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  1. Oh that's super interesting. Piggy backing off of that, she used to come to the University of Michigan semi-regularly when I was a student there. She was spotted multiple times in the residence hall where Lola stayed, and apparently she used to even eat in the open dining hall around other students. She'd come to the campus to see Lola in shows, take her out to dinner with friends, etc. Apparently, she wore her sunglasses the entire time for an hour plus long meeting with the Dean of the School of Music when they first visited with Lola as a prospective student lol. My favorite story was how Lola apparently had a mutual friend that had been hanging out with her in her dorm room, and there was a knock at the door, to which Lola said go see who it is, and standing there was Madonna. Can you imagine? I also visited Ciccone Vineyards and the woman in the tasting room said Madonna was up there relatively regularly.
  2. She showed up in Times Square with only 35 dollars in her pocket and a dream.
  3. I'm a little skeptical now too, given Renaissance sounds substantially better than those two albums do mix-wise. That's been one of my biggest complaints with her releases since Confessions...the mixing and mastering are really subpar. She should get whoever does Ariana Grande's or Dua Lipa's albums....now THOSE are incredible mixes. Almost flawless.
  4. He did Rebel Heart and Madame X: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Dean_(record_producer)
  5. He produced and mixed Renaissance? One of the best mixed and mastered albums I've ever heard? And yet we've ended up with the mixing and mastering quality of MDNA onwards? Excuse me? Lol.
  6. Are you serious? Lol. She came on consistently at 8:30, almost on the dot, for most of the Confessions shows. You think the projector and blank stairs on Madame X had such extreme production issues each night that starting the show past midnight was a justifiable professional response? And you think that these said production and wardrobe issues are so regular that they wouldn't adjust the setup and soundcheck schedule accordingly to ensure proper checks were performed earlier in the day? No, if Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, the Rolling Stones, U2, etc etc etc. can come out before 11 PM with the productions they offer, then Madonna can do the same. All of these anecdotes from posters in this thread about "other artists starting just as late" are laughable -- Name ONE concert you've been to by a major artist that started past 10:30 PM. The absolute extreme I've experienced in the 100+ concerts I've been to was Mariah Carey starting at almost 10 PM, and the audience was *not* happy, myself included. Stop finding excuses for her. She's proven that she can come out on time if she wants to. She just doesn't. It's really not complicated. We as fans know it likely won't change. We as fans also know that by and large, a lot of her audience may be seeing her for the first time and be upset by her lack of respect for them and their time. They will complain. We will tell them she's known for this. They will continue to complain. They have extremely reasonable reasons for doing so. They may be dependent on public transportation that will shut down. They may have early meetings in the morning and were planning to be home by midnight, as is normal for most concerts. They may have babysitters that can't stay until 3-4 AM. It won't change what Madonna does, and she'll continue to do what she feels like. Let's accept it and move on.
  7. Aw that made my day. She seems a little in awe herself of how successful the tour sales have been. It’s rare to see her coming across this humble. LOVE to see her without grillz and the classic tooth gap. And a smile! She looks fantastic
  8. Damn, girl is looking good. She's clearly lost a lot of weight lately. Wish she'd take the grillz out, but alas... Looks like I'm in the minority here, but I really hope she goes back to straight platinum blonde for the tour. That's classic Madonna. I don't want to see her red-headed for the show.
  9. Was this user complaining? No, they were asking a question. Please try to be nicer.
  10. For MDNA, she came on just short of 10:50 or so in Detroit. Rebel Heart in Detroit was more like 9:15, and in Louisville was more like 11:15. 11:15ish both times I saw Madame X. It really just depends, but I'd ensure you're there by ticket time regardless.
  11. Someday we'll look back at her current face and remember this as when she was still "classic Madonna"... ....oh dear...
  12. Oh....it's because it's blocked at work apparently Never mind, we can delete this thread
  13. Just tried finding it to show my friend, and it looks like it's no longer available in her list of videos: https://www.youtube.com/@madonna/videos All the Frozen videos are still there. Interesting....wonder if this is part of an image restoration effort prior to the tour.
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