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  1. Stephen George

    I think it does. They're listed as a partner on the official charts website so I assume that means they supply their sales and streaming data. I hope so anyway, that's where I buy my music too 😳
  2. Bitch where's Madonna
  3. Janet? I don't know her
  4. They have it here, have you seen it anywhere else?
  5. I'll be your one stop (One stop) Candy shop (Candy shop) Everything (Everything) That I got (That I got) I'll be your one stop (One stop) Candy store (Candy store) Lollipop (Lollipop) Have some more (Have some more) Sponsored by OneStop **Free Celebration with every ticket**
  6. Stephen George

    I read somewhere that the French issues had the text run horizontally to make it easier for a non-English speaker to read. Not sure if it's true or not but if you look at most of the changes they made it's to make the text horizontal... or larger
  7. Stephen George

    I'm still holding out for a 12 incher... I have a fair few 7"s, I'll take a look through and examine their holes