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  1. The first time we saw Madonna in grillz was around March 2013....we're going on 9.5 years of her wearing grillz. Are you shocked that she's been wearing grillz for almost a decade now?
  2. Wait, you both were picked?! Congrats!! My friend and I may head over to Central Park to watch this regardless lol.
  3. It probably ends today since it's Insta Story based and those disappear in 24 hours. My BFF had the perfect pic for it and we're gunning hard to win since I'll be in NYC that day for the Lady Gaga show the next night
  4. Because she was being forced on medications like Lithium by her conservators, you insensitive ass. Anyways, I could see her having one final big production tour in her to do the greatest hits, but I would imagine it to be a Rebel Heart Tour level size at this point. She's destroyed her reputation as a touring act over the years with the late starts. That's very, very difficult to come back from.
  5. Nah, this isn't even a generational thing -- NFTs and crypto are incredibly stupid, and Millennials and Gen Z are starting to wake up this as well, given the state of those markets in the midst of the economic instability.
  6. Maybe she's doing such a private exclusive performance as practice getting back into the performing groove? Maybe she sees this as a warm-up performance to something much bigger with the Warner promo? It does feel like tonight is a big kick off given all the sudden merch everywhere, advertising, etc. I fully expect her to be doing promo for this apart from tonight's performance, given the production element of this evening's performance and the amount of dancers. I haven't been this excited about something from Madonna since the X's started appearing on social media.
  7. They're all like this. I've been looking at that site for a sign for my industrial loft for a while -- I was going to do a custom one that said "What are you looking at?" but I might indulge in one of these instead! Off topic, but the Keith Haring ones are super cool too. .... Checking in, since it's been a second -- Can't believe how promising the rehearsal footage looks! Dare I say she looks like she could be making a bit of a performance come back tonight? Let's wait and see, but I'm excited!
  8. Unless that remix compilation is curated by Sickick You think the meltdowns are bad now? Just wait until we get the remix compilation details...this could be a bumpy ride lol.
  9. It's not like any of the above is out of her control. She's the one fanning the flames at this point.
  10. It's a PROP. She's doing it to be CONTROVERSIAL and PISS PEOPLE OFF. Look at how many Frozen streams she's getting from all this attention! She's so ahead of the curve and innovative, it's ridiculous. By keeping people speculating about her having substance issues, she's getting exposure on Tik Tok and in the media like NEVER BEFORE, and she knows how to keep herself talked about and bring in new fans! They're going to have to demolish entire cities to build big enough concert venues for the amount of people who will want to see her on her inevitable Greatest Hits Tour! It's all an act! It always is! Only an actress as good as Madonna could put on a show this convincing! It's so strange fans have an issue with any of this. Who doesn't carry around a glass of wine in their hand in every single photo they take anyways? She's HAVING FUN. You're just not a Gen Zer so you're out of touch with how COOL and TRENDY she is nowadays. This is what the kids love. Bongs, Frozen remixes, and FUN Madonna! Her fans are just too OLD to understand any of this. Most fans here are completely out of touch these days, but NOT MADONNA. SHE. KNOWS. WHAT. SHE'S. DOING. Just you wait. /end sarcasm
  11. This was one of my favorite Madonna moments in at least the last few years. She has such an emotional and beautiful voice when she keeps it simple...there are very few artists who are able to emote like she does, even if she doesn't always hit every note perfectly. I'd love to hear a studio version of her doing this song, but I'm sure that won't ever happen. Alas. Not gonna lie, I teared up a bit when they overlaid the Ukrainian pics. Such a devastating situation
  12. Appreciate the kind words, bb As an aside, I just want to thank the mods, including @RUADJAI and @Enrico in particular since they've had an active presence on this thread, for allowing sensitive but constructive conversation to happen here. There's a related Madonna board where I was banned for an entire year due to a dissenting opinion. I want to reiterate how special this particular forum is, as was vocalized many times during the possible shutdown period. Thank you for respecting both sides of the conversation with tact and grace. The mods here do a great job of embracing the many flavors and sides of the Madonna fandom and the diverse opinions that come with following such a deeply layered artist. Anyways, glad to see she was acting much more like her normal self again during the beautiful performance of Your Song this weekend. Hopefully we all were having a large overreaction here
  13. Yes, alcohol, though I no longer have that issue. That's why I'm so adamant that there are certain hints in her posts and that something like gulping down a glass of wine while getting out of a car is *not* normal behavior. She's obviously not into hard liquor, but there's this weird celebration of wine in so many cultures where having a lot of it is "relaxing" and soon a bottle each evening is considered a nice way to cap a stressful workday. Alcoholism doesn't happen overnight. But eventually two glasses doesn't hit quick like it used to, so it becomes three...then you realize you can get through days with hangovers fairly well, so what the hell, why not do it regularly on work nights...and then it becomes boozy brunches every weekend because you've "earned it" and well, that''s what everyone else does to have fun on the weekends...if bottomless, even better...and then soon every social activity you're doing involves alcohol, and then you inevitably have your first big social embarrassment and start questioning your relationship with alcohol...and then you treat the stress and depression of that with more alcohol to numb it...and then you feel incredibly anxious every day because alcohol is a depressant that raises anxiety, so what do you do to combat the anxiety? drink....and it just gets worse and worse from there until you're at the bottom of a rut of self hatred. And if you're lucky, you're one of the ones who doesn't then turn to other substances to either "compensate" for not drinking or to further mask the feelings of self loathing. Alcohol is no joke, and that's why I'm a little concerned to see it around her so regularly. It's not like other drugs that create immediate dependency. Alcoholism is a very slow, excruciating process, and once you're in it, it takes an incredible amount of strength to turn it around. Every single person on this planet is susceptible to alcoholism with enough exposure to it. Everyone.
  14. This is the one I saw. Surprised to see there's a separate thread with thousands of comments
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