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  1. IMO whatever M has done to her face, she looks beautiful in real life
  2. The audio of the tour is finally available on Spotify in Greece !!!!
  3. Madame X is God👑👑👑👑
  4. It’s actually one of my favourite tours too!!
  5. I’ve read once that she wanted to include la Isla Bonita singing it in a shower 🚿 but they couldn’t do It or something ..idk
  6. I forgot all about it 😢😭😭 no I love it ,especially the live performance
  7. 1.Extreme Occident 2.Killers Who are Partying 3.God Control 4.I don’t search I find 5.Batuka 6.Medellin 7.Come Alive 8.Crave 9.I rise 10.Looking for Mercy 11.Faz Gostoso 12.Dark Ballet 13.Future 14.Bitch I’m loca + bonus tracks ranking on their own 15.Funana 16.Ciao Bella 17.Back that Up I mean that was so so difficult to do because MX is my fave album and the only song I can only rank is Extreme Occident which is first the rest are on the same spot .I love all of them
  8. She filmed something yesterday wearing the Madame x spy persona wig and trench coat
  9. That did happen actually on the first leg of the tour !But she changed it to the video intro before LAP only for the European leg where she cut the whole song
  10. i think it was meant to be like that in the beginning 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  11. No it’s not the pink hair ..It’s from the photo she uploaded on the 14th of June
  12. I think they’re talking about the MDX cover (album)
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