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  1. I really thought team M was catching up and we would see this release capitalize on the publicity Rio generated. Not even a snippet released or pro shots of the amazing Rio crown to brag. The longer it takes the more bad editing we have to endure
  2. People are mocking a bad photo, not the body parts or woman in general. not right to conflate the 2, its not what the substance of it is. Its funny, reminds me of the fat bastard neck line in Austin Powers.
  3. Thank god she is back to bad selfies, how did we live without them.
  4. A personal favourite time. I skipped school to see WTG premiere at the cinema. I loved the slapstick vibe and the entire soundtrack, then the tour on TV in Australia. The innocence of the pre internet era is a good memory, we were grateful for any snippet of information and footage.
  5. Any word on it being released in any way? With the Rio gig being televised I was hoping against history that they would copy some others in this space
  6. I still cant believe she squibbed on having someone in her team make a tour book. Such a pity to break the streak, especially for a GH tour
  7. wow the audience in EY, hope she lets them have a chorus
  8. Wow some of the mixes really are amazing, not been able to appreciate Stuarts work till now. Most amazing, surprised how much body shop ruins the flow in LAP From the first show bad quality audio and view of the lighting rig to this is quite the journey. Thanks god for a live professional unedited version
  9. Dam the old lady bombshell wig is still in
  10. So happy we are getting the unedited live professional version, its amazing
  11. Twitter the best quality for me https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1zqJVqanqonGB
  12. The crowd is amazing and looks like a big party, Madonna is about to get a lot of love
  13. YES SIR. Your clearly not just making shit up like your in the contract negotiations and broadcast planning and presenting it as facts here
  14. Many are only trying to track the live streams to see if its started or not, we don't need the over thinking or fan fiction. Stick to facts, its late and that's ok if its not being missed by watching a dud stream
  15. I love listening to the hosts and picking up random words l can understand, and knowing exactly what they are talking about M
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