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  1. This is great, I wish Madonna music was that easy to buy and download
  2. Not being a tiktok user l don't know what's going on here, do they really focus on one song or trend for this this long cuz? l would have guessed the opposite
  3. I got multiple paid notifications that he posted which were all crypto rubbish, not surprised at all. The Crypto crash is going to be a wild ride
  4. Exactly, just watch the original or whatever in the catalogue you do love. I would only say smoking is one of the the laziest props (esp for the tiktok target) and trying to be sexy is rarely sexy. A good director knows the difference.
  5. I like it but expectations should be low, its hardly a remix at 2min but why not, something we don't have (but aimed at tictok). Its obvious the imagery is more of the same dominatrix style rehash too she is stuck on. Grateful for what l get, nothings better than more....
  6. This is always true for me, we know the social media trends causing real mental damage to people for profit and Insta fake is only trailing nazi recruitment on FB slightly. I get the Madonna as all wise all the time desire from some but reality is she is also an insecure narcissist with too many people around her blowing smoke up her arse like Klein with these repetitive photoshoots and vague rebellions. Love her to bits but playing victim to negative comments on social media is a fools game
  7. The answer is right there- so you don't blend in and look like every one else on Instagram
  8. At least toss them a CRAVE straw hat for their artistic suffering
  9. I would love to see Madonna get to the female collaboration stage of her musical journey, make a statement musically which matches her Billboard speech and rhetoric on disturbing the peace.
  10. At the time it was all about touring and navigating a rapidly changing industry. It was a great deal but not all things turned out. Artists have to invest in themselves too, l don't think Madonna compensated for the lack of Warners experience and reach in taking care of the brand and fans in the shift, the fanclub ICON website is all you need to see that.
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