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  1. anton5000

    Also, are these 2020 reissues also 180 gram as theh 2016? or regular like the originals?
  2. I think we need to buy/stream the song tomorrow Friday for it to chart... =S
  3. I couldn't recognize Madonna's voice in the first verse but then around 1:52 it's more clear that it's her, no auto-tune robotic voice, back to the 2005 vocals <3!!!! and the remix is good, but I'd prefer M's vocals in the original version instead.
  4. anton5000

    I know the plastic case is just plastic, but as a collector, I like to keep the original plastic they came in, unless it's damaged. But if I ever had to save space, I would at least keep the CD Single jewel cases that are impossible to find (the slim ones).
  5. anton5000

    Well you could upload it somewhere else than YouTube xD DailyMotion, VK... xD HBO quality is not the best... Just giving ideas hehehe.
  6. anton5000

    Please do Drowned World Tour!!! That show deserves to be in HD (keeping the 4:3 ratio) and dehaze that bright effect. hehe. thank you for this amazing work!!
  7. anton5000

    For most of those releases and albums, I ended up having to google the photos myself and replace them... which I shouldn't do it in the first place. You'd think they'd have access to the original master files... Oh well.
  8. anton5000

    Where did you purchase them from? I think the 24 bit is available only on TIDAL for "streaming". Anyway, you're not missing much, they sound exactly as the CD single, so don't sweat it haha.
  9. anton5000

    There's a yellow Master logo besides it. If it were a regular CD Rip in 16 bits, it would be just a regular lossless file without any logo. the M logo means it's 24 bits, real or just resampled. I don't think it's been remastered, but maybe they just took the original master tapes in 24 bits and released it like this without any new EQ or tweak. I downloaded the tracks and checked their metadata and it is 24 bit, so perhaps they did take it from their master tapes or just an upsample (which would be extra work for them without reason, so I doubt it).
  10. anton5000

    It can't be a mistake since Madonna herself posted about it on her social media. Where did you read about them saying this?
  11. anton5000

    They released it only because it's the 25th anniversary of Human Nature, Madonna posted about it on her Facebook yesterday. And according to TIDAL, it's been remastered in "Master" edition, meaning 24 bits, but I wouldn't be so sure about it being legit.
  12. anton5000

    This is so expensive for VHS tape copies... Yes it is still rare to have all the backdrops in full, but these aren't even master digital files (which is what the backdrop screen feeds use), just VHS copies (probably for review and backup)... I can't imagine the backdrop operator changing the tapes live in every concert, watching Bedtime Story and suddenly the video gets stuck XDDD. Also, why fans have to be so rude and bitchy? "DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ASKING ME FOR A COPY OR TRADE. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.This is a very rare and valuable set and I will not depreciate it." he can keep it then lol.
  13. anton5000

    One of my favorite songs from Music <3 Brilliant and sublime.
  14. anton5000

    I'd love to have this book but it isn't worth 225 USD plus shipping, IMO. And in Canadian dollars is way much more :( It does look absolutely amazing from the photos I've seen and high quality material of paper and everything, it probably costs them 70$ to make it :/
  15. anton5000

    Wow, really?! In Kijiji? It hasn't occurred to me to search for Madonna stuff there haha. I paid around 50 usd back in 2011 in RecordRunnerNYC (the guy specializes in Madonna & Kylie memorabilia), it was open but in very good condition.