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  1. She’s amazing 🔥 love that too😅😅😂😂
  2. That “I bend my kneEEes” is sending me 😂😂 Thanks for the video 🔥
  3. IMO whatever M has done to her face, she looks beautiful in real life
  4. The audio of the tour is finally available on Spotify in Greece !!!!
  5. Madame X is God👑👑👑👑
  6. It’s actually one of my favourite tours too!!
  7. I’ve read once that she wanted to include la Isla Bonita singing it in a shower 🚿 but they couldn’t do It or something ..idk
  8. I forgot all about it 😢😭😭 no I love it ,especially the live performance
  9. 1.Extreme Occident 2.Killers Who are Partying 3.God Control 4.I don’t search I find 5.Batuka 6.Medellin 7.Come Alive 8.Crave 9.I rise 10.Looking for Mercy 11.Faz Gostoso 12.Dark Ballet 13.Future 14.Bitch I’m loca + bonus tracks ranking on their own 15.Funana 16.Ciao Bella 17.Back that Up I mean that was so so difficult to do because MX is my fave album and the only song I can only rank is Extreme Occident which is first the rest are on the same spot .I love all of them
  10. She filmed something yesterday wearing the Madame x spy persona wig and trench coat
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