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  1. Over the years, I learned not to trust anything that Madonna says in her shows or music related stuff, it feels more like she says things just to get away with it in the moment, and not always there's a real or solid reason behind because then she contradicts herself or says something totally unrelated, it's the way she thinks and plays the game. So I don't think they really had anything much else going on with this show other than what we got, which in my opinion felt very poorly executed, rushed, and very very low production budget (ironic for the insane prices they charged us). I also
  2. Overall I love it! It has this underlying disco synth track that makes it very funky... however, it does feel a little like a cheap Karaoke track, a little bit of more electric guitar production like the original would sound fuller, IMO.
  3. Haha, well MDNA was still a good tour production wise! Justify My Love interlude and Vogue... at least better than what came next lol! But yeah, I agree, DWT must've been much more intense and amazing since it was a novelty, Madonna touring first time in a long time and of course, nothing can compare the energy of an Opening night... I went to the opening of Rebel Heart in Montreal and wow... the expectation, the excitement, people from all over the world, fan parties, etc... hehe.
  4. Ahhh that's so cool, Drowned World was the first tour I saw on TV (Live on HBO) when I was a fresh fan and to this day I love the stage setup, the setlist (even though it doesn't have practically any old hits), the production value in it... there are just so magical moments in this tour! Somebody told me recently that the stage was actually designed by an architect or something unlike any other tours, hence the amazing layout, no wonder! And speaking of Barcelona, I went to the MDNA Tour there (both nights) and as I was arriving there, all I was thinking was how this is the Iconic place w
  5. I thought so too, for real, after I got an aggressive reply from my previous comment LOL... It's totally plausible that the intern is a she too, so... Seems like they had forgotten they had 2 versions of this video hence the probably delay while figuring out what was what xD
  6. Seems like we got "Justify My Love'd" with this one again... I bet the intern saw that the video is already on 720p, so he called it a day and went to a Starbucks to get a frapuccino spending his afternoon on TikTok xDDD
  7. Hi!! So you have 2 options: 1. You can re-encode your video to an mp4 format. To do so, I use HandBreak, it's definitely a very awesome, simplet and powerful tool (and free! free of annoying ads too). I use it to convert BluRay MKVs into a web friendlier format (it retains chapters and everything). 2. IF your MKV is an mpeg-4 coded file, you can demuxe (break down the video/audio streams) and rebuild it on an mp4 container. For that... You'd need MKVToolNix app and Inviska MKV Extract. In Inviska, you have to specify the path where the MKVToolNix app is, and then you load the vi
  8. "Something's Coming Over", the original Shep Pettibone demo for Secret! My dream to hear it! It's supposed to be an uptempo track a la Deeper and Deeper??? And also the Stuart Price demo for X-Static Process which supposed to have more instruments and beat than the official one :D
  9. Dua Lipa's Studio 2054 had a virtual meet and greet over zoom after the show (UK time!) package that was 150$, and it sold out!!! And there was a disclaimer that they're not responsible for the connection timeouts, so if you get dropped, you lose your money lmaooo
  10. I think the artist that sell their catalog is because they want the money right NOW for whatever reason, and I don't see Madonna doing that... she knows, and whatever company that might be interested in buying knows that her music is a secure future investment that will only grow over time, so I think she rather keep her rights to maintain the estate within her and her family rather than sell it to somebody else to administrate her stuff. Patrick Leonard I think sold all his rights to a company, so now they get all the royalties from his work with M. On the other hand, I'm excited about S
  11. I found this new HD version has stutter in some high-motion areas as if it can't keep with the many images happening so fast, they're barely noticeable but you can see it at the very end right before the car crash, and also when she grabs the car's speed change joystick. But overall, the quality is great! Nothing like Frozen and NRM though.
  12. We're still not getting the *actual* video mix (which is 4:20 min), we're getting the Radio Edit of the Above & Beyond remix which was on the CD Single, the video version has a different music structure (like that breakdown part of Madonna's girl can wear jeans... when she steals that red car). Amazing we're getting this, wish they would include the unreleased Thunderpuss remixes...
  13. anton5000


    Hi everyone! So I was looking for a few live performances of Goldfrapp and I stumbled upon this amazing blog that had (all links are broken now) a bunch of cool videos, but while those can be found elsewhere, they had a bunch of HQ audio of live performances and I was wondering if any of you would happen to have something similar or might've downloaded them a while ago? For example, they had this HQ performance of Tales of US in Amsterdam: http://darkcircleroom4.blogspot.com/2013/11/goldfrapp-paradiso-amsterdam.html Type: Audience master, recorded 2 metres back from left-hand side P
  14. omggggg wowwwww, thank you sooooo muchhhh for posting this and thanks the OP for requesting it!!! I've been wanting to see this show since it came out but never found it online! <3 <3 thank you!!! By any chance anyone has the MIKA stream show as well?
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