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  1. cyberrage

    TOAC Melbourne she rode the bike but that was it, just sang and moved around the stage with natural movement and dance, no choreography. Its out of her comfort zone and it was cute how nervous she was but she was just as mesmerizing hearing her sing lots of older songs and better for the vocal focus (curse those grillz but). We all need to be human and grow and change as we age, Madonna resists that a bit too much sometimes as do some fans, she wont last forever
  2. cyberrage

    Completely agree as l said, sing rather than cancel last minute
  3. cyberrage

    I am more than happy to just listen to a singer sing rather than cancel a show, l know Madonna is a dancer and a performance artist as well but she can just sing her songs and ditch the choreography and the crazy heals. Madonna is mesmerizing live and like TOAC could just sing songs
  4. cyberrage

    I thought she was headed that direction too but this show is very tight, l think she is bored of that but Madonna has her comfort zone as well
  5. I think we can safely stop asking these questions until she is dead. Fans get what Madonna wants to give, not what fans want to celebrate
  6. I think the existing locations are easy enough to get to from Madrid, Napoli and Berlin. Tokyo, Sydney and Sth America would be easy with this smaller type show and concept, l dont understand why it is not a global tour to start with.....she could have easily ditched Vegas and done Sth America instead
  7. That is disappointing with the way Madonna has represented the Madame X album as so personal. Nothing fails to surprise me though.
  8. cyberrage

    Madonna needs to put her phone away on show nights.
  9. cyberrage

    I was just very surprised, looks like it is common in America but its very unusual across most democratic countries outside of emergency situations. Is it actually taken seriously and enforced?
  10. cyberrage

    Chicago has a curfew for under 17?? wtf
  11. cyberrage

    For those who attended how does the papa dont preech speech go down with the audience? l heard the Oct 12 show where she asks what the audience thinks of her not keeping her baby and it seems like the wrong way to ask that question, applauding for abortion seems odd. Does she always say it that way and is it weird?
  12. cyberrage

    I was joking but agree at it wouldn't bother me one bit when Madonna starts to own her age. We have the dance routines and choreography galore to re watch and l know its part of M but l can do without it to showcase an album like Madame X. For me it is and always has been her voice and the warmth and feeling she can evoke with her natural voice and passion that l come back for. But l am glad l decided not to travel for this tour with the vocal effects in use so much and no real special treats for fans aside from frozen, Rescue me just seems cruel. Would especially love to hear Batuka with her natural voice. l know l would love it all if l could attend
  13. cyberrage

    Cant she just add one of these-
  14. cyberrage

    Does she spend a lot of time on the stairs? That is hard on the knees and easy to injury with one wrong dance move on stairs.
  15. cyberrage

    bowie never had the ability Madonna has to craft amazing pop over and over again, it is a pity she has not done a side project between albums or a soundtrack song. She can take herself too seriously and force a message or theme into things that could be lighter and would resonate more widely