely NOTHING here. This campaign has been a total bust
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