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  1. yes you are right. i forgot it was on the rain japanese ep. but both sound the same to me.
  2. Well I can. At 04:04 the bass cuts off suddenly and then slowly fades in again. It's the same both on the digital release and the japanese ep. At least for me....
  3. oh yeah because i m smoking something as you said. right.
  4. yes but the base sound is being cut off suddenly.
  5. to be clear, i ve heard the video version before by watching the video, so i wasn;t expecting a different transition. i just listened to the mp3 of the digital release for the first time and it doesnt sound like the actual audio of the video. here the base sound is being cut off suddenly
  6. So i listened to it for the first time out of curiosity and noticed that they did a really shitty job in editing it. They butchered it at 04:04. disappointing...
  7. she changed her shorts/underwear for the cowboy section. i think the previous one looked better.
  8. i just saw the circular stage spinning during nothing really matters
  9. this was actually just a video on the screen
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