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  1. That was the new normal l guess, cant wait to see Cyndi
  2. I would love to see Madonna get to the female collaboration stage of her musical journey, make a statement musically which matches her Billboard speech and rhetoric on disturbing the peace.
  3. At the time it was all about touring and navigating a rapidly changing industry. It was a great deal but not all things turned out. Artists have to invest in themselves too, l don't think Madonna compensated for the lack of Warners experience and reach in taking care of the brand and fans in the shift, the fanclub ICON website is all you need to see that.
  4. Much better quality editing and filters, reminds me of vanity fair in the 90's with that flamingo. She needs to get those hats on the store asap
  5. Love it, great Confessions tour moment and also a song that appealed to many of my non fan friends and family. I wish my work security process used an Isaac notification, it uses push notifications and uses the word push 3 times per system access request, l am sure you understand my dilemma.
  6. Yes referring to the curtain down censorship episode, not the reality, how it likely will be presented in the 'doco'
  7. l cant wait to see the trials and tribulations of Madame X saving the world with art but being foiled by injury, censorship and a health pandemic. Important moments in history to be given the reverence they deserve
  8. Is that a Christina Aguilera's face filter thing on Insta?
  9. That's a pity going with a new platform deal, a presence on Netflix would have been great
  10. you right, l have had my share of complaints in the past and realised l was hating on Madonna for not being my Madonna, she is who she is and l am grateful she is still giving us anything. She will never care for the legacy stuff, chart positions and stats, she is a real person trying to still live her life, which gave us an amazing album in MX not long ago. We wait till she is dead for the fan stuff and know from experience she will release weird videos with photographers that mean absolutely nothing to the deep and meaningful message she thinks its conveying (sorry l had to). But she shows up. I take it or leave it now and enjoy the legacy and whatever she does now much more, even the stoner as enlightened phase is funny if you step back. Expecting anything different is like expecting Madonna NOT to get her tit out at a bar, crazy.
  11. God l love her old school approach, a DVD announced 5 months out in 2021 is almost retro comforting. Suspect streaming was too rich for her cheap tastes. Cant wait to see it
  12. her attitude through those interviews did not win anyone over, to me it seemed contrived and self important and lacking any fun or connection which she always had to get away with the attitude. In Australia the general public ended up with promo snippets of weird eye patch lady
  13. World of Madame X documentary was a secret gem, bizarre that it was not the focus of promo. If that was sent out and Madonna did zero awkward defensive days of press MX interviews the music reception could have been very different, you could feel the air come off the MX sails after the traditional promo M is no good at anymore
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