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  1. cyberrage

    Liquid Love
  2. cyberrage

    Q sound
  3. cyberrage

    Popcorn diet
  4. cyberrage

    Obama, too cool for M
  5. cyberrage

    Letter writer
  6. cyberrage

    Ritts, Herb...bests pics still
  7. cyberrage

    Keshishian, Alex
  8. cyberrage

    You'll See
  9. cyberrage

    Hope the celebration included burning every eye patch, never to be seen again. Or will it be the new grillz
  10. cyberrage

    I am so happy with the album and that combined with RH makes me a very grateful fan (never thought we would get beyond disco diva mdna repetitiveness), especially for the videos from Mx . Agree the gp did not connect with her well and the eye patch and her defensive and combative style through the promo interviews turned people off and the lead single was brave but stupid. I was constantly asked whats with the eye patch, people just don't appreciate performance art but l see there confusion as well. But l loved the music, hope the tour DVD is decent but grateful l choose not to try and attend from Australia (l am too old for midnight concerts!!)
  11. cyberrage

    That might work well if its more chill and watchable than her recent DVD's
  12. cyberrage

    I don't use neat but have a terrible habit of automatically saying 'thanks Kevin' whenever someone else does
  13. cyberrage

    When friends ask you how Madonna is going or what she is doing like she a real friend of yours And when a stretch somehow ends up as the vogue BA choreography.
  14. cyberrage

    Cant imagine a co-headline tour but how about the Girlie show part 2 with Madonna headlining and bringing along some other female ARTISTS with the ego's and talent to cope with that, PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, Neneh Cherry, Miley, Nelly Furtado... not just female performers like Kylie or Gaga.
  15. My magic 8 ball says- Outlook not so good